The Broken Luna

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Chapter 19

The only bit of news I got from Red Rose was a hand written note left outside my window. Must have been left there around the confusion of the battle.

'What a beautiful pack you have, in four weeks time you won't. Meet me at the edge of my lands. Or yours will burn.'

It was the same sloppy handwriting from ten years ago, which means that Mason was here. It isn't surprising that he left the fighting to his underlings.

I was still debating what to do with it. I had a couple of days left to decide.

Unknown POV

"What?!" I lashed out at the pathetic excuse for a beta. "You mean to tell me that three thousand of our wolves couldn't defeat a ragtag group of old warriors and weak wolves?"

"Alpha... We would have won if Alpha Norris's wolves did show up. The rogues also had the alpha of Blue Moon and two of Blue Moon's top warriors. It's not that we can't defeat a bunch of rogues. It's that we can't take on Alpha Norris's numbers and Blue Moon's strength."

"Sounds like defeat to me. How many wolves died?"

"By our count, two thousand five hundred and three wolves." I slapped the back of his head.

"Who else is counting?" The idiot. "How many of their wolves did you kill?"

"Me personally a dozen or-"

"I don't give a flying fuck about your personal body count! How badly did we decimate them?"

"Not very badly. Like I said they had help." The beta flinched away from me. Insolent fool!

"Get out!"

Amrey's POV

"Hey, Tina!" I called out to my beta as she walked passed. Well ran. She had her brother and her mate following her.

"Yes, Luna?" She gave me a hopeful look. "Please tell me you have something for me to do that doesn't involve these two flea bags?"

"Yes, actually I do. I need you to alert everyone on the council we are having a meeting today at noon." I turned towards the two pesky males. "And your two lost puppy dogs are not to follow you."


"No ifs, ands, or buts about it." I looked at Tina and smiled. "Last I checked, Tina can hold her own."

"See you at noon, Luna."

"Chris and Forrest. I need you two to triple check that all of my pack's members have been evacuated to Blue Moon lands. They should have all been gone yesterday but some are a bit reluctant to go. Since Forrest is part of the council, I need you to be efficient. I don't want anymore lives lost."

They both nodded and ran off to do as I requested. Letting out a sigh, I let my gaze wander. I was sitting on the front steps of the empty pack house. Looking around, it looked like a ghost town. All the shops were empty. No pups were running around playing and getting into mischief. None of the older wolves were complaining about the pup's mischief. No one was here other than the warriors who were either on patrol, training, or sleeping.

Looking up at the sky I sighed again, "Why is this happening? All I wanted was to bring a group of lost wolves together. Give some good wolves a place to belong."

"Because Red Rose is greedy." My mate answered. Huh. When did I start referring to him as my mate?

"I suppose." I muttered as he sat down next to me. "I'm calling a war council."

"Why don't you mind link everyone?"

I laughed, "Needed to give Tina a job so she could ditch the lost puppies who've been on her tail since they laid eyes on her."

"Do you know what's going on between those three?"

"Yes. I've been friends with Tina for a long, long time. Us three all know each other's life stories. But it's not something I go around sharing. If you really wanna know. Ask her yourself."

"I understand. When's this meeting starting."


"So in fifteen minutes."

"Better head over to the meeting room then."

We stood at the same time, turned towards the vacant pack house and walked in. Trying not to think about it, we walked through the kitchen, through the game rooms, down a long hallway decorated with pictures of every pack member, and into the meeting room and the end of the hallway.

I sat down at the head of the rectangle table large enough to sit fifty people. To my right sat Zander and, after a few minutes, to my left sat my betas. To Zander's right, his beta Forrest, and Fayra and Phil, his two warriors. Next to Tina and Ruby sat George and Leo. My mom, Beta Harry, and Beta Damian sat next to them. Mom's warrior Lenny sat next to Zander's warriors. A few moments later, Alpha Norris and his beta walked in and sat down.

As the clock struck noon, everyone was here.

'Amrey. I don't think it's a good idea...' Lea had been silent since the battle.

Before I said anything out loud, I told her, 'I have to, Lea. If I don't... If we don't our pack lands will burn.

"The reason I have called you all here is because the day of the battle, I received a note demanding I meet Mason near his pack lands and I'm going."

"No you're not." Was Zander's immediate response.

"Yeah. There's no way you're going to meet with the bastard on your own." Ruby said.

George and Leo both yelled, "Hell no!" at the same time.

My mom just shook her head no.

"If I don't the pack lands will burn." I spit out before anyone else could tell me no. "Yes, with the combining of the three packs, Rogue Pack members will have somewhere to go but this land is there home. My home. I won't let it burn just because I'm too scared of the past. And I'm going to go alone whether you guys like it or not."

"Perhaps you should allow some wolves to go with you?" Alpha Norris suggested. "Have them disguise their scent so they won't be noticed."

"How can you disguise your scent?" Forrest asked.

"Easy. Some of the warriors and Ruby's mate are still rogues. Since the bastard wants to meet outside of his territory, then the area will naturally smell like rogues. We just have to get there a few days before-"

"I have to be there tomorrow." I cut Tina off.

"Tomorrow?!" It's safe to say my mate is beyond angry.

"I'm not exactly used to having more than Ruby and Tina to notify of what I'm doing. I like to think things out too. I was actually debating going without telling anyone."

"Why the hell wouldn't you tell anyone?" My mate screamed.

"Exactly because of what your doing Zander! I knew there would be screaming and yelling and all of you guys tell me no. For goddess's sake I'm an alpha! I don't need some protective arse telling me what I can't do."

"Luna. I recommend we go with Beta Tina's idea." Alpha Norris nodded.

My mom, her betas and all of the warriors agreed.

"I think so too Alpha Norris. Let's get this plan in action."

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