Dawnborne Legacy: Liberation of Velarone

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The room we teleported into was actually a wine cellar, with too much wine around us that is making the room too tight.

We accidentally hit some of the wine bottles and jars. I tried to catch a falling bottle but I just hit more of them, causing more bottles to shatter into the ground. Ronald stared at the falling bottles in horror. The room is in mess. Aeronwen opened the door carefully but a nearby bottle fell on the ground beside her. We got out of the wine cellar, taking care to not break anymore things. The smell of wine is intoxicating just by itself.

“I guess we’re sorry?” Darcy smiled nervously.

“Never mind,” Ronald sighed, “it’s my fault, I didn’t think it through.”

“It was a fine collection of wine.” Gurstil jests, Ronald gave him a sharp look.

“Let me heal her,” I gestured to the unconscious Rosemary still being carried by Ronald on his back.

He was confused at first but laid her on the floor. I started chanting the incantations for a healing spell. My hands glowed with brilliant whit light. I touched her wounds and they instantly vanished. The dryad’s skin turned fair again.

“I didn’t know that you could already cast spells.” Ronald stared at the now fading light on my hands.

I was going to suggest to heal the others too but was interrupted by a loud noise. A bunch of footsteps were heard throughout the hallway. Dozens of rebel soldiers are hurrying towards the opposite direction, they didn’t even stop to look at the messy wine cellar. Ronald stopped one of them to ask what is going on.

“The base is under attack! They found our location.” The rebel says in a hurry.

“Where’s uncle Sneg?”

“Inside the control chamber.” The rebel ran away to join the others.

“I’ll go bring Rosemary to the clinic,” Darcy picked Rosemary up, “you go find uncle Sneg.”

We nodded in agreement.

“Oh right,” she tossed me the amulet, “I think it’s yours.”

I gave her a smile and left. We followed Ronald and ran in the opposite direction, towards the room with the giant steampunk computers. The gnomes and other workers are shouting and running around the room to exchange information.

A few feet away from us is a gnome carrying a bunch of papers almost as tall as him dropped them accidentally. He hurriedly picked them up and ran away before I could even try to help. Uncle Sneg stands at the center of the room looking at the giant monitor. The large monitor shows many different scenes happening in different places inside the rebel base.

“What’s happening? How did they find out about the hideout?” Ronald ran towards the old troll.

“Archdruid Triandal knew that you were going to retrieve the amulet, he purposely had us disable the other teleportation area so he could focus on the one you came from. We tried to disable that area but they have already tracked the where the magic from the teleportation comes from.” He pointed at one of the screens, it’s a giant door of metal, and people—or monsters—are trying to open it, “the base has many wards that prevent outsiders from teleporting directly inside the headquarters. They teleported outside the rebel base and are trying to break the door open, which looks like it’s going to happen in a minute. We need you to join the other soldiers, if the monsters successfully invaded this place then the rebellion is done for.”

“Let’s go!”

Rebels lined up behind the huge thirty-feet wide metal gate to defend the base from the incoming intruders. There are elven archers on top of elevated platforms with their bows. The dryads are filling the entrance with thorns. The ground shaking from the forces pounding on the gate. Aeronwen climbed the stairs towards the platforms to join the archers.

The rest of us joined the ranks of the infantry. Gwydion insisted on joining the fight despite his injuries from the last one, he unsheathed both of his swords and adopted a fighting stance. Gurstil took out his multi-barrel steampunk pistol from his holster and raised his shield. Ronald was here too.

“Can you cast some illusion on them, like you did back at the palace?” I asked him.

“I doubt that illusion spells will work on them. They are invading a weapons factory full of magical devices so they must have cast spells on themselves to protect them from illusions and traps.” He draw his dagger from its sheath, “but I do have some other tricks up my sleeve.”

I unsheathed my hatchet. I remembered what uncle Sneg told me—I should be more worthy to be able to wield this weapon’s true form. Maybe I could prove myself in battle, like the warriors of old. I once again accessed the plane of magic and charged myself with magical energy. My body became lighter and stronger. I decided to go to the front lines.

“What are you doing?” Ronald asked.

“I’m going to try something.” I walked towards the front.

He tried to stop me but I’m already too far from him. I have bumped into several people while going to the front lines and I even heard some of them curse. By the time I reached the front lines there was already a large hole in the metal gate, but it is still far from breaking down, or so at least I have enough time to prepare the new spell I’m planning to use. It is a very powerful spell though it would consume most of my energy.

I’m planning to recreate Delsaran’s giant laser beam and amplify it’s power by creating a giant magnifying glass made of solidified light that will focus all the power into one area. I started by forming a giant lens above the entrance.

The gate broke down and a wave of different creatures flooded the chamber. Mostly goblins and their shamans, a few ogres, the humanoid hyenas called gnolls, and behind them are the brainwashed Velaronian soldiers. The Velaronian soldiers are not moving yet, looks like Archdruid Triandal is planning something.

The rebel soldiers steadied their position, some of them tried hard to keep their fear. The monsters started sprinting towards us and in a blink of an eye, they were all incinerated by the fifty-feet wide vertical beam of blinding light. The others are blinded by the light for a few seconds. After our sight have recovered, all the creatures who were first to enter are now gone, reduced to ash.

The giant laser beam consumed them all and left a fifty-feet wide and a hundred foot hole on the ground in front of us. The bottom of the newly formed pit is pitch-black and it looks like it is connected directly to the abyss. The spell took most of my strength away and I almost fell on the ground, but I managed to stand up. Both sides were shocked by what happened.

The soldiers started cheering for me but the monsters soon recovered from their state. The battle wasn’t over yet, the goblin shamans are gathering the souls of their fallen comrades to fuel their magic. This is bad, they are using dark magic from Svartalfheim and use it to strengthen their soul magic. The souls of the fallen are rising from the bottom of the hollow pit and heading towards the staffs of the goblin shamans. They formed bridges made of pure dark energy and the monsters started advancing towards us again.

A volley of arrows rained down on the bridges, killing dozens of monsters at a time. Aeronwen and the elven archers pulled their bows and shoot another volley at the approaching monsters, this time they used explosive arrows. The dryads started casting their nature spells, vines sprouting from the ground are entangling the incoming goblins and forming a palisade of hardened vines with huge thorns and sharp branches.

The ogres smashed the barricade like it was just some sort of weak plastic toy. The dwarves started shooting with their magical laser guns and cannons, like in a space alien war movie. The rest of the infantry draw their weapons and charged at the intruders. I was still exhausted by the spell I casted just minutes ago.

A goblin went for my head but I was able to dodge it barely and kick it in the chest. I slashed its throat before it has the chance to get up. The death of both the soldiers and the monsters are fueling the magic of the goblin shamans. They are not moving from their place. Maybe they are just holding the bridge until all of them gets on the other side, but something tells me that they are plotting something. I may be paranoid but my paranoia had save me a lot times.

I headed towards one of the bridge, as I walked through the battlefield I saw the others fighting gloriously.

Gurstil shoots the monsters with his multi-barrel steampunk pistol, the barrel revolves and recharges itself every shot. The bullets are made of bronze and looks like tiny rocket ships with blue fire erupting from behind and exploding upon contact with flesh. The shield was a brilliant idea, it seems to block all the attacks made on him, protecting his whole body from all the attacks at his front.

Gwydion was spinning around with his dual wielding skills, slicing multiple goblins at a time. Aeronwen seemed to have joined the battle below too, leaving the other archers.

I reached one of the bridges and an ogre roared in front of me. I charged my body with magical energy, it took longer than it is supposed to because of the exhaustion, but I still managed to strengthen my body. The ogre hit me with its enormous club and I parried using my hatchet. I blast the ogre with a bolt of lightning, turning it into a crisp.

I heard an arrow piercing a skull behind me. I turned around and saw a goblin lying dead in front of me with an arrow in its head, it looks like it was trying to stab me behind my back. Aeronwen was a few feet away from me with her bow and nodded. She pulled another arrow and shoot one goblin beside her.

I turned back and ran to the other side of the bridge but it was blocked by a group of hyena-like people, gnolls. They are standing over six feet tall with their very long spears. They have razor-sharp teeth and extremely sharp claws. They moved with an amazing speed and cut through my defenses many times—even with my magically enhanced speed—but I managed to block attacks to my vital organs, still I was covered with wounds and I can’t do anything except parrying and blocking their attacks.

I considered a magical aura armor like the one I used back at the Velaronian prison, but I lack the energy and time to do so.

I was knocked on the ground by a gnoll with the butt of his spear and another spear almost hit my face but it was blocked by a dagger. Then flames erupted from the gnoll’s body and spreading unto the others, devouring their flesh. Just a few seconds later, the hyena monsters turned into a pile of ash. Darcy stood in front of me and helped me up.

“You’re late,”

“Assassins are never late,” she sliced the throat of one goblin using her dagger.

“The goblin shamans look like they are plotting something.” I pointed at one of the shamans.

“Yes, I noticed.” She spun and kicked a gnoll behind her in the chest, setting it on fire, “I also noticed the Velaronian soldiers, they haven’t move since the start of the battle.”

An ogre swings its club at me. I hardened the magical aura around my body, forming a nice and sturdy piece of blue armor. The wooden club shattered into pieces. Darcy jumped and sliced the ogre’s neck. Its head fell on the ground then was crushed by its body. Darcy’s body erupted in flames and she gave me a teasing look.

“My magic armor is way cooler.” I pumped my chest.

“Sure,” she waved me off.

I rushed towards a shaman and he saw me. I slashed him with my hatchet but an invisible barrier formed around him. He cast a bolt of darkness at me but my magic armor deflected it. Darcy threw a giant fireball at the barrier and a enhanced it with my pure magical energy. The ball of fire turned blue and exploded on the barrier.

The glint from the invisible barrier is starting to fade and I threw my hatchet at the shaman’s head, cracking his skull open. I retrieved my weapon from his head and inspect his body. I saw a small piece of paper inside one of his pockets, it contains an incantation for transferring souls into another body.

I focused my magical sensing ability and I sensed the souls of the fallen—no, other foreign souls going inside the bodies of the Velaronian soldiers—they’re using soul magic on them! But what about the other souls, where did those come from.

“They’re planning to use the souls of those dying in the battle as fuel for their spell to summon souls from another world, and merge them with the bodies of the Velaronian soldiers.”

“Another world?” asks Darcy.

“I guess they’re from Svartalfheim and they are trying to merge the souls of black elves with those soldiers.” I slashed a gnoll with my hatchet.

“But why?” A goblin tried to stab her but the blade melted and she stabbed the goblin’s eye, “why would they do that?”

“They can’t bring their army here physically, at least for now,” I sent a wave of electricity towards the incoming group of monsters and they fell on the ground, “so they had to transfer some of their souls here first in order to give Archdruid Triandal better and more reliable soldiers.”

“How are we going to stop them?ĺ

Gurstil appeared a few feet from us. He is blasting the monsters with his gun and slicing anything that come near him with the rotating blade around his shield.

“Gurstil!” I yelled, calling him.

“What?” he shouted, he walked towards us, slicing goblins around him with his shield.

I asked if he can send a message to uncle Sneg. He gave me a small communication device. I called uncle Sneg while both Darcy and Gurstil protect me from behind. I explained to the troll the situation.

“Is there a way to stop them?” I asked him, “I mean you’re a shaman too right? You must know some things about the spell.”

“Yes, it is a forbidden shamanic spell. It was only used to transfer one soul into this world, but I never heard anything about transferring multiple souls before,”

“Sir!” a gnome shouted through the device, “there seems to be some kind of dark energy emanating from a single creature near the third bridge from his left, the others seemed to be transferring energy into that creature and that creature is casting some kind of spell.”

“Alvin, that one is casting the spell, kill it.”

“I’m on it.”

They hanged up. I turned to my left and looked for the third bridge the gnome said where the shaman is casting the spell. It was only a few feet away from us. I gestured for the others to follow me.

“So what now?” Darcy ran after me with her blazing hot body—and I mean both literally and sexy hot.

“The shaman casting the soul transferring spell is near this bridge.” I searched for a shaman around.

A goblin wearing tattoos and ornaments made from animal bones and skulls is standing beside a group of gnolls and ogres, and suspiciously, they are just standing there doing nothing . The goblin’s eyes are pitch black with pure dark energy and is holding a red crystal. Must be the shaman casting the soul transferring spell.

“Over there!” I pointed the others to the shaman.

The three of us navigated through the battle field. The gnolls guarding the goblin shaman leaped towards us. A fan of flames burst from Darcy’s palm, engulfing the attackers in raging fire. The other monsters around noticed us and hurried to protect the shaman.

“Alvin!” Darcy pointed towards the direction of the Velaronian soldiers, their eyes are turning black, “leave the rest to us, stop the goblin.”

I nodded. A group of different monsters blocked the way into the goblin shaman. Gurstil stepped in front of me with his shield raised. We slowly walked towards the shaman while Gurstil slice all the monsters in front with the rotating blade around his shield and I protect the rear. We reached the goblin shaman and the ogres around him swing their clubs at us.

Gurstil sliced one club with his shield and shot the ogre holding it with his steampunk pistol. I parried one of the blows and shoot the ogre with a bolt of lightning. The monsters keep swarming the building and covering the shaman.

Time is not on our side, the spell will be completed in a few moments. Then the unexpected happened, the monsters turned against each other. A group of crazed goblins attacked their comrades. I saw Ronald in his clurichaun form atop a pile of corpse and gave him a smile. He grinned.

I turned and rushed towards the shaman and slashed my hatchet at him, but it was blocked by a blade of pitch black energy. I turned and saw a familiar face—Aemilia. It has been a long time since she tried to kill me on our first date— if you call that a date.

“Did you miss me?” She said in a beautiful and seductive voice. The witch is trying to use her enchantments on me again. But I can resist it now with the things I learned in the light elven book. My aura is suppressing her attempts at charming me. I pushed her blade away from me,

“Sorry, but you’re not my type.” I jest.

“Aw, too bad, I was planning about doing something with you,” she pouted her lips, but her grin starts to come back, “but don’t worry, I'm sure slicing your throat is much more exciting.”

“No thanks,”

She leaped at me with her obsidian blade covered with dark energy. I parried the blow with my hatchet and blast her with lightning, but dark energy formed on her body and blocked my attack. A massive black claw formed on her left hand and she strikes me with it. My blue aura armor nullified her strike.

I swing my hatchet at her but she blocks it with her claw and kicked me in the chest, knocking me a few feet away from her. I was trying to get up as she tries to stab me with her sword.

I cast a spell and I was blown another few feet away from her. I got up and successfully blocked another blow from Aemilia.

She stepped back and walked around me, “you’ve changed quite a bit. A shame such talent will be wasted today.”

I charged my body with more magical energy, “don’t worry, it won’t be.”

I rushed her with my hatchet and she parried with her sword. We exchanged blows and moved around the battlefield as fast as lightning. We were evenly matched, sadly, the battle isn’t. The battle is slowly turning into a bloodbath, our comrades getting slaughtered by the monsters that keeps swarming the building, for every monster killed another one replaces them. Ronald's spell also seemed to have stopped. Then the slaughter stopped.

Aemilia stood on her position. I turned and saw creatures with blood red eyes and dark energy emanating from their bodies. The spell is complete. The bodies of the Velaronian soldiers are already possessed by the souls of black elves. The monsters are starting to retreat outside, leaving the building as if nothing happened.

“Why are the monsters leaving?” I asked Aemilia.

“They have already served their purpose, the transfer of souls is done. I guess it’s also time for me to leave, but don’t worry, I’ll come back for you.” She gave me a wink and left.

The place is a mess, more chaotic than Ronald’s wine cellar. Bodies of the slain rebels and monsters line up on top of one another, and some injured soldiers are stuck underneath the dead bodies. Aeronwen ran towards me and hugged me.

“We did it!”

“Not yet, they are going to come back.” I told her.

Darcy was holding Gurstil on her lap. Blood is flowing out of his body through the severe wound on his back. He was gasping for breath, his veins turned black and his skin is pale from the blood loss, Darcy is crying beside him. Gwydion and the others gathered around him and the other injured people, trying to heal them.

“Let me try and heal him,” I told Darcy.

She nodded. I knelt beside Gurstil and placed my hands on his wounds. My hands glowed with bright light, the wounds are starting to close but the dark poison inside his veins kept spreading throughout his body. I tried my best but it’s not enough, he’s going to die if we couldn’t find another way.

Bronze wagons droved by gnomes entered the large room, one of them moved towards us. Rupnert Woodwacker was the one driving it. It stopped in front of us and its side opened, revealing five very cold storage inside them.

Rupnert stepped out of the vehicle, “We’re going to preserve the bodies of those inflicted with poison by freezing them inside these magical cryogenic chambers to prevent the poison from spreading until we find a cure.”

We helped put Gurstil’s body inside the wagons. The other wagons are also being filled with bodies of the poisoned soldiers. Aeronwen consoled Darcy. Maybe I can find a cure inside the old light elven tome at my house.

“This is the Archdruid’s fault,” Gwydion kicked one of the goblin corpse.

“Keep it down,” Ronald was back in his human form, “We need to stay focused, the battle isn’t over yet.”

The gate of the rebel base was already broken down into pieces. We can no longer rely on it for the next attack. The magical bridges have also fell into the bottom of the extremely large pit. The smell of blood is filling the air around us. The battle took a lot more from our side than of the enemies. Ronald took out his flask of wine.

“And this time we’re bringing the battle to them.”

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