The Broken Luna

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Chapter 21

Amrey’s POV

‘Are you sure this is such a good idea?’ Lea asked me.

‘I don’t know. But this is my problem. I can’t have more of my pack being killed.’

‘But they want to help. They know the risk and they are completely willing to accept death if that’s what it leads to.’ She spoke in an indifferent tone.

“But that’s exactly what I am trying to prevent!” I yelled, after a second I realized I yelled out loud. Crap.

I was sneaking through the southern part of Red Rose’s pack lands and so far I hadn’t seen anyone. I hadn’t even smelled anyone. Strange. This pack is rumor to be the biggest ever. Where was everyone?

The numbers they had when they attacked was proof enough that the rumor that they had as many pack members and miles of pack lands was accurate to a degree.

Were they hiding their scent? Were they not really as large of a pack as I thought?

I had more questions than answers.

Unknown POV

‘Alpha! Our undercover team isn’t responding. They seem to be dead.’ My beta alerted me via mindlink.

‘Who was on the team again?’ I asked, disinterested

’Henry, Mira, Tyler, Mindy, and Jerry.'

'All of them are unresponsive?'

'Only Henry's link is still alive. We believe that Amrey's pack found out and killed them. Since her beta is mates with Henry, he was spared.'

I roared with anger. We have managed to keep the council and other packs believing we are hundreds of thousands strong but we were losing more and more wolves by the day. What was going on!

'Find out what happened. I don't want what you believe. I want what happened. Have the pack doctors found out why so many of my pack have been dying? How can I be strong if no one is scared and working for me?'

'We'll find out ASAP. The docs haven't found anything, everyone seems to be dying of old age. Even the pups.'

'Find out what's happening!'

"Dumbasses. Can't even do their jobs!" I yelled.

I looked around my office. A couple of rogues lay dead on the floor. They refused to do my bidding and wouldn't join my pack. Death was the only option. So I ripped them apart. Blood was everywhere. Hmm.

"Clara!" I yelled for one of the omegas.

"It's Clarice, Alpha." She dared correct me.

"I don't give a shit! Don't back talk me!"

"I'm your mate! I'll do what I please!" She yelled at me.

"I. Don't. Give. A. Shit! Clean up this mess."

"You're such a child." She muttered as she pulled in her cleaning cart. I think she kept it outside my office since I have her clean all the time in here.

"Keep it up and you'll join the mess you're cleaning."

"You're an asshole and a mean son of a bitch but not even you would kill your mate."

"I thought I did. Too bad you survived the fire..."

I felt her pain through the pack link. She was remembering the death of her mother who'd died in the fire I had my beta set when I found out that she was my mate. She was only a few weeks old then. And it was a few weeks after I'd rejected Amery.

After a about half an hour, she finished cleaning and left.

Amrey's POV
I'd been running a while and my stomach demanded I stop to find some food.
I stood still and focused on smelling out any prey. I smelt the rot of several trees and the moss growing on the rocks to the north of me. It had rained recently. I could smell the wet earth. There! A den of rabbits under a fallen tree a few paces west of me.
Skirting the rabbit den, I remained down-wind so that they wouldn't catch scent of me. As I got close, I almost taste them. I had to time it right or I wouldn't get any of them. Wait. Wait. Wait... Now!
I leaped over the log, turned around, and stuck my head into the large hole dug underneath the log. With a growl, I snap my jaws on the leg of a rabbit as three or four bolted from the den. Pulling my head and the rabbit between my jaws out of the den, I felt blood dribble down my chin and hit my paw. Laying down, I put my front paws on the head of the rabbit, holding it down. I grab my prey by the neck and gave it a quicker death by snapping it's neck.
I hadn't hunted for my food in a long while. It brought back memories from when I had just met Tina and Ruby.
I had been running for a while. I heard growling and passed out.
When I came to, two wolves about my age were sitting in front of me. One was russet colored with streaks of dirt and what looked like berry juice. The other was light gray and white with matching dirt and berry juice streaks.
"Hey there alpha." The light gray on said.
"Alpha? I looked around. Where?"
"You! Don't you know you're an alpha?" The russet one asked me. She giggled. "What are you doing all the way out here? Get lost?"
"I'm an omega. I was running from my pack. They're trying to kill me."
"Why?" The light gray one asked caustiously.
"Good question. Probably because the pack doc isn't supposed to patch me up but he does anyway." I started crying when I thought about him.
"Wanna stay with us?" The light gray one said again. "We'll be our own little pack! Just stop crying. I can't do tears."
"Oh calm down Tina! She's just lost her pack. We were messes too."
"What ever." She turned to me. "I'm Tina. The peppy cuckoo over there is Ruby. D'you know how to hunt?" I shook my head. "Well watch us. We'll show you."
I missed them. They would definitely be of some help right now. But I can't risk Mason getting to them and killing them.
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