The Broken Luna

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Chapter 8

That angered me. “Why does she need protection from me. I’m her mate. She’s mine to protect.”

“Yeah. Okay.” Redhead was seriously pushing buttons and needs to stop.

Deciding that it’d be best to just ignore her and let my anger dissipate on its own, I turned to Amrey, “Amrey, let me take you to your mother’s betas.” She flinched at the word mother but nodded her head.

Hopefully, unlike the past twenty-four hours, this would go smoothly.

Amrey’s POV

He was starting to learn how to deal with Ruby without angering me. I was unsure about whether or not I actually wanted to meet my so-called mother, but meeting a couple of betas wouldn’t hurt.

Zander guided me, Ruby, and Henry to were a couple of older wolves stood.

I stopped short when we got within five feet of them. Ruby put her hand on my shoulder, squeezing lightly for reassurance. She was letting me know it was ok, no matter what I choose.

I walked the five feet and introduced myself. “Hello, my name is Luna Amrey Jackson of Rogue Pack. Are you the betas of Midnight Pack?”

They turned towards me, away from the conversation with another alpha. I had interrupted their conversation. Oh well. I had learned long ago that if I wanted someone’s attention, I couldn’t just wait my turn. Usually, my turn never came.

“Yes, we are. I’m Beta Harry Miles and this is Beta Damian Holster. We are the beta males of Midnight Pack. May I ask what the Rogue Pack wants? And why you’d drag the alpha of Blue Moon here?”

“Alpha Zander is here because he’s my mate. He wanted to introduce me to you because he says that I am your luna’s long lost daughter.”

They both stared wide-eyed at me. Beta Harry squinted his eyes at me. “You do look like her.” His eyes clouded over. Who was he mind-linking? “Our luna would like to meet with you. When are you available?”

“Tomorrow before the conference. After that, it’d be a week before I had any spare time. It’s only an hour flight and an hour back. I could probably make it, right?”

The betas nodded. “That will work. Our luna agrees. About what time will you be departing for our pack lands?”

“Directly after today’s conference ends. About six. My beta and her mate will be coming along as well.”

He nodded. And turned to Zander. “Will you be coming along as well, Alpha?”

“Yes,” was all he said. He’d been looking at me the whole time.

“We will go with you then. Please, enjoy the rest of your night. We’ve other things to do.”

I nodded at him. They walked off, probably to find the alpha who they’d been talking to before.

“Well done Mate.” Zander had a large smile on his face. It suited him.

“I have a name.”

“Yes. But I like calling you Mate. I haven’t marked you yet so I need some way to lay claim to you.”

I turned red at the mention of the marking. I never thought that anyone’d mark me. At least, not after the rejection.

“You look cute when you’re embarrassed. Maybe I should do it more.” He had a smirk on his stupid face again. I stuck my tongue out at him. That just made him laugh.

I sighed through my nose and wandered over to the sandwiches.

Hours later, the sun came up, and day two of the three-day conference was over, with little incident beyond Ruby and Zander’s fighting.

Two down, one to go.

Now, we were awaiting the betas at the airport. Zander thought we ought to go ahead without them but I wanted to wait for them.

“Hello, Luna Jackson, Alpha Ampherite. Beta Thompson. Shall we go?"

Beta Harry was the only one who spoke. Yesterday and today. I wonder why.

The plane ride was relatively short, though Ruby and Zander's fighting mixed with Ruby and Henry's snogging and Zander's puppy dog eyes and not-so-subtle suggestions, made it feel like a life time. I ended up talking to Beta Harry the entire time.

After getting off the plane, we climbed into a black SUV and drove for about twenty minutes. It was beautiful.

But the pack house rivaled the beauty of the Great Hall.

Perhaps it was only because I preferred the simple and homey feel of this place over the bulky and ornate Great Hall, but this pack house was gorgeous. It was a barn house. Large wooden panels covered the outside painted black. Murals of all shape and sizes covered the building. They all flowed together though. It started out as a story about the moon goddess. Then the creation of the wolves. How the moon goddess chooses mates for everyone. And so much more.

There were wooden picnic tables in the yard to each side and sun shade umbrellas sat open above each table. Pups ran about playing. Sentinels stood at attention at each door to the pack house and around the edge of the yard. Some playing with the pups. Some of the younger wolves ran around in wolf form, others in human form.

One of the older she-wolves called for lunch and all the pups and younger wolves raced for the side door to what I assume is the dining hall.

Sitting on a balcony above the main doors to the pack house, was an older version of myself. Three sentinels stood around her. One behind and one on each side. She must be the luna of this pack, judging from the loving, protective look she had on her face as she had watched the pups play.

I gripped Ruby's hand. I was more nervous than ever. With good reason too.

She was the woman who was supposedly my real mother.

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