The Broken Luna

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Chapter 9

The woman stood. The betas bowed.

"Luna Lo Aurora. This is Luna Amrey Jackson, your long lost daughter."

Luna Aurora's mouth formed an 'o' shape and she looked like she was about to cry, "Morgan?"

"Sorry, who's Morgan?" I asked, confused when she came down from the balcony. For an older woman, she moved fast.

A closer look, the she-wolf showed her age. A gentle wind blew her once black hair that was now nearly all-white round her face. Her silver-flecked grey eyes shone with un-shed tears. Honestly, she looked like an older version of me.

"My daughter's name. At least what her name- your name should've been."

"Are you sure that I'm your daughter? I... grew up in the Blue Moon pack."

"You look just like me when I was twenty-one. Your birthday is December eighteenth, right?" I nodded. "You have your father's height though. And his hair and eyes." Tears were still in her eyes.

"Are you really my mom?" I asked hesitantly. "Have I really only been a few hours away this whole time?"

Both now and when I was growing up.

"I- I think so." She was crying now. I took a couple of steps forward and hugged her.

"My daughter's a luna of another pack! Oh!" She turned towards Zander. "And what a handsome mate she has. You must be happy to have him as an alpha. Zander, you've turned out wonderfully."

It sounds like my... mother, that was going to take some getting used to, knew Zander well.

"Actually, she's the luna of two packs. Rogue Pack, her own, and Blue Moon pack, mine." I nudged Zander. I'm not his luna. "Well, she will be once we hold the Luna Ceremony and I mark her."

"Your own pack?" She was confused. "Rogue Pack?"

"Yes, um, when I was eleven, I ran away from Blue Moon pack. I was a rogue for about a year and a half and ended up creating the Rogue pack with the help of Ruby, my beta," I gestured to Ruby, " and my friend Tina who travels around telling other rogues about us. Tina is my other beta. Alpha Jacob Norris also helped us out. The rogue territory between his territory, the Red Rose pack lands, and Alpha Paul's territory, now belong to me. I got fifteen alpha's to recognize my pack as legitimate. I tried to talk to you but one of your beta's at the time told me you refused to see any rogues. So I didn't bother trying again."

"What? Who told you that? I always personally see to rogues. I have since before I was a luna. What was the beta's name?"

"Beta Jenna Rose."

"No wonder. That was back when my mate was still alive. She thought she could keep me from doing my job and steal my mate from me. That was long ago though." She hugged me again. "My beta said your name is Amrey, right? Do you mind if I call you Morgan?" I shook my head no, what harm would it cause? "That's great! I can finally retire in peace!"

"What do you mean?" Don't say that she's gonna...

"Well, Morgan, I'm going to hand over this pack to you! And your lovely mate too!" She laughed, acting as she'd only given me a piece of candy. "Let's go in and introduce you to the pack!"

About two hours later, I was leaving. "Are you sure you want to give me your pack? I could be an evil manipulator. I mean you barely know me."

"Of course I'm sure!" This woman was always peppy. Kinda reminded me of Ruby. "After this conference thing, when you've got the time, we'll perform the ceremony."

"Alright, well, we'd better be getting back, I need some sleep for tonight. Goodbye." With a final hug- something she never stops giving- I managed to leave.

I looked at Zander. I didn't know what to do with him. He was so insistent that I'd be his luna. I rolled my eyes in his direction and turned towards Ruby.

"Please, please, please, don't fight with Zander on the plane. And if you're gonna make out with Henry, don't make it so obvious ok? It only makes him," I pointed at Zander, "feel like we should be doing the same thing."

"Fine." Ruby rolled her eyes at me.

Zander's POV

She turned towards me. "Zander, please, don't fight with Ruby. And just because those two are making out, we don't have too. I haven't even accepted you."

"Does that mean you're gonna reject me?" She didn't answer me which made my heartbreak. "Let's get going then."

"Wait. Ruby, you guys go ahead, Lea wants to run with Zack."

Zack was jumping around like a pup in my head. Knowing that Lea wanted him, he was beyond ecstatic.

Redhead nodded and they left. Then, Amrey shifted into her wolf, Lea. She was beautiful. She stood about three feet tall from paws to ears. Her eyes were purple, her wolf was in control. She sat down and let me admire her. Her fur was long and curly, a light brown just like her hair in her human form. She had grey 'socks' on her paws and grey on the tip of her tail.

I shifted and sat down for her to look at me, my tail swishing side to side. My wolf was pure black. Since I gave control to Zack, my eyes were gold. I knew how I looked to her. I had no lack of complements for how I looked. I knew she approved when she walked around me and then licked at my maw.
Before we actually got to run, she shifted. She motioned for me to shift as well. I complied and was confused to see that Lea was still in control, her eyes shone purple.
"I'm going to tell you something that is going to make Amrey very angry at me. I really, really, really want to trust you. That's mostly the mate bond though. I'm not stupid enough to trust an alpha I've only known for a little over a day. What you do with this information will literally determine your relationship with Amrey and I." There was nothing but sadness and agony swirling in those shining purple eyes.
I thought about it. What could she possibly have to say that would have such an impact? Certainly something had to have happened other than the rejection for there to be something that could determine our relationship. She's my goddess given mate for crying out loud.
"Tell me." It came out more of a growl, I didn't like where my thoughts were taking me.
"You know that she was kidnapped by the Blue Moon pack at a very young age. And that she was rejected by her first mate. She has alpha blood in her. She fought tooth and nail against everything. She thinks that she shoved everything down deep enough that I wouldn't find out."
"Tell me." I repeated. I really didn't like where this was going. I didn't want to know... but I had to.
I was so focused on what Lea was about to tell me that I hadn't heard someone else approach.
"Hello, my darling mate." A male's voice purred from about ten feet away.
Her body went rigid and I released a feral growl. Who was calling my mate theirs?!
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