The Broken Luna

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Chapter 5

Zander's POV

I was happy that she could defend herself. However, I was curious about what happened with the previous Blue Moon pack. How had she come to be the luna of a pack of rogues? Why was she so skittish? When she agreed to tell me where she was staying, my heart soared. It was the same place I was staying in.

After leaving her beta in their car, she walked with me to mine. She let out a low whistle when I guided her to my '67 Chevy Impala. It was sleek black with a silver shimmer to it. "Like my car?"

"Darn straight I like your car. It's kinda my dream car."

I laughed and shook my head as she started oogling my car. Damn, this car was getting more attention than I was. After a few moments, she got in and looked out the window expectantly at me. I laughed again and climbed in.

Turning the key, we took off out of the parking lot.

'Forest, Landry, and Chris. I need you three to leave me alone for a bit. I met my mate, your luna. I'll introduce her to you tomorrow. Her name is Amrey Jackson. I also need you three to find out everything you can about her old connection to the Blue Moon pack before we took it over.' I focused back on the road after I finished mind-linking my three betas who'd insisted on coming with me.

"So, why didn't you let me touch you?" I asked her. She shifted in her seat. "I'm your mate."

"Just because your my mate, doesn't mean your safe." She wasn't looking at me. She was staring out the window, a pained expression showed on her face, though her voice was neutral, "Alphas are dangerous things." My grip on the steering wheel tightened.

'What the fuck is she talking about?!' Zack wasn't happy that our mate didn't feel safe around us. To be honest, neither was I.

"Why do you say that? I'm your mate. I'm the safest person you could be with."

"No. Just because you're my mate doesn't make you safe." That pained expression still sat on her face.

"Will you at least-" We pulled up to the hotel and she jumped out as soon as the car came to a stop. "Hey!"

She started walking toward the door. "Hey! Amrey I'm talking to you! Come back here." I growled the last bit.

She stopped in her tracks and turned around. Her storm cloud eyes now purple. "She isn't going to do as you say, Mate."

Her wolf was in control now.

"What's your name, wolf?"

"Lea." Her name sounded beautiful. Lea. She looked around and shook her head. "She's trying to get back control. I've only got a moment. I have been waiting for you. She's been dreading meeting you. Just be patient with her. What's your wolf's name?"

"Zack." My wolf was more than excited to know that Lea had been waiting for us. Neither of us was happy to know that Amrey wasn't.

"Zack." She shook her head again and her eyes were back to normal. "Goodnight."

And with that, she walked off.

'Alpha. You said Amrey right?'


'It seems that she used to be an omega of the Blue Moon pack. Both her parents were betas though. They were killed by us during the takeover. She ran away when she was about eleven. Before the takeover.'

So that means she's twenty-one. She said she'd left ten years ago earlier. But what's really confusing is how can she be alpha on her own as an omega? You can't escape blood. And blood determined your position in the pack. She has to have alpha blood somehow. But she's only a beta at most without me. Could she be the kidnapped daughter?

That would make sense. We didn't find her when we took over the pack. Her mother was still alive and Amrey looked very similar to her. Maybe...

I looked at the door Amrey had disappeared behind. I walked in and followed her scent to her room. It was up the stairs, all the way down the hall. Room two eighty. I banged on the door.

"Amrey! I need to talk to you!" No answer. I banged again. "It's not about us being mates. It's about your parents!"

Still nothing. I banged again. This time I got a response. But not the one I was looking for.

The red-head from earlier stormed out of the room next to Amrey's and she was pissed. Her mate came hot on her heels.

"You have no right to talk about her asshole dead beat parents. Especially not around her. She's been through enough hell living with them." She was yelling at me. An alpha. I growled at the tone she used.

That earned me a growl from not just the two in front of me, but my mate who'd thrown open the door.

"Leave her alone, Alpha Zander." She looked towards the redhead. "Ruby. For the third time tonight. I can fight my own battles!" She looked back at me. "I have no interest in my parents. Leave me be." She slammed the door again.

"Your parents were the Alpha and Luna of the Midnight pack. Not the betas of the Blue Moon pack! I am your mate and an alpha! You do not yell at me!"

I was seeing red. Not only was my mate being distant but she was being aggressive towards me and so was her beta female. I just wanted to talk to her. Why won't she trust her mate enough to at least hold a decent conversation?

"What?" The Ruby girl asked, confusion painting her face.

"Hon lets go back to our room. Leave it between those two. They are mates after all." The male told her. At least someone was seeing sense.

Her eyes clouded over. Probably mind-linking her luna. After a second, her eyes cleared and she glared at me. "She says you can enter. But I swear to the moon goddess. I don't give a flying fuck about you being an alpha. I will tear you to pieces if she sheds a single tear." Finally, she left.

"I'm coming in." I walked into her room. It looked the same as my room had looked when I had taken a nap before the conference. A bed pushed into the corner of the room. A lamp and an alarm clock sat on the end table next to the bed. The clock read three forty six. We had left early today.

The walls were a light cream color and the carpet was a plush burgundy. A small bathroom was to the immediate right of the door and a TV was mounted to the wall in the corner opposite the bed.

When I looked at her she had that sad look on her face again. Why isn't she happy to be around me? I'm her mate for goddess sake!

She answered the question without me asking her aloud.

"You're not my first mate."

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