The Broken Luna

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Chapter 4

Zander’s POV

I growled as I picked up the scent again. I hadn’t wanted to be here. This was the first time I’d attended as alpha though I’d been to one of these conferences before. This smell made me think the trip was worthwhile. Though the unmated females were starting to tick me off. Not to mention the stuck up Alpha Paul.

This time, the scent was hovering around one of the old alphas. Raspberries and rain. It was so enticing. I wanted to know the owner of this scent. But there were so many females who’d chosen to wear perfume. Many of them only putting on a little bit with our enhanced sense of smell, just a little clogs up my nose.

That’s how I knew it wasn’t some perfume. The raspberry and rain scent didn’t make me want to snort. I couldn’t get enough.

After a few hours, I wound up by the fruit table, munching on raspberries. If I couldn’t find the owner, then I’d eat the scent.

Soon, the smell came to me. I looked up and saw a woman in a green dress that covered everything. It had a low v neck but other than that, it showed no skin at all. She had willow bark colored hair, cascading in loose curls down to her rear, and eyes the color of storm clouds. She was a tad on the thin side but other than that, she was gorgeous. She looked up at me and said something that made my heart soar.


I copied her, “Mate.”

I had found her! Finally. I had found her! I stepped forward to hold her in my arms, but she stepped backward. I growled at that. She’s my mate. She’s mine. Why would she back away?

I growled again, louder when the old alpha who’d had her scent on him earlier stepped between us. “Move old man. That’s my mate.”

“Calm down. I’m not going to steal your mate.“He laughed, “Never thought I’d say that twice in one night.” I growled for the third time. “She isn’t one to let you touch her. I’m honestly surprised she danced with so many people tonight.”

“Alpha Jacob. I can fight my own battles, but thank you.” Her voice sounded like music to my ears. My wolf perked up at the soft, yet firm way she spoke. She’d make the perfect luna. She looked at me with those captivating storm-cloud eyes, “I’m Luna Amrey Jackson of the Rogue Pack. You are?”

“Alpha Zander Ampherite of the Blue Moon pack. Your mate.” Zack, my wolf, was panting in excitement to meet our mate.

“I know.” I took a step towards her and she took a step backward. This time, a redhead in a red dress stepped between me and her. Only to be yanked back by a rogue. This was getting annoying. “Ruby. Meet my mate. Alpha Zander of Blue Moon pack. Alpha, this is my beta, Ruby, and her mate, Henry.”

“Hi,” I muttered in the direction of the two, not taking my eyes off the beautiful she-wolf in front of me.

Amrey’s POV

He copied what Lea made me say. “Mate.” His voice made me melt.

Not gonna lie. The moon goddess must love me if she gave this handsome man to me as a mate. He was easily six and a half feet tall. He radiated power and smelt like home sweet home. He had a full beard and hair blacker than the sky above us. And his eyes. Oh, his eyes were a startling bright green.

He took a step forward and I took a step back. He might be a got-darn Adonis but he was an unknown alpha male. Luckily Alpha Jacob stepped between us. He growled at him, “Move old man. That’s my mate.”

'Hey Ruby, now would be a great time to come find me. I'm by the fruits. Get here. ASAP' I mind-linked her because I need her help. Else this might end very badly.

“Calm down. I’m not going to steal your mate.“ Alpha Jacob laughed, “Never thought I’d say that twice in one night.” He growled again. “She isn’t one to let anyone touch her. I’m honestly surprised she danced with so many people tonight.”

“Alpha Jacob. I can fight my own battles, but thank you.” I appreciated him stepping in. I wouldn't have found my voice otherwise. I decided it'd be best to introduce myself. “I’m Luna Amrey Jackson of the Rogue Pack. You are?”

“Alpha Zander Ampherite of the Blue Moon pack. Your mate.” Lea was drooling with excitement at our mate.

“I know.” He took a step towards me and I took a step backward. This time, Ruby stepped in between us. Only to be pulled back by her mate. “Ruby. Meet my mate. Alpha Zander of Blue Moon pack. Alpha, this is my beta, Ruby, and her mate, Henry.”

“Hi,” was all he said. Not even looking away from me.

"Blue Moon pack? That Blue Moon pack?!?!" Ruby's eyes were probably bulging out of there sockets. I would look but I'm currently holding the stare of my mate.

"Yes. Though, it seems that the last alpha's line hasn't continued." I not so subtly let her know this wasn't the alpha who watched my parents and brother abuse me.

But an alpha is an alpha. And many of them are dangerous.

"What does she mean by 'that Blue moon pack'?" He asked me, slightly confused.

"I used to be part of the pack. I left about ten years ago. I was a rogue for a year and a half and then I met Ruby and my friend Tina and together with the help of Alpha Jacob, we created the Rogue Pack."

"So?" He was still confused.

"Your previous alpha, well let's say I didn't agree with the way he did things."

"I overthrew him many years ago. Most of the original pack was killed when my pack attacked. His pack had kidnapped the daughter of my father's best friend's pack. Neither of them lived to see the pack get payback so I did it for them." After a moment's pause, he continued. "Can we go somewhere w-"

He was cut off by Alpha Paul and Beta Phillip sauntering over to us with five warriors behind them. "Amrey Jackson," I growled at the lack of title, "You seem to have threatened my beta and claimed to be an alpha of a non-existent pack. As such, I'm sorry to say that we're going to have to ask you to leave. Rogues are not welcome here." Rogue? I'm not a rogue. I'm a got-darn alpha.

"She's not a rogue. She certainly doesn't smell like one, asshole. She's a fucking alpha. Treat her like one," Zander said, voicing my thoughts.

"Alpha Ampherite. I apologize for interrupting you, but I can't have rogues in my land."

Zander opened his mouth to say something but before he could, I pulled out a piece of paper signed by Alpha Paul and fourteen other alphas. "This little piece of paper states that you and fourteen other alphas see my pack as a legitimate pack." Turning to Zander, "Alpha Zander, thank you for helping, but I'm a big girl. I can take care of myself."

Lea sat tall with pride, her tail swishing at showing her mate that we can take care of ourselves.

"I see that." He grumbled, cleared his throat, and addressed the lovely arse to my left. "As you can see, she is the luna of the Rogue Pack and as you said earlier, you welcome all packs in North America, right?"

"But... you... urgh..." The alpha muttered then stormed off.

The beta waited before he followed the alpha, "You'll regret this Luna. You might be safe with Alpha Ampherite at your side, but how long will he be there? You won't get away with disrespecting me as you did before."

"WAS THAT A THREAT AGAINST MY MATE?!?" Zander roared -and I mean roared- at the beta. Great. So much for keeping it quiet. I reached out and touched his arm. As much as I didn't want to, I had to calm him down, else there might be a legit reason to kick me out.

"Calm down. Zander. Look at me." He did. He was ticked. His green eyes were now golden, proof his wolf was at the surface. At his name, his eyes went back to those pretty green. "He's just trying to get me riled up. He's upset because unlike most packs, mine didn't suck up to him just because he has money. Leave him be." Turning to Ruby, who was nestled behind Henry, I continued, "Let's go to the hotel, it's been a long night and I have some things to go over with you."

Alpha Jacob must have left earlier as he was nowhere near us. "You called me Zander... Not Alpha or Alpha Zander." I swear that if he were in wolf form, his tail would be wagging. At least he isn't all over me like Henry is all over Ruby. "Let me take you to your hotel. Which one are you staying at?"

'Please!' Lea begged.

'What if he's acting and he turns out like the old alpha of Blue Moon pack? Hmm?'

'He wouldn't hurt us...' she paused for a moment 'He's out mate.'

"Alright," I said to both of them. I always told myself I wouldn't let them break me. I won't let them affect my life now. At least, I'll try.

I told him where we were staying the night.

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