The Broken Luna

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Chapter 6

Amrey’s POV

“Amrey! I need to talk to you!” He banged on the door. I didn't answer him. I couldn't. “It’s not about us being mates. It’s about your parents!”

Why would he want to talk about my parents? There is nothing to talk about. At least nothing I want him knowing. I could hear Ruby's stomping footsteps after she flung open the door to her room.

“You have no right to talk about her asshole dead beat parents. Especially not around her. She’s been through enough hell living with them.” She was yelling at him. Probably not a good idea.

From the fact that I heard three different distinct growls, I was right. I opened the door. No one, not even an alpha, gets to growl at my beta.

“Leave her alone, Alpha Zander.” I looked at him for barely a second. Frustration painted his face. I turned towards Ruby, Henry stood next to her. “Ruby. For the third time tonight. I can fight my own battles!” I looked back towards the alpha. “I have no interest in my parents. Leave me be.” I slammed the door again. Why can't I just be left alone?!

“Your parents were the Alpha and Luna of the Midnight pack. Not the betas of the Blue Moon pack! I am your mate and an alpha! You do not yell at me!”

What? My parents are alphas? I guess that would make sense since I am a luna. With beta blood in me, and being an omega in my old pack, there shouldn't be a way for me to be a luna without an alpha by my side. It would explain that. But how come I was living at Blue Moon pack?

“What?” Ruby asked, voicing my confusion.

“Hon lets go back to our room. Leave it between those two. They are mates after all.” Henry tried to calm Ruby down.

'Tell the arrogant arse hole that he can come in. I want to know what he means. And go back into your room with Henry. You two just met today. You two need to get to know each other.' I mind-linked her.

'Fine.' She wasn't happy that I was dismissing her.

“She says you can enter. But I swear to the moon goddess. I don’t give a flying fuck about you being an alpha. I will tear you to pieces if she sheds a single tear.” I let out a small laugh at her protectiveness. She was barely five feet. I doubt she could hold her own against the powerful alpha.

“I’m coming in.” He walked into my room.

I figured he deserved to know at least a little bit about why I didn't trust him. Why Ruby didn't trust him at all. So I told him.

“You’re not my first mate.”

His face morphed into pure confusion. "What do you mean I'm not your first mate? There is only one mate!"

"Not necessarily. You are what is called a second chance mate. My first mate rejected me when I was eleven. It was kinda the straw that broke the camel's back. Why I ran away."

"Will you tell me about it?" His high and mighty attitude was no longer persistent. At least he understood the delicacy of the situation. Maybe he isn't a total jerk.

"He was the alpha's son, Mason. He wanted, as he said, a beautiful confident alpha. Not some 'used, disgusting, broken omega' as he put it. I had shifted just a week before that for the first time. Lea was excited to meet him. He wasn't."

"Why would he reject you though?"

"Because he saw me as damaged goods and didn't want me. I couldn't handle seeing him every day so about three days after he rejected me, I left."

I had just shifted for the first time last week. My parents knew and had beaten me sorely for it. What kind of omega shifted before they turned twelve? Apparently, me because I shifted on my eleventh birthday - as alphas do.

Since I'd shifted, I gained my wolf, Lea. She was now my best friend. I locked up the memories of the abuse so she wouldn't think less of me. But since I shifted, soon, I'd find my mate. If they were in my pack anyway.

I walked towards the alpha's son's room. I had to go get sheets from the linen closet to change the alpha's bedding. I smelt something divine. Cinnamon and apples. I followed into the alpha's son's room. Sitting on his bed, was the twelve-year-old boy.

He was stunning, even as a young boy. Lea leaped for joy at the sight of him. He looked up at me, "What are you-"

"Mate!" I rushed forward and tried to hug him.

Finally! Everything would get better! I wouldn't get abused so much! I was so happy for the first time in well... ever.

"Get off me! Your disgusting!" He looked at me like I was gum that got stuck on the bottom of his shoe. My face fell. And my heart broke. "I don't want a used, disgusting, broken omega as a mate. I need a beautiful, strong luna! Like Rebecca!"

"But... I'm your mate?" It came out as a question.

"I, Mason Harold, reject Amrey Jackson as my mate." I looked at him. My hopes dashed and my happiness crumbled. "Accept the rejection!"

Even though he wasn't the alpha yet, he had his alpha voice. I had to comply. I was just an omega after all.

"I, Amrey Jackson, accept Mason Harold's rejection." I cried as I ran out of the room. I decided it was time for me to leave.

Especially since once the alpha and my parents heard about it, they beat me more.

"I couldn't live there anymore. So I left. Sometime after, I met Ruby and Tina who were rogues. They'd left their packs for similar reasons that I did. Though it wasn't anything to do with mates. Enough about that. I just think you ought to know why I don't trust you. But what were you saying about my parents not being the betas of the old Blue Moon pack?"

For a moment, he was stunned. Like he couldn't quite believe what he was hearing. After a few silent seconds, he spoke up, "My father's best friend's daughter was kidnapped. Remember? I told you earlier that that was the reason I overthrew the old alpha of Blue Moon. I believe that you were that kidnapped child. Your real father has passed away but your mother hasn't. You look a lot like her."

"So I have a mother. Who isn't a beta but a luna?"

"Yes. In few months though, unless she can find her precious daughter, she'll no longer be a luna but an ex-luna. Her pack is the Midnight Pack. In the southern and middle parts of Illinois and stretches over to parts of Indiana. I'm sure she'd like to meet you."

"So she was that close? Is she here at the conference?" I was hopeful and scared and confused and overflowing with joy.

"No, she couldn't make it but she sent her beta and a few of her omegas. This conference is for entire packs but more often than not only omegas and alphas go. Most of the packs stay in pack lands."

I'm getting ahead of myself. "Are you sure I'm her daughter? Maybe I just look like her?"

"I'm almost certain. I had my betas look into it. I can go with you to meet her after the whole thing over?" He offered tentatively. He acted much more like a gentleman when others weren't around.

"We'll see. I have to get up at noon tomorrow. It's nearly four-thirty now. I need at least eight hours of sleep or I'm cranky as helk."

"You don't cuss do you?" He said with a laugh.

"No, I don't. Not unless I'm ticked beyond imagination."

"Well good night then. See you at noon."

Before I could ask him what he meant about that, he left and shut the door after him. I sat back down on the bed. We'd been standing the whole time.

Kicking off my shoes and deciding that it was about time to get out of these clothes, I reached behind me and unzipped the dress.

One day down, two more to go.

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