The Broken Luna

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Chapter 7

Around eleven-thirty, I woke up. I hated mornings. I’d barely gotten any sleep last night between thinking about everything that had happened and the nightmares from stirring up past memories.

I had a few hours before sundown so I decided I’d keep my outfit simple as per usual. A long sleeve, black shirt with a leather jacket and skinny jeans. I paired it with my favorite ankle boots and walked out of the door.

Just to bump into Alpha Zander. Instinct made me wrap my arms around the man who smelled like home. Lea purred at my actions.

“Well, so much for not touching me, eh?” I could hear the smirk in his voice. I quickly let go of him and took a step back.

Which sandwiched me between him and the door. Luckily, Ruby came out a few seconds later and inserted herself between us. Phew.

“What are you doing?” Ruby glared at him. “Back up Mr. Alpha.”

“You don’t tell me what to do Beta.” He used his alpha voice on her. She fought it but eventually, she bowed her head.

Nope, not gonna happen. She’s been forced into submission too many times by males. Not this time. I sidestepped Ruby’s tense form and shoved the arrogant arse.

“Don’t dare use that alpha voice on her again.” It was my turn to glower at the hunk.

I turned, grabbed Ruby, and stormed off.

Zander’s POV

I woke up at eleven, dressed, and waited. She said she’d be up around noon. As I waited for it to get closer to noon, I asked my beta to track down the betas of the Midnight Pack.

It’d been terrible knowing my mate was sleeping in the room directly above mine. But it was worse knowing I wasn’t her first mate. I hadn’t even known it was possible to have more than just one. Who in their right mind would reject her? I guess I should thank them though. She’s mine now.

I glanced at the clock and it was eleven forty-nine. I decided to walk up to her room. Just as I was about to knock on her door, it opened and she stepped out, bumping into me.

I wrapped my arms around her shoulders to steady her and she wrapped her arms around my waist. I mentally jumped for joy from our hug.

“Well, so much for not touching me, eh?” I smirked and she took a step back. I frowned at the loss of contact.

A moment later, the annoying redhead stepped between us.

“What are you doing?” She glared at me.“Back up Mr. Alpha.”

“You don’t tell me what to do Beta.” No one orders me to do anything. I used my alpha voice on her to make sure she complied. She tried to fight it but she bowed her head.

My mate sidestepped the girl and glowered at me. What is it with these two females. I get that she doesn’t trust me but seriously stop glaring and glowering!

“Don’t dare use that alpha voice on her again.” If tone could slap you across the face, my face would have a nice imprint.

My mate turned away from me, grabbed the redhead, and stormed off.

“I’m Henry, Ruby’s mate. From what she told me last night, Alpha, I think it’s best if you leave them alone. I’m not trying to be disrespectful or anything but from my understanding, they’ve both been through hell. And using the alpha voice on Ruby will get you nowhere but in the frying pan with your mate.” At least he was respectful.

I didn’t acknowledge him though. I just walked off towards where my mate had gone. The scent truly was intoxicating.

‘I found Midnight Pack’s betas. They are going to arrive late at today’s conference. Are we going to meet our luna?’ Chris, my beta, mind linked me.

‘Yes. Though you may have to wait till sundown.’ Sundown was about eight today. Still have eight hours till then.

With a sigh, I walked to my impala and drove off. Not sure where. I just drove.

I want my mate.

Hours later, I was in a black suit walking into the overly ornate Great Hall. I smelled the air and caught a whiff of my mate. I followed it back over to the fruits. Where I had first found her.

“Mate.” She snapped her head towards me. “Where have you been all day?”

“Around. What do you want?” She was being short with me.

“Why are you mad at me? I didn’t do anything.” She didn’t respond. “Shall I introduce you to some alphas who might be willing to help you out?”

“Why would you do that? Aren’t you gonna try to keep me to yourself?” She gave me a skeptical look.

To be honest, that was why I was willing to do it. “I’m a patient man. If I share you today, I won’t have to tomorrow.”

She nodded her head. “No harm in it. But I’ve already made myself known one way or another to almost everyone here. I’m the only female to ever lead a pack without ever having a male at my side.”

She was pretty famous. Though many believed that the pack would fall, as many others have already, to the Red Rose pack. Without an alpha, the Rogue pack was seen as the weakest of the packs, despite being one of the most powerful. Even I’d heard of her before. I thought, too, that she wouldn’t make it as a leader without a male. But that was before she had been luna for almost a decade. By the time the Rogue Pack had reached it’s the fifth year without falling, despite being made up of rogues and being attacked by some of the southern and western packs, I had slight respect for the leader.

Zack and I were proud to have such a female as our mate.

“Let’s go then. The first up is Alpha Matteo Jones. His pack is-”

“The northern-most pack. They are nicknamed the snow-wolves. His land spans most of the islands of northern Canada. Few wolves beside themselves and the Antarctic packs live there and so they aren’t challenged. Not even by the Red Rose pack.” I looked down at her. She smiled up at me. “I made a deal with him two years ago, if Red Rose attacks me, he’ll send his support. In turn, when he needs something, I get it for him. Most snow-wolves can’t stand high temperatures so my wolves and I help them out. He’s also one of the alpha’s who signed, agreeing to recognize the Rogue pack as legitimate.”

“Alpha George Marks?” I asked her. Perhaps I should’ve asked what alphas she’s already made contracts with.

“I know of him. His pack is to the northeast of the ever-expanding Red Rose pack lands. Many say he is the next to fall if he isn’t careful.”

“Exactly. I’m sure he’d like assistance if he’s getting attacked. Red Rose’s pack lands are large but they aren’t easy to defend. Perhaps you can arrange something with him? I already have a similar contract with him.”

“Sure. Thanks.”

Navigating the crowd, I located Alpha Marks. Walking up to him, I got straight business, “Hello, Alpha Marks, Luna Jackson here is interested in creating an alliance.”

“Hello, Alpha Ampherite. Is this your mate?” I nodded. “I thought we already had an alliance between our packs?” He looked at my mate with more than just curiosity.

“Yes, I am his mate. No, Rogue Pack isn’t in any alliance or contract with your pack, Alpha Marks. I just met my mate yesterday. I’ve been Luna of Rogue pack for nearly a decade.”

I smiled at how my mate took charge. She truly is capable.

“Ahh. Rogue Pack. I have no interest in dealing with mongrels. No offense.” The ass said to my mate with a fake smile. Then he turned back to the she-wolves he was flirting with. He had a mate who wasn’t even twenty feet away from him. Ass.

“I do take offense to that. Many rogues are running from things. I know there are many rogues who deserve to be called mongrels but no one in my pack is.” She gave him a vicious smile when he turned back to her. “Unlike many docile females and lunas, I bite when agitated. If you are unwilling to form an alliance, that’s fine. Even with the help of Alpha Ampherite’s pack, you probably won’t survive Red Rose. But that’s up to you. I have to go talk to my beta. Goodbye Alpha Marks.”

She walked away from both of us. I was proud of her.

“Alpha, congrats on finding your mate. I’m sorry she’s so feisty. You’ll have to tame her. Brake her. Luckily my mate does everything I tell her.” He laughed.

“Unlike you, I wouldn’t want her to be tame or broken. I love her just the way she is. As my goddess-given mate. I hereby end our alliance. You’ve broken our contract.”

He turned red-faced and started blubbering. “What... But... What’d I do..? I thought...”

“Our treaty says that neither will disrespect the other and we shall be seen as equal. My mate is part of me and you disrespected her. You’ll be on your own. Farewell.”

I followed Amrey. She’d ended up being on the other side of the Hall.

“Yes. I told him about him. Don’t worry about it, Ruby. He didn’t really react badly or at all really. I don’t think he cares about me being rejected. You think he might reject me too when he finds everything out?“ So maybe I was eavesdropping a little.

“I wouldn’t ever reject you, mate.” Just the thought got me wound up. Upset, I asked, "Are you planning on rejecting me?"

"Hmm." All she said was that. I waited a couple of seconds, maybe she had more to say?

Nope. Redhead did though.

"I was told that you are supposed to introduce my luna to a couple of betas? How come this didn't come through me."

"Because. I'm her mate. I needn't go through her beta."

"Next time, notify me. Perhaps you hadn't noticed, but I am her only guard. She refused to let any others come with for two reasons. One, the pack's safety and two, to lessen the probability that they'd run into whatever they're running from." I hadn't noticed. I'd been so focused on her, I hadn't realized that the redhead and her mate were the only ones who kept her company.

"She doesn't need guards. I'm with her." She's my mate. I'll protect her, my life is literally on the line if she's harmed.

"You're one of the ones she needs protection from."

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