The Broken Luna

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Chapter 17

As the night waned into the morning, the pack awoke to screams.

We were under attack.

I mind-linked the pack as a whole.

‘Everybody. Get the pups to safety first. I need the older wolves to stay with them and protect them. We are under attack. I repeat we are under attack. Those of you without training please try to stay away from the fighting. Warriors. This is in your hands. Leo and I will be there in a moment.’

After mind-linking the pack as a whole, I mind-linked our luna. ‘Luna! Red Rose attacked! We’re holding them off best we can. The pups and elder wolves are in the bunkers, safe. We didn’t have much time to prepare. We need help.’

Leaving my room, I met Leo in the hall. We both shifted and ran towards the fighting.

Hundreds of wolves, much more than our warriors were pouring into the small town that many of our pack lived in. Everywhere, wolves were fighting. Already some were dying. Lynn and some of the pack docs in training were making sure that our pack members lived. No one was helping the Red Rose wolves. It was too early to tell who’d win this, goddess willing, we would.

I lunged towards the nearest group of enemies and tore out the throat of the nearest wolf.

I’ll be damned if the pack that saved us was lost.

Amrey’s POV

All of us had been running for about twenty minutes and we were about ten minutes from the fighting. As we got closer to my packhouse, I saw dead bodies. Not stopping to see if they were wolves I knew, I ran faster. I can’t let my pack members die, just because of some power-hungry ass.

I howled as we raced into the town where many of my pack members worked and lived. I was letting them know that help had arrived. As an alpha, Zander, Mom, and myself were much more powerful than the average wolf. But Mom’s age and Zander’s injuries meant they were only slightly stronger.

The smell of blood and sweat made it difficult to tell who was who. Apparently, all Red Rose pack members had been given a tattoo on their wolves in order to tell who was who. Either they predicted that the smell of the battle would make it difficult to tell who was enemy and who was friend or all these wolves were proud to be from a power-hungry blood lust pack.

As we got closer, we ran into some small fights outside the town. Ruby and Henry took out a couple of enemy wolves and as we went, more and more of my pack joined my entourage of wolves, all of us taking out the attacking wolves as we came across them. Another few minutes and we were in the center of the battle.

Immediately, I let Lea take control. As a luna, she instinctively knew who was helping her pack and who was trying to harm her pack. And with all the ferocity of the overprotective den mother that she is, she started attacking.

Zander followed suit, sticking close to me. Ruby, Henry, and some of the wolves who’d been fighting outside of town ran to my left, and Tina and Forest with the rest of those who’d joined my party outside of town went to my right. Everybody else, I didn’t have time to see what was going on because I got caught up in the fighting. Giving Lea full control, I drifted to the back of our consciousness.

“Alpha Jacob.” I was an eleven-year-old omega with a dream and two daughters of betas at my side. Ruby and Tina insisted that I was an alpha by blood but I refused to believe them. I was a ball of nerves going in front of an alpha. But I’d heard that he was a good man and a good alpha. Maybe he'd help me. ”My name is Amrey Jackson and I have a proposal for you.”

“A young wolf such as yourself has a proposal for me?” The old alpha smiled at me. “I’m listening.”

“Well. There has been an increasing number of rogues. Many of the killing to protect themselves. I was hoping that you might support me in creating a pack made up entirely of rogues.”

“Who would be the alpha of this pack?” He seemed genuinely interested.

“Amrey would be,” Ruby spoke up. “Tina and I would be betas. I would stay with Amrey at all times and Tina would go around, telling other wolves about us.”

“What does the Wolf Council say about this?”

The Wolf Council was a group of ex-alphas that acted kind of like a court. They put on trial wolves of every level. Not many cases went to the Wolf Council but cases such as war crimes or crimes against multiple packs did. They also handled the transition of overtaken packs and the creation of new packs. I always wondered why they allowed packs to attack others.

“They stated that if I can get fifteen alphas to sign on then they will officially recognize my pack. I need you to sign on.”

“How hard did they laugh at you when you asked them?”

“They... they laughed for about five minutes straight.”

“I figured as much. I’ll sign-on. But I need to ask you one thing.”

“How do plan to get the other fourteen alphas to sign?”

“Well, I’m not entirely sure yet. But I need this to happen. So many rogues need a place to go.”

“I agree. Do you have the land?”

“I’m working on it. It’s gonna be hard. But I already have about twenty or so rogues who want a pack to belong to again. Many are running from their past. I want to give them a safe place to run to.”

“Let me sign that. And I’ll help with the other alphas too.”

“Luna Amrey! My pack fights with you!” I came back to the forefront of my mind and saw that Alpha Jacob was standing near me. He had shown up to help.

I nodded my head, and felt the blood that caked my fur. If I lived through this, I’d need at least three baths to get all of the dirt and blood out of my fur.

Alpha Jacob shifted and I stood still in shock from the numbers he’d brought with him.

More and more. Hundreds, thousands... they kept coming wolf after wolf after wolf. I realized that we were going to win this.

At first, the numbers from Red Rose were overwhelmingly large. My two hundred and fifty warriors stood against three thousand Red Rose wolves. Now we had nearly that many.

Red Rose wolves ended up retreating. We had won the battle. But at what cost?

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