The Broken Luna

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Chapter 2

"Mate?" I ask, looking at Ruby.

But she ignores me. She takes three steps forward slowly as the male rogue does the same. "I...I finally found you!" Ruby squeals, grabs the male and runs off with him.

Deciding that she can deal with that, I turn to the four other rogues. "Do you know which pack's lands you're in right now?"

The male who mocked me spoke again, guess that means he's the leader. "No idea, fancy Luna. I'm curious as to why your gamma didn't put shackles on us or outright attack us."

Recently, rogues have been attacking more and more. Usually to steal food or money or land. As such no one trusts rogues. Not that rogue wolves were trusted as before all the attacks. Most rogues were kicked out of their packs and loner wolves aren't always sane. Many end up going feral.

"I am Luna Amrey Jackson of the Rogue Pack. I guess you've heard of us from the look on your faces." They all looked extremely shocked and the disrespectful male looked almost regretful.

"I thought that this pack was a myth." One of the females whispered, no longer cowering behind the males. She launched into an explanation before I could ask for one. "Our pack was attacked by the Red Rose pack. Not many survived. We did. We met a she-wolf, Tina, who was telling us about your pack. I thought that she lying. I'm Mira by the way. The disrespectful male there is my mate, Tyler." Pointing to the female behind her, "That's Mindy and her mate Jerry. The male who got dragged out by your beta is Henry. Is there any chance of us staying?" Her voice was full of hope.

"Yes. As Tina probably explained to you, everyone here was once a rogue except for some of the pups who were born here. We take in non-aggressive and none-feral rogues, provided they agree to follow our laws.

As such, as long as you are cleared by Lynn, our pack doc, you can stay. We will perform the ceremony after I get back. Unfortunately, I have places to be, a conference for pack leaders, which is why I'm all dolled up." The last part was pointed specifically to Tyler.

'We have five rogues in my office. Come and check them out for me ok?' I mind-linked Lynn.

'Be there in a moment. Ruby asked me to check out her mate for any sort of injury and if he's feral.' Lynn replied almost immediately.

Looking back at the rogues I told them, "Lynn will be here shortly. She's taking a look at Ruby's mate. Your friend Henry. You all will wait here until she gets here. I looked at my gamma and delta. "I need you two to keep make sure they don't bolt or try to do something stupid. Think of it as a trial run for the next three days ok you two?"

"Yes, Luna." They say at the same time. They were twins and who I'd left in charge of my soon-to-be absence. They are the stereotypical identical twins. Look the same, act the same, speak at the same time. Their personalities were quite different though.

Leaving the two of them in charge, I went looking for Ruby. 'Where are you?'

'In my room with Henry.'

Taking a left turn, I dart up the stairs, nearly running into the very small Lynn. "From what I can tell, he's in love with her and he's not feral as I expect the others won't be. None of them have tried attacking right?"

I nod and she goes on her way. I look back towards the top of the staircase and walk up the last two stairs and turn to the left, walking straight into Ruby and Henry's make-out session.

"At least close the door!" I bark at them. Gross. As soon as they stop kissing, I continue. "We need to get going here soon. We have two hours to get there and it's an hour and a half away by car."

"I'm not going." She said simply. "I just met my mate."

"I can't go alone. I need you to come with me. He can come too since he's your mate and Lynn cleared him."


"No buts. You're coming and either leave him here with his friends or bring him with." I order her. "Since I'm pretty sure he's coming, get him a suit."

Twenty minutes after, we were in the car ready to go. After an hour and a half of driving, we finally made it to the Golden Paw pack land.

Organizing this with Alpha Paul, the alpha of this territory was beyond difficult. Now we had an extra person. Fun.
"Hello, may I know which pack you are from?" An older she-wolf asked as I opened my door to climb out of the car.
"Rogue Pack," I said simply.
Looking around, the Great Hall was aptly named. It looked like it cost millions just for the entranceway. Large granite pillars shot up from the ground a good sixty feet, meeting an ornate roof carved with plant life and the night sky. Large oak doors sat open as guests, presumably the leaders of all North American packs, filtered in. Though there seemed to be a lot of wolves for it to just be leaders, their families, and guards. Iron wrought fencing connected each pillar on the ground and then turned off to follow the outer edge of the building.
"Rogue Pack?" The she-wolf repeated. "And you are..?"
"Luna Amrey Jackson. This is Beta Ruby Thompson and her mate Henry Gerald. We are here for the Continental Pack Meet."
"And the rest of your pack?" she asked expectantly, "Your alpha? Any other pack members? This is a Pack Meet. Not just a party for Lunas and other leaders." Was that disrespect?
So that Beta Phillip hadn't told me everything. I'll remember that. It also explains why there seemed to be so many people. "I don't have a mate." She looked surprised, "My beta just met her mate earlier today. As you've probably heard, my pack consists of rogues. As such, many are running from other packs and don't wish to attend. It will be just me, my beta, and her mate."
With that, I walked off towards the oak doors. The inside was more breathtaking than the outside. Long banquet tables stretched the sides of the building. Covered in meats, cheeses, salads, desserts, fruits. You name it, it was on the table. The windows stretched floor to ceiling and sheer white drapes were tied back to allow in the setting sun's last blushes of light. The ceiling, like outside in the entryway, was carved with the night sky. It also had wolves, it told the story of the creation of our race. It was beautiful.
"Rogue." I turned to find some wolf confronting Henry. Had Ruby been in her wolf form she'd have her haunches raised. "What are you doing here?"
"I'm from the Rogue Pack," Henry said, trying to calm down Ruby, he rubbed his hand up and down her back. Already acting like an old couple. Ugh.
Before the wolf could say anything, an alpha male walked up, "Levi, leave the man alone. His pack is recently formed. It's a brave thing he did. Forming the Rogue Pack. Taking in rogues from all over. Probably why he smells like a rogue. Isn't that right Alpha... So sorry, I'm not sure what your name is."
"He's not alpha, Alpha Morrick. The Rogue Pack is lead by their Luna, me. My name is Amrey Jackson. You can call me Luna Jackson." I stepped in. If people are going to keep assuming that Henry is the alpha, I'm going to be doing a lot of repeating.
Jeez. What a headache.
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