The Broken Luna

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Chapter 23

‘I’m in Mason’s pack lands. I couldn’t risk any of you getting hurt. But I realize that’s stupid. Just please, please, please, don't bring too many of my pack! I can’t bear lives lost.’

‘They are just fighting for their freedom. Won’t you allow that?’ He sounded desperate. What he meant to say was why won't I allow him to help? 'They want to protect the freedom you've given them. Let them!'

'I will give them the chance. A wolf might be headed your way, I'm not sure if she decided or not but...'

'Who's the wolf?'

'Don't worry about it. You'll find out later. I'm going to scout the town. See if I can get an estimate on numbers and whatnot.'

'You really should have gone through the council. It would have been more efficient. And there are contracts and alliances you can lean on. You didn't forge those for fun. I sure as hell didn't. Get back here. Don't worry about scouting for now. Just get back here.'

'After I get an estimate on numbers. Then I'll run home as fast as I can.'

'Going full speed that's gonna take eighteen hours, if you don't stop!'

'Go to the council. I'll keep a link open. Think of me as your spy.'

Zander's POV

"RUBY! TINA! CRIS!" I yelled for her betas and one of mine.

"Any word from Amrey?" Ruby asked the second she stepped into Amrey's office, space I'd taken over.

"She's in Mason's territory. She plans to kill him whether or not he takes her with him. She doesn't want her pack to die. She believes us three, Alpha Norris, and her mother will keep them safe."

"If Amrey survives, I'm soooo gonna kill her!" Tina shouted.

Tina, Ruby, Chris, and I have been trying to come up with a plan. So far we don't have much. A few hours into this haphazard planning session, Landry, one of my betas, brings a disheveled girl into Amrey's office.
"What the hell is this?"
"She says that Luna Amrey sent her and that she needs to talk to you three. Said she's got important information."
"My name is Clarice Mannon. I know how many wolves are in the pack. I know who Mason trusts. I know things that I'm willing to exchange for safety."
"I don't do-"
"In case you've forgotten, Alpha Zander, Amrey's pack is all about accepting the rejected, lost, and lonely. With Amrey being gone, the responsibility of rogues falls to myself and Ruby. No offense but you aren't my alpha till Amrey voluntarily completes the mating bond. Whether you like it or not."
Tina cut me off and chewed me out. No wonder this pack has lasted so long on its own. I huffed a laugh, but I d
"Tina's right. Anyway, you said your name is Mannon? Is your father Tristan Mannon?" Ruby jumped in.
Who was Tristan Mannon? Why is he important?
"Yes. Why? Is he why Amrey didn't kill me? Why she trusted me not to run to my mate and tell him she's going to kill him? Did you know him-"
These women really are in charge. I don't think I could get a word in if I tried.
"Chill out. Tristan Mannon is the healer who helped Am. Your father is the reason she trusted you. She didn't kill you because she isn't the murder-y type. Mason is your mate? That's impossible. How the hell could that be?" Ruby answered her questions.
"It doesn't matter right now. We need to inform our slapdash war council and get help from Amrey. If she wants to be a spy, let's use her to the best we can. It's all pointless anyway if we don't." I wasn't going to fight her anymore. It's futile.

Amrey's POV

I was skirting the edge of the town. There was hardly any wolves. So many of them seemed to be sickly. If all of these wolves weren't able to fight where the hell had all of those wolves come from?

Maybe that alliance with Alpha Marks?

Goddess above, that conference felt like it happened a lifetime ago. I never did get to finish those contracts.

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