The Broken Luna

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Chapter 22

Another hour later, I started to pick up scents. It was a few here and there low level wolves. Probably omegas out looking for food.

I slowed down and focused on my hearing. If there was anyone around, I should be able to hear them. Stepping softly, I avoided sticks and as many of the leaves as possible, trying to eliminate as much noise as I could from my steps.

A few minutes later, I hear a noise. It's crying. Coming from a behind a thick bramble of blackberry bushes. Slowly, I make my way over. Based on her scent, she's an omega. But I could be wrong. The scent of blackberries and rot overpowered her scent.

Staying up wind of her, I managed to sneak up in her. Letting out a warning growl, I asked, "Who are you?"

She was startled and jumped up out of her fetal position. "I-I... Please don't kill me..."

"I'm not going to kill you. It isn't in my nature. What's your name?" I asked. If she thought I was going to kill her, she didn't have much of a good relationship with alphas.

"Clarice. Clarice Mannon."

Clarice's POV

I was cowering in fear. This was a strong alpha female. My alpha wasn't going to protect me or revenge me. No one would. I just have to get her to like me. Maybe she won't kill me.

"Who's pack are you from?"

"Who else's? Mason's." Shoot. My tone was sarcastic. Maybe she's the forgiving type? "I'm sorry, Alpha. I-I am from Red Rose..."

She laughed for a second, soft and sad. "No need to apologize. If anything, I feel sorry for you. Mason is not a good... anything."

"He... He is too!" He's my mate. Whether or not she's an alpha I'll die to defend my mate. He's my mate, he's gotta care for me, right? That was mostly my wolf talking though."He's my mate!"

Her face turned into a mixture of knowledge, regret, and pity. "I really feel sorry for you now. Being his mate... The moon goddess was not kind to you."

"How... What do you know about it!" I yelled. I yelled at an alpha! I guess I was going to die.

"I was his mate. He rejected me, forced me to accept the rejection, yada yada yada, a bunch of trust issues, yada yada yada, way to much blood, sweat, and tears later here I am."

His mate? I'm his second chance mate? I thought the rejector never got a second chance mate...

She turned away from me and continued. "I'm going to kill him. Not for what he did to me, I'm actually glad he did. But what he did to my pack. My family. If you want, you'll be welcomed in my pack, Rogue Pack is just south of here. Tell them you want to meet with Tina, Ruby, or Zander. Tell them Amrey sent you. You'll be safe and cared for. You'll have to work for your keep, but safe and cared for."

She was kind to me. My pack had attacked hers and she was offering safe haven to me. She was going to let me walk away from this alive.

She started walking away but paused and turned back to me, like she almost forgot to tell me something, "Pray to the moon goddess, offer her sacrifices, something. To get him as a mate... you must have done something terrible in your past life. Good luck."

Before she could run off, I yelled, "You're just going to leave me? What if I run to tell the alpha?"

"Well, then you'll have no place to go when your pack falls apart. Tell him, don't tell him. I don't care. I won't let him live much longer. I can't. He would kill my pack, my mate, my friends, and my family. I just can't. Anyway. If you're his mate, he probably didn't treat you very well. Bye."

She left me to decide. Run to tell my mate and alpha of an assassination attempt or run to her pack and be safe from him? What if they don't believe me? What if that pack is just as bad or worse to omegas as this pack is?

What should I do?

Amrey's POV

I left her to decide.

'Are you sure that's a good idea? I mean she might tell him.' Lea asked, worried.

'It'll be fine. If she decides to tell Mason, so be it. If she does, it'll make things harder for me but also harder for her. She has a safe place to go. If there's any similarities to her father. She'll make the right decision.'

'Her father?'

'The doc that helped me out. I hid the memories from you. I don't want you to know that pain. Anyway. His name was Tristan Mannon. Her father. Unless there's someone else who's last name is Mannon. But I think I'm right. He used to tell me about his pups. They were just a few months old when he died.'

'So loyalty to the doc is why you're willing to risk everything for her?'

'That and I don't want to be the kind of alpha that punishes. Especially when it's something they can't control. The Rogue pack has always been a place for a second chance. I'm not going to let Mason destroy what I've built. What Ruby and Tina built.'

'You didn't hide the memories from me Amrey. I'm a part of you. I don't think it's possible to hide those from me.'

'You knew?' How could Lea possible know? I hid them...

'Of course I knew. But we'll have to save this talk for later. We need to finish what we're doing. And open up the mind link. At the very least, for Zander.'

'I guess that's fair. But can it wait until after I kill Mason?'

'No. Too much could go wrong. You need a way to communicate.' I suppose Lea's got a point there.


When I opened the mind link between me and Zander, the first thing I heard was, 'Are you okay, Mate? Where are you? I'm coming for you.'

My mate was worried and he wanted to help. Why did I cut him off

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