The Broken Luna

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Chapter 20

A few hours of debating and a couple more for travel a few of my still-rogue warriors and myself were all outside the border of Red Rose pack. He hadn’t given me a specific time or place. Heck, for all I know today might be the wrong day. The note only said that I needed to meet him in four weeks time.

“Luna!” Turning my head, I could see Tyler, one of the rogues who showed up the day I left for the Pack Meet. Goddess that seemed like an eternity ago. He was a warrior rank and volunteered to come.

“Yes?” I responded.

“Do you have any idea where the meet is supposed to happen? We have been spreading our scent all day and haven’t seen any other wolves. Could this be a ploy? Get you here and then attack your lands?”

“Could be. Zander brought that possibility up at the meeting a few hours ago. Mason knows me well enough though that he would expect my pack lands to be much more well defended than myself at the current moment. He knows that I wouldn’t let anything happen to them.”

“Yeah. Alpha Mason is quite smart.” I look at him with a puzzled expression.

‘Luna! Henry just told me something very scary. The group he arrived with... they are part of Red Rose! He saw them killing some of our pack members when Red Rose attacked. Zander is on his way with Tina and a few warriors. George and Leo are headed your way too. Get away from them!’ Ruby mind-linked me.

“We didn’t count on Henry meeting his mate but...” Tyler trailed off. He took a few steps towards me.

Taking a few steps backwards I say, “I am an alpha. You can’t take me on alone you know.”

“You’re just a female. I’m a male. I’ll win.“I scoff at him and roll my eyes. “You don’t believe me?”

"Submit." I used my alpha voice. Unless you were an alpha yourself, it would cause immense pain to try to ignore it.

As expected though, Tyler tried to resist. He ended up shifting, the mental weight of resisting a command from an alpha showed. Slowly, Tyler sunk into the ground. After a few seconds, he started whining.

“You shouldn’t try to resist it. Mindy, Mira, and Jerry. They are in on this?” I ask him. Those are the other three who showed up with Henry.

“I’m not answering you.”

"Are they in on this?" I again use my alpha voice.

He whines. “Yes.” Jerry and Mindy are out here with us. I need to get this done.


He looks at me, defiant, but when answers when I cock an eyebrow. “Yes.”

"Are you lying?" Alpha voice just seems to make things quicker.

“Yes... Henry wanted out. He genuinely wanted to be part of your pack. Please, let me go.”

“No. One last command. Go straight to Alpha Zander Ampherite and tell him everything."

He runs at full speed in the direction of Zander. I always thought it was unfair for alphas to have such power over others. I guess it comes in handy though.

I mind-linked Ruby. ‘Henry is part of it too. Or was. I’m probably not gonna be back for a while. You’re in charge. And tell everybody not to look for me.’ Then I blocked all mind-links.

With the other three still spreading their scent, I run for Red Rose’s border.

Ruby’s POV

After telling Amrey what Henry told me, I mind-link Alpha Zander and tell him the same.

‘Ruby, we need to get to her. Now.’

’I agree. But I have a bad feeling about this. We need to prepare for battle. And I need to talk to Tina and Henry about somethings. I don’t think Amrey was ever going to let anyone else fight this battle for her.”

‘That’s what I’m scared of! She’s been so accepting of our help. I don't think she ever was going to actually let us help her though.’ I could feel his rage through the link.

‘You get things in order. I’ll talk to Tina and Henry.’

I turned to Henry who is sitting next to me. “Why didn’t you tell me before? My luna is probably in danger now.”

“I’m sorry Ruby. You’re my mate but you’re loyal first to Amrey. I didn’t want you to hate me because of what I was sent here to do.”

“I don’t think mates are able to hate each other. I think you need to sleep in another room for a few days though. I feel betrayed.” My wolf was angry and sad and hurt. I was just disappointed.

That turned all to fear though when Amrey mind-linked me. ‘‘Henry is part of it too. Or was. I’m probably not gonna be back for a while. You’re in charge. And tell everybody not to look for me.’

And when I tried to respond I was met with a mental wall. She blocked me out.

'Alpha Zander! Amrey said that she's not gonna be back for a while and to tell everyone not to look for her. She's doing something very dangerous all on her own. Right now. She blocked me out.'

I didn't get a response. But I could hear the half growl half howl that Zander let out clear from the other side of the pack town. It was anger, fear, and sadness.

I looked at Henry, tears threatening to fall, "My luna just blocked me out. She's in danger and I have no way to get to her, to find her or help her. I suggest you find somewhere else to be for a while. Away from me and Zander."

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