Dawnborne Legacy: Liberation of Velarone

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After a heated discussion with my parents over dinner, they have concluded that I was just making things up because I still can’t accept the fact that we have already moved into another city. I just ran up to my bedroom and locked myself there.

I still can’t believe what just happened that afternoon. The thought that magical creatures, magic and other worlds, all of those are real is giving me a feeling of excitement. It’s not everyday that you see a goblin bashing the door of your basement and the neighborhood turning into a wonderland. I know it’s crazy, but I saw it with my own eyes. Maybe my parents were right, maybe I am turning crazy. There is only one way to find out, tomorrow I’ll start deciphering the weird book of magical elven runes. I decided to wear my amulet while sleeping, maybe that will give me some answers.

After forty minutes of thinking I finally fell asleep.

I was in the same forest as my dreams before, but this time it’s already dark. I wonder why it became dark, it has never been dark in here. I can see the moon shining in the night sky and its light illuminates the trees around me, they were colored pale white with leaves of silver. It took me a minute to realize that there were also grasses all along, only that they were black, when I started to focus on them they radiated a weak purple glow. I also noticed some flowers with pale white petals, it seems like they're urging me to pick them.

I wandered deep into the woods until I found a small lake of crystalline water, I stared in awe but the water was slowly turning into blood. I saw the trees around it emitting a vibrant reddish purple glow. I was going to run when I realized that it wasn’t the water that is changing, it was the moon. The moon turned blood red and gives a reddish glow to all that its fearsome light touches. I walked closer towards the lake. It smelled like burning charcoal but I started washing my face with the blood colored water anyway, I didn’t know how but my body just started moving like it was being controlled by another being. I suddenly felt the urge to drink from it but I saw the reflection of something on it.

I slowly turned to my back to see what was behind me, it was a creature wrapped in pure darkness with red eyes, like the one I saw before on the roof of our neighbor’s house, but this one is much larger. It stands over seven feet tall, with large muscular body and a pair of protruding tusks from it’s jaw, holding a giant scimitar made of some kind of dark greenish metal with the same dark green glow. It raised it’s sword and tried to slice me up, but before I knew it I was already under the lake drowning. It’s like something is pulling me underneath, but when I looked down there was nothing. I tried to save my breath but I kept panicking, then I realized that I wasn’t drowning. I can breath! But the I was still being pulled down by an invisible force until the ground devoured my body like quicksand.

I woke up—or so I thought—in another place. This time I was in a very long hallway, it was fifteen feet wide with two dozen pairs of golden pillars along the walls connecting with their pairs on the ceiling forming an arch. Jewel encrusted vines made of gold wrapped around the golden pillars. The ceiling was also arched, it was made of very refined glass and has leaves covering the top of it. The wooden walls were etched with vibrant runic symbols with bluish glow, some of which you recognize. At the end of the hallway is a massive door made of spruce with golden linings and a large door handle.

There were also similar looking but smaller doors in between each pillars but I noticed that there was no door behind me. I am standing on a slightly elevated platform with a wooden pedestal standing on the center.

I walked down the small stairway and headed to the nearest and the only opened door. The room is small and looks like some sort of office, it has some bookshelves and paintings depicting things about nature such forests, lakes, rivers and the likes. There were two people, one I assume is the manager or something, sits behind the desk made of spruce with stacked paperwork wearing a very fine green colored linen. The other, wearing a brown leaf like clothes was sitting on one of the seats in front of the manager’s desk. They were both fair skinned, have long blonde hair and long pointy ears, elves you thought. I have mistaken them for women until I heard their masculine, yet smooth and silky voice.

“I told you we are not spending any more resources,” said the manager, “we’ve already spent enough and we haven’t got any results. The council has far more important things to do. Face it, your research is never going to work, it was a failure from the beginning.”

“Please, just give me one more chance,” insisted the leaf-wearing elf, “this is a very rare chance that can change the very foundations of not just the elves' but also the other races’ civilizations. All I’m asking is to see the Elven Council.”

The manager hesitated for a moment but sighed, “I will send a letter to the council members, but I cannot guarantee their approval.”

The elf wearing the leaf clothes thanked him and then left. I was nervous at first because I thought he would see me but he just walked through my body. Just as he passed through me I started to dissolve into the air like I was being blown away by the wind.

I have spent the past few hours brainstorming and researching, trying to decipher the elven book with no luck so far. I can’t seem to find anything other than the basic rune used on the book’s cover. I need to find a clue about it’s origin. Then an idea came to my mind, I remembered about the strange looking pendant back at the museum. The style of how it’s sigil is formed is similar to the book’s symbol. Maybe some of the museum’s staff knows some information about it or might give me a clue on where to search for answers.

Speaking about the museum, I also remembered that I’m going to go on a date, well that’s what I think, and grab a lunch with Aemilia, a girl I met at the museum. We were supposed to meet at the park at lunchtime and lunchtime starts in twenty minutes. I sprang to my feet and climbed up the stairs of the basement. I quickly took a bath and changed into a new set of clothes, a dark green shirt, a navy blue slim jeans and black sneakers. The dark colors match my blond hair, a trait that is only my grandfather and I have—most of my relatives have either black or brown hair. I ran to the nearest bus stop.

There was a very long line in the nearby bus top. I started to worry that the bus will be overcrowded, or worse, I might not be able to ride in the next bus. Luckily, two buses appeared at the same time so I no longer have to worry about the bus being full.

The bus took longer to arrive than I expected. I arrived fifteen minutes late. As I got off the bus I saw Aemilia on her phone sitting on a bench, wearing a silver blouse and an above-the-knee black skater skirt, her hair is fixed in a braid. Her body looks perfect but what attracts me even more is her pretty face. I was stunned by her beauty, unable to form any words. I wonder how this date will turn out, I really wish that there would be a second one. She saw me and waved at me. Okay Alvin, you got this. I whispered to myself.

“Hi,” I waved back, “sorry I’m late, the bus took too long. Looking good by the way.”

“No worries,” she blushed, “I've just arrived too. And thank you, you’re very nice.”

“Thanks,” I smiled, she is so beautiful, I thought,“ so um, where do you want to eat?”

“Anywhere is fine,” she said as stands up from her seat, “but I was thinking if maybe we can go somewhere with less people first.”

“Of course,” I immediately agreed.

We headed to a section of the park covered with trees and there seems to be no sign of any person nearby. There are some weird looking trees and the place gives me an unsettling feeling. She stood next to an old fountain with some sort of witch statue above it lifting a miniature moon on its right hand and holding a book on the other. The fountain is empty. There is a hole on the small moon which assume is where water is supposed to come out. I looked at Aemilia, she looks so perfect and her beauty took all my nervousness away.

“This place is fine,” Aemilia glowed brighter—literally—like she is radiating some kind of energy, “kneel.”


Something is urging me to obey her words. I felt the need to do everything to satisfy her. She took something out of her handbag. Wait, is she carrying a bag earlier? I didn’t noticed. The bag is the least of my worries. I realized that she is holding a dagger now. Fear is building up in my body and I wanted to run for my life, but I still can’t move, not like there is some invisible force pushing me down, it’s just that I feel like I don’t want to. She started licking the dagger with the tip of her tongue while making flirtatious gestures like swaying her lips. I was charmed, I am being forced to obey her every words.

I tried to look away from her but I can’t seem to take my gaze away from her beautiful, stunning face. The handbag she was carrying vanished into the air like a bubble. She came closer to me and I tried to close my eyes but I can’t. She took one of my wrists and slit open a small cut with her dagger, using my blood to draw some runes on the ground in front of the fountain forming a circle. She took my grandfather’s amulet from my neck and placed it at the center of the circle of runes and started chanting in a language I don’t understand.

The rune in my amulet started glowing dark blue and the amulet itself started to glow with a bright blue light, the light was so blinding that I closed my eyes even with the charm, though I still can’t move my hands to cover my face. After the glow has subsided, Aemilia tried to pick the amulet up but was knocked back by a wave of blue light and dropped the amulet. While she is still recovering from the shock, I realized that I can now move. I ran to pick the amulet. I was nervous because I thought the amulet would send me flying too but it didn’t, though that moment of hesitation is enough for Aemilia to get back on her feet.

I tried to run for the open field but Aemilia was too fast and was in front of me in an instant. She still looks beautiful but in a terrifying way. Maybe the charm is still working. This time she looks paler with red eyes and black smoke flowing out of her body. She is smoking hot! No, what am I thinking? Her hair is now flowing like it is being blown by the wind. I tried to focus on her feet to avoid looking at her face, but instead of feet I saw talons made of pure dark energy.

“This could have been much easier if you have stayed on your position” she scowled, dark claws—the same as her talons—are forming on her fingertips, “but no worries I’m going to kill you anyway.”

Without thinking I reached for the thick branch beside me but I was punched in the stomach and sent flying near the fountain. It gave me an excruciating pain in my stomach and I threw up blood as she was walking slowly towards me, with a grinning face.

Then help came from the most unexpected person—or creature. Cookie, the puppy I helped yesterday, came to help me. Cookie instantly appeared behind Aemilia and before she could react Cookie is already biting her left leg. She tried to slash the puppy with her claws but slashed air instead. The puppy is already ten feet behind her and in an aggressive stance. The puppy started to attack again, but this time she was expecting it and a translucent black barrier instantly appeared around her. The dog hit the surface and was knocked away, unable to stand with exhaustion. Then the barrier slowly disappeared.

Immediately after the barrier is gone an arrow pierced Aemilia’s shoulder. Another arrow flew past her but exploded in a blinding white light. My vision got blurry and the next events are vague. Last thing I know was that I was being carried by a man in his late twenties along with his other two companions, a boy in his late teens and a girl about my age, though I wasn’t sure if she was really a girl because they all look like one. Then I passed out.

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