Dawnborne Legacy: Liberation of Velarone

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I woke up inside a cold and dusty cell. It is very dark inside, except from the light that is coming from the hallway. My head still hurts from the injury. A set of iron bars separate my cell from the hallway.

I can’t remember much of what has happened, only the part where I was trying to help Aeronwen but someone hit my head from behind. I tried to grab my amulet. It was gone, the Archdruid took it. I tried to cast some magic to bust out of the cell, but nothing happened.

The Archdruid must have thought about it and placed anti-magic wards, or someone saw me use magic and told the Archdruid. Luckily, most anti-magic wards don’t really negate magical energy, they just render the caster unable to cast any spells by disabling the incantation’s effects or destroying the structure of the spell, and I learned how to use pure arcane energy without casting spells.

“Aeronwen!” I yelled through the bars.

The words echoed in the hallway, the other cells seems empty. They must have put her in another part of the prison. I looked around and didn’t see any guards, looks like the Archdruid is underestimating me and thought that an anti-magic wards will keep me inside this cell, or set some traps around the prison. Good. I thought.

I draw power from the magical plane and concentrated all my magical energy into my fist. It started to glow with soft blue light, like smoke rising from my fist. I punched the door open, knocking it forward and breaking the wall in front of me. Now that I’m outside the cell, I can finally heal my head which hurts like hell. A refreshing feeling relieved the pain from my headache.

I looked for traps by using my magical sense, and that Archdruid really didn’t set any which is kind of odd. I tried to sense Aeronwen’s location by spreading my magic throughout the prison. I can’t use scrying unlike the witches and other spellcasters since it was not written on the book, so I have to rely on my magical sensing ability. I found her with three other people, probably interrogators, and headed to save her.

After a few minutes of running, I bumped into a group of guards. They draw their swords and surrounded me. I accessed the magical plane again to draw magic and covered my whole body with pure arcane energy. A blue aura radiated from my body, then it hardened and became a pale blue armor. One of them tried to stab me but the blade bounced off. I punched his face and the other guards starts hitting me with their swords, but their blades didn’t even leave a scratch on me. I knocked all of them and decided to take one of their swords and a shield. I walked down a stairway and continued to rescue Aeronwen.

I finally reached the door of the room where Aeronwen is supposed to be. I kicked the door open, sword in hand and prepared to cast a magic beam. I saw Aeronwen chained on the wall.

An elven wizard tossed a fireball at me but I blocked it with my elven shield. The fireball exploded, and luckily, I still have my pure magic armor. I blasted the wizard with a magic beam coming from the tip of my sword and almost incinerated him. He passed out and the other two fell on their knees and placed their hands above their heads as a sign of surrender.

I sensed someone sneaking behind me, but I won’t fall from the same trick twice. I spun and bashed the attacker with my shield, catching him off guard. He was completely surprised and didn’t have the time to react. He fell on the ground and I knocked him unconscious with the hilt of my sword. I cast a sleeping spell on the other two, they don’t look like threats but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

I unchained Aeronwen and caught her in my arms before she fell on the ground. She was covered in wounds and bruises, the elves have been torturing her. I laid her on the floor and healed her. I still wasn’t expert at healing, I only practiced healing small injuries that I have caused myself. It is my first time healing this many wounds on a person that is almost passing out.

“Alvin,” she called with a very weak voice.

“Hang in there.” I told her, the wounds on her body already fading.

She passed out, but she is still breathing. I took her bow and carried her out of the room. I used magic to find my amulet and the exit, but amulet is not inside this building. I focused on finding the exit. It was near, but a bunch of guards are guarding it.

I can’t fight them all at once, at least not with Aeronwen passed out, and they might alert the other guards in the city which is the last thing we need right now. Instead I dropped my weapons and tried to sneak into the exit. I thought of using an illusion on them, but I never really tried casting any illusion spell since I didn’t have someone to try it to. And they might have some wards that detect magic. But then I saw something, it was the device that Rupnert gave me. Why haven’t the Archdruid taken it?

I sneaked and took the device on a table. I pressed a rune and it gave me a flashbang pill, the wards detect magical spells, but Rupnert told me that these flashbang pills can hide magic and no one has created a ward that detects magical devices yet. I prayed for good luck. I threw a pill on the floor next to the guards and closed my eyes. After a few seconds, I grabbed Aeronwen and ran outside the door. The guards were still recovering from the shock.

“Find the culprit!” One of them, which looks like their captain because of the different uniform, shouted.

“But where sir?” Another asked.

“He used a blinding spell but the wards didn’t alarm,” the Commander is still rubbing his eyes, “so it’s probably casted from outside the building.”

The guards went outside to look for us, but we were already too far from them with trees covering us, though they might sound the alarm and alert the other guards un the city. I carried Aeronwen into a nearby forest to hide from our pursuers.

Then I heard some footsteps, they look like Aeronwen, with the same uniform and the same golden bow. We hid underneath a fallen log. This is really bad. Aeronwen told me before that they were trained to track their prey on any kind of terrain, and this time we are their prey. I prepared casting a spell that will enable me to run quickly while carrying Aeronwen, since they are experienced in tracking their targets and equally skilled I combat, they also outnumber us, or me since Aeronwen is unconscious, so fighting isn’t a choice either. Then some guards arrived.

“Have you found them?” asked a guard.

“Stay out of this,” one of the huntresses scowled, “the last thing we need is someone slowing us down.”

“Easy there,” says another guard, “the captain sent us here to help you.”

“We don’t need your help.” The huntress snapped.

“Myrinia enough,” a huntress wearing a circlet made of silver on her head confronted the other one, “let them do their jobs.”

The other huntress, Myrinia, argued back. While they were arguing I heard someone calling me from behind. I looked back and saw a gnome behind a bush, he gestured for me to come over.

Normally, I wouldn’t trust a gnome since Rupnert himself proved that they are not to be trusted and the rebels are the reason why we are imprisoned in the first place, but I don’t really have a choice right now so I followed him. I carried Aeronwen and went inside the bush, there is a stairway beneath a trapdoor in front us and we went inside with the gnome. He pressed some ruins and the trapdoor closed. I looked at him and he gestured for us to follow him. We walked down the stairs for almost an hour and finally reached a dead end.

“What’s going on?” I asked the gnome.

He ignored my question and pressed some buttons —err—runes on a wall. The wall in front of us elevated slowly, with a tunnel behind it. We went inside the tunnel and the wall starts to close behind us. We walked for another hour and the tunnel led us to the section of the cave where Rupnert gave me the utility device. It still has the machineries and devices that the gnomes were working on, but no one seems to be inside except us. The gnome led us into a room with two beds, two doors that lead to same place outside and a desk in the middle. He gestured for me to wait and closed the door.

I laid Aeronwen on one of the beds, which doesn’t really look like one, instead they are large flat stones covered with animal fur to make it soft. I placed her head on a pillow and put a blanket on her. I already healed her so there isn’t really that much to do now but wait for her wake up, but I still feel guilty for dragging her into this mess. And why did the rebels suddenly attacked us then offered to help us?

After a few moments the door opened. A man and a gnome went inside.

“Ronald,” I glared at the man, “why did the rebels attacked us?”

“Someone organized that without the approval of uncle Snegbried,” he closed the door, “It looks like we have a rat inside the rebellion.”

“A spy?” I asked.

“More than that, he or she seems to have enough power or influence inside the rebellion to organized such attack,” Rupnert stared at my pockets, “and he used the device I just gave you as a signal of the start of the meeting. Let me look at it.”

I handed him the magical device. He fiddled with it for moment.

“Yes, there are some traces of black elven magic in it,” he put the device inside his pocket, “let me borrow it for a moment so I can create a fool-proof version of the device.”

I nodded.

“The culprit could be anyone in the higher ranks,” he took a flask out of his pocket, “or someone from the meeting about the discussion of an alliance.”

“I would bet on the latter, since I placed recording devices on each of the commander’s rooms and offices.” He showed us a tiny device that look like a small mushroom, “It can be any of them.”

“They might have known about the device and used magic to disable it,” he drank from his flask, “but I also think it’s the ones in the meeting, especially those high elves.”

“Well we should give them some time to rest.” Rupnert left the room.

Ronald followed but turned back and sighed, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have sent you to that meeting.”

“I understand,” I told him.

He closed the door and left, leaving me alone with Aeronwen. Wait what?

I sprinted out of the door to ask for another room but they were already gone. I have no choice but to sleep alone in a room with a girl. Well at least there are two beds.

Sleeping turns out to be really hard, knowing that a girl is sleeping just a few feet away from me.

Come on Alvin, you’re not a creep. You are not a creep. I told myself.

Then I saw a rune on the desk beside me, it says wall. I pressed it and a wall of iron appeared between us, dividing the room into two. So that’s why there are two doors. The desk was still there, but it looks like a different desk now, it became longer. Now I can sleep with a clear mind.

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