Dawnborne Legacy: Liberation of Velarone

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It turned out that it was dad behind the door and scolded me for breaking things again. It looks like he isn’t going to give me any money for allowance on my first two weeks at school unless I fix the shelf, which is going to be impossibly hard to do because it’s badly broken since its wood is already old and the magical force that pushed it was really strong as well.

Well, at least I didn’t get grounded since I have some things to do. I tried taking the books out first then started lifting the shelf, but it is still too heavy for me to carry. Maybe I should fix it first.

I scanned the book for mending spells and I luckily found one. It is supposed to be a spell for fixing wooden furniture but I have some doubts because the wood is really old. Well, it’s worth a shot. I closed my eyes to be able to focus more and used the things I learned about drawing magic. I imagined that I’m redirecting their pathways straight inside my body into my soul, as I opened my eyes I saw the blue strings again.

I pointed my fingertips at the broken shelf, touching it with the strings, and speak the incantations. The shelf started to fix itself slowly, until it was good as new. I don’t really know how I would tell my parents that it suddenly became brand new but at least it’s fixed, I can have my allowance back.

I searched for strengthening or levitation spells to lift the shelf back to place but all of them seems pretty advance and dangerous, so I decided to just lift it myself. It took a lot of my strength to put the shelf back to it’s place and it really hurt my back, it was very exhausting. I put the books back on the shelf including my grimoires, it’s not like they will bother to read stuff like this.

I got up the stairs to talk to my parents about the shelf—which dad refused to believe that I fixed it that quick even though it’s almost shattered into pieces—and redirected the conversation into my grandfather’s photo.

“Where did you find this?” Asked mom.

“Down in the basement, inside one of the books.” I said while taking the photo from her.

“Those are some really weird stuff your grandfather is reading,” Dad said while watching the television, “maybe that’s just one of his group photos with his friends or something.”

“You don’t know them?”

“No, haven’t heard of them.” Dad reached for the remote on the coffee table, “why?”

“Nothing,” I put the photo back inside my pocket, “I’m just wondering why you haven’t told me that this was grandfather’s house.”

“How do you know it’s his house?” Mom asked.

“Wild guess,” I told her, “well it could be a distant relative but I doubt they would let grandpa put all his weird stuff in here so it must be his house.”

“It’s actually his brother’s,” dad switched the channel to a football game, “it was given to his brother as an inheritance from their dad after he died. Then his brother moved to Norway because of some business and left your grandfather this house, as your grandfather was studying in this city at that time.”



“You said he studied here. Where exactly did he study?”

“Graytown high,” he opened a can of beer, “why?”

“Wait,” I remembered about school, it will start two weeks from now, “isn’t that the school you told me? The one where I’m supposed to study?”

“Yes, most of your grandfather’s relatives went there.”

“Okay thanks.” I ran back to the basement to get my books and headed into my room.

Maybe I could get some information about the amulet from this school? If only Aemilia had not corrupted this amulet I wouldn’t need to find the information myself and this would have been much easier. I took the utility device that Rupnert gave me. The meeting would be one day from now and I should record the conversation. Or should I? Can I really trust them? What if they are all just bad guys trying to rule Faernwood? But one thing is clear, the Archdruid is a traitor and a black elf fanatic. I need to stop him and whatever his plans are, but how?

I decided to just spend the night studying new spells. Most of them are too hard for me to understand at first, but as time goes by I find it becoming easier and I can now manipulate the threads with ease. Maybe it’s because of my light elven blood? I also learned how to use magical energy without using spells, such as hardening the magical aura around my body like some sort of armor, increasing the amount of magic circulating in my body to enhance my abilities, and sense other magic.

I studied more runes and combining them to create sigils, much more powerful symbols that requires rituals to be performed, though their effects last longer than that of ordinary runes. I learned how to enchant objects and give them magical attributes, and how to make those attributes last forever.

I tried to find a spell or rune that can fix my amulet, or at least transfer it’s contents into another one, but the amulet seems to be very unique. There is some information about the amulet, written by my grandfather himself in one of the chapters of the book, it is mostly about the things that it could do like the ones the Archdruid told me, but none of them is about the creation of the amulet, not even tips about how it was made.

Then an idea came into my mind. I’ve gone to the place where Aemilia performed the ritual and tried to kill me. I had to sneak out of our house because it’s already past midnight.

The place was really dark, except for the light that comes from the statue, it reflects the moonlight around the area. I tried to see if the markings of the runes Aemilia had draw is still on the ground. Luckily, it is. But some of them already faded. I tried to find similar runes in my book and found a page about disarming magical protections and enchantments. It seemed like Aemilia is trying to break the spell that prevents her from using the amulet but failed to do so because her incantations wasn’t powerful or advanced enough to break the light elven enchantment.

There is a whole chapter dedicated in teaching readers how to fix broken or corrupted enchantments and I’m glad that the chapter wasn’t very long. I wouldn’t want to stay in this creepy place all night. I spent hours trying different spells to fix the enchantment and finally did it. Now that the amulet is fixed, I can now use it to find answers.

I considered practicing spells here, it's a good place for practicing spells. There are no people around, the houses are far and it won’t have that much damage since most of the trees are already fallen because of the fight with Aemilia.

I cast some silencing spells so no one would hear me casting explosive spells, which is not a good idea if something suddenly attacks me, but it's better than announcing my presence to people and monsters by making loud sounds like there’s a party or a terrorist attack. I also placed some barriers and protection wards around the area to keep the damage to a minimum.

I started practicing to cast some of the most basic spells, originally, casting even the most basic of spells would drain me out of my magical energy, but because of the modifications added by the future generations of authors and the runes that makes drawing magical energy from the magical plane more efficient, I can practice a bunch of spells without using a huge amount of energy like it should have.

I also have the feeling that the amulet, or the memories of my predecessors inside the amulet are helping me to understand the spells easier, though it would be better if I can access their memories directly, so I can learn a bunch of spells in a very short amount of time without practicing. I decided to practice some of the more explosive spells.

I started with the fireball since the book stated that it was the simplest and the easiest to learn attack spell. I placed my palm in front of a tree and focused. My hands erupted in flames and a ball of fire was sitting on my hand. I threw it on the magical barrier I placed. It exploded with a very loud sound. I hope that the silencing spell is working. I waited for some cops to arrest me, but no one came. The silencing spell worked. I should go home now and practice again tomorrow morning.

That wasn’t a good idea since I could already see the sun rising from my window. I yawned and fell on my bed, I felt the softness of my pillow as my head hit it. Then everything went black.

I dreamed of another place again. This time I was inside a narrow tunnel, along with four other people. The tunnel was very dark and the candle on our last lamp was already running out. After a few more minutes of walking the lamp fire finally went out. We stood in total darkness, hearing only the drops of water. There’s a pool nearby.

“Tom?” called a female voice behind me, “Are you still there?”

“Yes,” I told her, “just stick close to each other.”

A thought came to my mind, Glinda, that’s her name.

“Wait, let me try something,” says a man in front of me with a very smooth voice. He tapped on the wall as if finding something.

“Ehrendil, what are you doing?” I asked.

“This is not an ordinary tunnel,” he keeps tapping the wall, “I’ve noticed some small familiar symbols as we are walking before the light went out. They look like they are made by dryads.”

“Dryads?” says another man, with a very deep and muscular voice, “isn’t this supposed to be ruins of an ancient elven palace that is connected to the light elves? What is a dryad doing outside of a forest?”

After a few moments of tapping, we heard a click on one of the walls.

“Help me push this one.” Ehrendil led my hands through the walls until I felt something that seems out of place. We pushed the button with all our might and the walls started to move upward with dust falling off it. Light entered the tunnel and sunlight fell on our faces, blinding our eyes for a few moments. It took our eyes a few seconds to adjust to the light, which came from above a very large chamber without a roof.

We were shocked by the magnificent view, the chamber was very huge, like the size of the Colosseum in Rome. It was different from the ruined chambers outside before we came inside the tunnel, this one was almost as good as new, without a single speck of dust to be seen except for the moss on the walls. There were also some giant statues of elves, as tall as a two-story building, covered in precious metals and gems. But what fascinated me the most were the gigantic trees inside the chamber, with giant vines and overgrown grasses all around them. Exotic flowers that I have never seen in my entire life, not even in the kingdom of the wood elves, blooms all over the place giving an invigorating feeling everywhere.

It looks like a magical open zoo, except magical creatures inhabit the place instead of animals. One of them saw us and hid behind the bushes. We walked down beside a pool and I saw someone familiar from my reflection, I looked at him, he's my grandfather in his younger years. I am seeing my grandfather’s memories. But I thought the amulet wasn’t working?

“Strangers, welcome to the Springbriand grove,” says a young beautiful woman with skin that looks like smoothened wood, “and we are the dryads that protect it from outsiders. What brings you here?”

“Hi, we’re um, studying about the light elves and this was one of their palaces right?” says Ehrendil. He was actually an elf as I noticed his pointy ears and very young face, “We just need to gather some information about thus place.”

The words light elves and information put an unfriendly expression on the dryad’s face.

“This was one of their palaces, but they no longer exist. I’m sorry but I can’t let get any more information about this place and the light elves, we swore an oath to keep them secret,” the woman pointed her wooden staff at us, “leave now and don’t mention this place to anyone, tell them that your expedition has failed.”

The muscular man, called Greg as I recall from the memories of the body I’m inhibiting, draw his double bladed battle axes, one in each hand. The other dryads and magical creatures started to draw their weapons too.

“Wait, you misunderstood,” Ehrendil raised his hands in front of him in a desperate attempt to make peace, “we are here to stop a disaster that is coming, it will affect all of the worlds in the material plane if we failed to know how to stop it.”

“Rosenia, stand back, there’s no need for violence,” a dryad, dressed in a gown made of living flowers and a crown made of golden leaves, walked down the stairs beside the giant tree at the center of the room, “we should show our guests some hospitality.”

“Yes my queen,” the dryad, Rosenia, made way for us and gestured for the others to do the same.

The queen led us inside the giant tree. It was very dim inside, a few flowers glowed with weak green light. It gives me a feeling of comfort, yet I still have a weird feeling that something's not right. The four of us followed the queen inside a small chamber which is supposed to be the palace of the dryads, I can tell from throne made of intertwined branches at the end of the room. The palace has a pedestal at the center and some ten feet tall trees inside it. Trees inside trees? That’s sick.

“Tom, I have a bad feeling about this.” Glinda grabbed my arm and whispered to my ear.

“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you no matter what.” I feel nervous too, but I should try to keep her calm.

She nodded, but I can still feel her hands shaking. Greg and Ehrendil on the other hand, looks very relaxed. Is this some sort of enchantment?

“Have a seat please,” the queen gestured to the floor, which slowly sprouted stumps of tree.

As we got on our seats, she went to the wooden pedestal. It is decorated with a variety of exotic flowers and vines. On top of it is an amulet, about the size of a coin, made of rowan wood with a runic symbol, two “J”s, the other is facing right and a line in the middle connecting the two.

“This amulet contains the memories of all the light elves that have used it. It gives its wearer the skills and power of its previous owners.”

“That’s exactly what we need,” Ehrendil told the queen, “it might give us all the information we need about the light elves and their prophecy.”

“Only an elf with the blood of the original light elves can use it.”

“Then we can call the high elves and the other elder races with pure light elves blood.”

“No, they are not to be trusted. This amulet contains so much power that the person or race that I have given it to might use it to do abominable things.”

“But that’s the only way!” Ehrendil stood up from his seat. We started to stand up too, “there’s going to be a very large disaster that might happen in a few years or so, it will tear the worlds apart.”

“You are trying to prevent a disaster that is stated in a prophecy and you aren’t even sure if it’s true,” the trees around us started to move. They’re alive! I took my sword out of its sheath. Greg did the same with his axe, but he fell on the ground unconscious. The flowers, they casted sleeping spell on him. Glinda was starting to shake with fear. The queen smiled at Ehrendil, “sorry but I rather prevent you from giving this amulet to the true threats than to help you fight a disaster stated on a children’s poem, which is never going happen.”

“Wait,” I told her with a loud voice while the trees are slowly advancing towards us, “what if instead of giving it to the high elves, we find a light elf?”

“What?” The queen smiled as if I was telling her a joke, “where are you going to find a light elf?”

The trees picked Greg and Ehrendil up, and bound their limbs with thick branches.

“I am one,” I put my sword back to its sheath and raised my hands in surrender, “I am a light elf.”

“Tell me why I’m supposed to believe you?” She said in a mocking tone.

“I can prove it.” Then my body started to change, my skin became pure white and glowed with brilliant white light. My ears became pointy and my senses became heightened.

“How?” Glinda asked in awe.

“I’ll explain later.” I told her.

“Impossible!” The queen exclaimed, “how did your kind survive the Cataclysm?”

“I don’t know, I just know that we had been living with the humans for as long as I can remember. That’s why I came with them, to find ans—”

The door exploded with flames, behind it was someone familiar. A younger version of the Archdruid is standing right in front of us. He doesn’t have a beard yet.

“Archdruid Triandal,” I asked shocked, or at least my grandfather was, I knew that the Archdruid was a traitor all along. “what are you doing here? What’s the meaning of this?”

“I’m sorry Tom but this has to be done,” he burned the trees along with both Greg and Ehrendil in it.

“No!” exclaimed Glinda.

I held her back and unsheathe my sword. The Archdruid raised his hand, his palm facing me, then flames burst out of his hands into our direction. I thought we were done for a moment when green force field appeared at our front. It was the dryad queen.

“Hurry, take the amulet then go!” Vines sprouted from here hands and wrapped itself around the Archdruid, but it was burned the instance it touched the skin of the Archdruid.

I pulled Glinda with me and took the amulet. We ran down the stairs out of the gigantic tree palace. We have met many goblins on the way down, I slashed them all with my sword and blasted them with bright light magic.

The whole forest was on fire, literally. Springbriand grove is no more. The dryads and faery creatures are fighting for their lives, but it was not enough, the goblins far outnumber the dryads and most of them use dark magic. When did they start to use dark magic? Normally, goblins can’t use magic and they usually rely on shamans to cast spells, but the shaman needs to conduct a very long ritual first in order use low level spells. They were never good at using magic.

Glinda and I blasted incoming monsters with magic. Glinda is the best sorceress in Faernwood, she kills the monsters with ease and even protected me from creatures trying to attack me from behind. We kept running far from the palace and the Archdruid. A goblin shaman threw a huge ball of darkness towards us but Glinda put up an invisible barrier. I threw a bolt of lightning at the shaman. The dark magic used by the shaman appears to have weaken our magic before it even hit us.

A large creature appeared in front of us, it stands over seven feet tall, with large muscular body and a pair of protruding tusks from it’s jaw, holding a giant broadsword made of some kind of dark greenish metal with the same dark green glow. Like the one I saw back in one of my dreams before this one. I tried to blast it with pure white energy but it didn’t make a scratch on the creature. It growled and leaped towards me, it was too fast for too even swing my sword. Then arrow pierced its flesh and the creature turned into dust. I turned to the direction where the arrow came from, Edwyrd was standing on top of a tree. He jumped down and ran towards us.

“Where have you been?” I asked him.

“Just exploring,” he said while nocking an arrow.

“Archdruid Triandal is a—“

“Is a traitor, I know.” He cut me off.

“There’s no time to lose let’s go,” exclaimed Glinda.

“She’s right let’s go,” a dryad fell off her horse and was stabbed by a goblin on another horse. Edwyrd shoot the goblin in the head and cracked it’s skull open.

We took the horses and started to ride towards the large hole where the goblins have entered the building, but there were goblins guarding it. They weren’t moving like someone told them to stay on guard, as if they were waiting for someone.

“I can open a portal back to the human world,” said Glinda.

I nodded.

She started to chant the incantations and a wormhole opened and we can see the human realm in the other side of it, we headed directly for it. One goblin saw us and alerted his comrades, they started to chase us on their horses and draw their arrows. But we are already too far from arrows reach, and the battlefield was too chaotic that they might hit another person. We’ve quickened our pace and reached the portal. I looked back and saw a goblin aiming at us.

“Glinda close the portal!” I told her in a rush, but it was already too late. An arrow made of pure dark energy pierced her shoulder and poison was already spreading. She closed the portal while gasping for air. I laid her down, the blood is staining her once elegant blonde hair. I tried to use healing spells on her but it won’t work, the poison was too powerful and I don’t have the materials needed for advanced healing magic.

“Edwyrd, the potion!” I kept trying to save Glinda, tears forming in my eyes.

Edwyrd browsed through our bags, “It’s gone, Ehrendil was holding it.”

Glinda put the palm of her hand on my face, her veins becoming black with poison, “I love you.”

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