Dawnborne Legacy: Liberation of Velarone

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I woke up on my bed, my face wet with tears. I was back to the real world, well it’s becoming hard to tell which world is real now since I have already visited so many. I looked at my alarm clock, I overslept, it’s already past three in the afternoon.

That dream is really weird. I thought that my grandfather’s name is Fredrick Morgensen, why is it ‘Tom' in my dreams?

I spent hours practicing spells in the abandoned park I discovered last night, though I didn’t spend too much time and got home early to conserve my energy for today. Today is the day of the meeting of the council of Faernwood. All the druids and other important people of the kingdom of Faernwood are going to come, and I need to record their conversation. I also need to warn the others about the Archdruid’s schemes, but I doubt that any of them will believe me.

“Alvin,” I heard mom calling me, “your friends are here”.

I got out of my room and went down the stairs. Sitting on the couch were Aeronwen and Neve.

“Hi Alvin, how’s it going?” He fiddled on some small rune stones, “ready for the meet—“

Aeronwen covered his mouth, “He meant eating at a restaurant.”

Mom nodded, “Well, you guys have fun.”

“Thank you,” Aeronwen dragged Neve out of the house, I followed them.

“Wait, I may have left something.” I checked my pockets for the recording device and found it, “Found it.”

“What’s that?” Neve asked.

“It’s nothing.”

We went back to the fountain where I almost got killed by Aemilia. We stood in front of a tree and Aeronwen started chanting an incantation. In a flash, we’re back in Velarone. I’m getting the hang of it. I thought. We reached the door of the elven palace and stopped.

“Neve!” called an elf wearing a fine silk robe of a scholar. He is with a bunch of other people wearing the same clothes.

“Hey guys,” Neve turned to us, “just a second.”

I nodded. This is the chance.

I pulled Aeronwen to a less crowded place and looked around if someone is looking at us. I also put a silencing spell that I just learned yesterday on both of us, so only we can hear each other.

“What is it?” Aeronwen asked me, confused, “Why the need for a silencing spell?”

“There’s something that I have been wanting to tell you.”

Aeronwen shushed me, “I know that this might hurt you, but I can’t be with you.”


“I swore an oath to never marry,” she frowned, “at least not until I found a cure to my sister’s sickness.”

“No,” I told her, why would she think that? “there is something important that I got to tell you.”

“What is it?” said Aeronwen, clearly embarrassed by what she just told me.

“It’s about the Archdruid,” I sighed, “we can’t trust him.”

Aeronwen laughed, “I know, he’s so annoying and all, but that doesn’t mean he is evil.”

“He is planning something.”


“He was seen communicating with one of the inhabitants of Svartalfheim.”

“You’re joking,”

I shook my head.

“That’s impossible,” she said, clearly not believing in what I have just told her. “wait, how did you know about this? Who told you?”

I’m deciding whether I should tell her about the rebellion or just tell her that I’m joking. I might get in trouble if she told the others and accuse me of working with the rebellion, but I already told her about the Archdruid anyway, telling her that it was a joke might just make her distrust me and observe my actions. Better tell her the truth then.

“Alvin, who told you about the Archdruid?” she stared at me with a very frightening look.

“There have been some rebellion working in the shadows, they showed me a video of the Archdruid killing an elf as sacrifice in order to communicate with the svartalf,” I told her, “I actually been in their base, they were planning to overthrow the Archdruid and his followers, to save Faernwood.”

I took the magical device that Rupnert gave me from my pocket.

“Where did you get that?” she stared at the device.

“Erm, from the rebels.”

“You sure made some friends.”

I showed her the video using the utility device. She was watching in horror as the Archdruid stabbed the elf and summoned the black smoke. I put the device back inside my pocket.

“So what are you planning to do?” she asked, still confused about the fact that the Archdruid is a traitor.

“I’m going to record all of their conversations and give it to the rebels,”

“That’s it?” She stared at me in disbelief, “That’s your plan of stopping the Archdruid, give the rebels recordings of some political talk?”

I shrugged, “That’s what they told me to do, and watch Archdruid Triandal’s movements.”

“Well that’s a stupid plan,” she said in a mocking tone, “and how did you know the Archdruid’s name? I don’t remember anyone telling you that name, and I have always been with you every time you visit Velarone.”

“The rebels told me.” I lied.

“I’m back,” Neve wrapped his arms around us, “what are you two lovebirds been talking about.”

“Nothing,” I replied quickly, “just some small talk.”

“Yeah right,” Neve said while giving us a playful look.

He clearly got the wrong idea, but at least he’s not suspecting us of treason. Is it actually treason if we betrayed a traitor? I think to myself.

We went inside the elven palace, it was the same as before, though it was filled with people now. The chairs formed rows of semi circles, there were also rows of seats and tables at the center. Archdruid Triandal sat on the center, like the president of the senate, along with the other archdruids below him. The front row was occupied by druids, wearing traditional druid attire. The others occupying the rest of the seats look like normal senators and congressmen, wearing suits and neckties.

“Settle down,” the one of the archdruids beside Archdruid Triandal.

We took our seat at the outermost row of chairs.

“Why are there so many archdruids?” I whispered to Aeronwen.

“Each of them are assigned by their predecessors through voting to govern each of the cities of Faernwood, and Archdruid Triandal was assigned as the governor of Velarone, which means he is the highest ranked among all the other archdruids. I personally think that the Svartalfar are behind the election and was responsible for his promotion.”

I started the teleporting device as the meeting began.

“Dearest brothers and sisters,” announced Archdruid Triandal, “I think I have already given you an idea on the reason behind this meeting. We all know about the light elves’ Prophecy of the Catalyst, and we have been preparing for it for almost a century now. We have sent so many explorers to find answers in the tombs, temples and ruins of the ancient kingdom of the light elves, and none of them came back. But fear not, for we already have the Child of dawn stated in the prophecy. We only need to find the answers about this two worlds colliding stated in the prophecy and the Catalyst.”

“With all due respect Archdruid Triandal,” one of the elves wearing a suit stood up, “but we have been spending too much unnecessary resources to fund the research and explorations, we are not even sure if it’s really going to happen, it is just a children’s poem after all. This is nothing but a waste of precious time.”

“I agree,” said another elf in a suit, “we can’t continue this anymore, we need to reallocate the funds to more important stuff. After all it is only but a mere ‘prophecy’. Even if it is true, how can you be so sure that it’s going to happen now?”

“Silence!” An archdruid next to Archdruid Triandal stood up from his seat, “You have always been too busy with the progression of modern technology and abandoned our traditions, and now you dare disrespect the Ancient Scriptures. You are a disgrace to our kingdom.”

Another archdruid placed a hand in front of him and he sat down, the other elves also settled down on their seats.

“Now with all the distractions gone, let get back to business.” Archdruid Triandal stood up, “The past years of researches are not in vain, we found the next child of dawn, since the previous one's mind has been corrupted.”

He turned to me and gestured to come over, “Alvin Morgensen, the Child of Dawn, descendant of the light elves. He possess the amulet of memories that contains all the answers to our questions.”

I hesitated for a moment, but stood up and walked over to the center. Then a large blue explosion destroyed the walls of the courtroom. Dozens of elves were injured, some of them tried to crawl out of the fallen debris but was shot by elves and other humanoid creatures wearing armor with hi-tech magic guns. It can’t be. I thought.

“Rebels!” One of the elves near me shouted, then his head exploded as one of the intruders shot him with a magic laser beam.

The druids started to cast spells at the rebels. They exchanged blows with the intruders, destroying their surroundings. The other elves draw their swords. Aeronwen dragged me out of the room and headed for the nearest exit.

“Why didn’t you tell me that they were going to attack the palace?”

“I didn’t know!” I replied, panicking, “They never told me anything about an assault.”

A group of rebels blocked our way, they pointed their guns at the two of us. I started speaking the incantations of a barrier spell as fast as I can. My heart raced as the rebels started to shoot, hitting an invisible barrier that glints blue light wherever the blasts hit it. The enemies advanced slowly towards us.

“Close your eyes,” I told Aeronwen and raised my right hand to cast a blinding spell.

Before she could ask, my hand glowed with a very bright light blinding the enemies. When he spell stopped, the enemies were still recovering from the blinding light. Aeronwen took this opportunity to slit their throats with her dagger.

“Where did you learn that?” She put her dagger back to its sheath and pulled her bow.

“Just from a dusty old book.”

We reached the gate of the palace when someone pulled Aeronwen. I tried to cast a spell to help her but something hit my head. I fell on the ground hard, blood spilling from my head. My vision became blurry as I saw the face of Archdruid Triandal. So he knew? But how did he get here so fast?

Then my eyes went blank.

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