Dawnborne Legacy: Liberation of Velarone

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I opened my eyes, light filling my vision.

I am lying on a bed inside a very familiar location. I was in the same room when I first visited Velarone. I smelled the intoxicating fragrance from exotic flowers. The door opened and a seemingly familiar woman, in her early twenties, wearing a silky smooth dress and holding a tray of food along with different vials filled with strange looking liquids entered the room.

She is the same woman that tended to my injuries a few days ago. I also recognized the healing liquids in the vial.

“I see that you have already waken up.” The woman settled the tray on the desk beside me.

“I see that you are tending to me again.” I smiled, “I didn’t catch your name the first time we have met.”

“Glysanna,” She smiled in a very charming way, then that smile turned into a grin of malice, “Now die!”

She took out a small silver dagger and went for my throat. I instinctively hardened my aura like I have always practiced. The glittering blade broke into several fragments before it can even touch my skin. She unsheathed another dagger but was stopped by a dark energy. It gave the same feeling of terror and depression but I already got the hang of it.

Uncle Sneg snapped his fingers and the woman fell on the ground unconscious. I stood up and went to look at the body. She has a very familiar mark on her forearm. I think I saw this symbol somewhere.

“Don’t worry, she’s not dead. She will be questioned in the dungeons.”

Uncle Sneg stood beside me. I pointed at the mark on the woman’s forearm. “I saw this symbol on one of the visitors in the Velaronian library. Does this have something to do on the reason why she wants to kill me?”

Uncle Sneg shrugged, “I don’t really know the answer to that. All I know is they are some sort of underground organization or something. Not much is known about them.”

Uncle Sneg took one of the vials and sniffed its contents, “At least this healing potion wasn’t poisoned. Never mind that for now, your friends and all of Velarone are waiting for their hero.”

He gave me the vial and I drink the magic liquid, “Talking about Velarone, what happened?”

“Well, the reinforcements arrived earlier than expected and we were able to push our forces deeper into the capital to help the others. We found you lying on the ground unconscious with a bunch of slaughtered dogs and otherworldly creatures.”

“So did we win?”

“If we didn’t then you wouldn’t have the luxury to rest in here for three full days.”

Is that sarcasm? Did uncle Sneg just replied to me sarcastically? I thought, “What about Ronald and Mr. Gilvyre? Are they safe?”

“The clurichaun only needs some wine to refresh himself from the battle and your beast master friend has just woken up.”

“But the war isn’t finish yet,” uncle Sneg opened the curtains and gazed at the scenery outside, “we have only delayed the inevitable from coming.”

“What do you mean?” I think I already know the answer, but I’m not ready to admit it.

“Destroying the Tree of Life is only one way of producing a wormhole between worlds. They can still find ways to invade this world and others, unless we stop them for sure.”

He smiled showing his crooked yellow teeth, at least the ones who are still left in his mouth. Most of his teeth are already missing. He pat me on the shoulder, “But it would be a shame if we failed to celebrate our well-earned victory. I’m going now.”

Before uncle Sneg could leave I called him, telling him about the thing that happened when I purified Aeronwen’s little sister.

“That is a very strange message. I know spells that send messages through various means but I have never heard anything about messages inside curses.” He stroked his beard, “My only advice is to learn more powerful spells, especially the spell that enables you to turn into a light elf. That will help you in case the message is a trap.”

I agreed and he left. I ate the food on the table and went to see my friends. After a long series of corridors I finally found them in the palace’s lobby. All of them are standing near the very large door of the entrance. They saw and greeted me.

“Already awake from your beauty sleep lad?” Gurstil pat me really hard on the back I almost lose my balance.

Aeronwen smiled, “You sleep too much.”

I smiled back, “Hey, that’s not how you treat a hero. You should built a statue of me inside the palace.”

“I don’t think any statues will be made. They cost a lot, even just a small one and I think the druids would like to use their resources on rebuilding Velarone first since the battle destroyed many buildings and the stock market crashed resulting in a loss of a huge amount of money, and beside the lack of money, the wood elves doesn’t really care about statues that much and—” Neve stopped talking, realizing that everyone is staring at him, “sorry, did I talk too much?”

Gurstil pat the scrawny elf on the back and I can feel the pain through Neve’s face, “No, you talk way too much.”

Everyone laugh. They door opened, revealing a crowd of cheering citizens of Velarone. They are cheering for their heroes. We walked outside but Aeronwen stopped me.

“Is something wrong?” I asked her.

“No,” She smiled, “I just wanted to thank you for what you did. You didn’t only save Velarone, you changed it.”

I raised my hand in front of me, “Isn’t it unfair for you if you just give me all the credit? I couldn’t have done it without your help.”

“Modesty doesn’t suit you Alvin Morgensen.” She teased, “I don’t really care about the credit. I’m just thankful that my family can live happily now.”

Before I could reply Ronald walked towards us, he rolled his eyes, “Can’t you leave the flirting for later? The crowd waited for three days just to see you. Come on.”

He pulled us outside the palace and the cheer became louder. Thousands of people are cheering outside the palace. We walked down the stairs and I realized that there was a feast being held in honor of us. It’s like nothing have happened just a few days ago. Food stalls are all over the place, there are even games. The celebration lasted till nighttime.

The next morning I packed all my things and waved goodbye to my friends. I teleported in front of our house and knocked on the door. I prepared to cast my memory erasing spell. I knocked again but no one answered. I decided to open the door and found myself in a room of complete chaos. The atmosphere feels kind of dark, filling my body with terror and confusion. There are traces of black magic used.

A set of runes are inscribed on the wall with blood. It looks fresh and newly written, but I doubt that the intruders are still here. I couldn’t sense any of them. I read the runes on the wall.

Child of Dawn, if you wish to see your family still alive meet me inside my palace at Griethrul before the dusk of the seventh day from now. Failing to do so will result in the loss of your family.

King Drulnieth of Svartalfheim

This is bad, the king of Griethrul himself is already seeking revenge on the death of his son and I can barely defeat their Prince. I must learn how to become a light elf now or I will definitely die. I just wish that people would stop sending me invitation letters.

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