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Chapter 11


Once the perfect date had finished, Jax leads me back to our bedroom to sleep. He says he will sleep on the chair, which is in the far corner, but I shyly grab his hand and using my other hand point towards the bed.

“You want me to sleep next to you?” he asks.

“Yes please,” I whisper, whilst nodding my head.

“Okay mate,” he replies, whilst a grin stretches out on his face. We both walk into the wardrobe to pick out something to sleep in.

Jax chose a pair of grey joggers and no top. “I will go change in the bathroom,” he says tiredly. I give him a nod in response, and I hastily change into a pair of my joggers and an oversized T-shirt, wanting to be back with Jax.

I walk out to find Jax pulling the duvets back. Once he hears me, he turns around and smiles charmingly. I tread over to the bed and climb in. Jax follows my lead but stays on his side, not touching me at all. Awkwardness fills the room and I do not know what to do. Should I hug him? I decide to make a quick decision and roll over so that I am snuggling up to Jax’s chest. His arm automatically wraps around my waist and I can hear him purr in his chest. We both drift off into sleep, keeping each other warm.


I wake up to find that I am alone in bed. I sit up to see if he is in the room, but he is not. Anxiety fills my chest. I don’t like being alone. It makes feels like the walls are caving in on me and that I am going to suffocate. Needing to find Jax, I leap out of bed and head for the door. I open it and look down the corridor in search of him. When I do not see anything, I head downstairs to see if he is in the kitchen, but before I can even make it to the kitchen, something spots my eye. I freeze, not knowing what to do. On the sofa sits a small, young girl with tears rolling down her cheeks. She has hair that reminds me of a book I used to read when I was younger. Goldilocks, was it?

Cautiously, I walk over to her and say, “Hi… you okay?” This seems to make her more upset. She starts to blubber and my heart hurts at the sight. I sit down next to her and pull her in for a tight hug. We stay like this for five minutes until she pulls away.

“Thank you,” she says, looking down at her hands.

“What… wrong?” I ask softly.

“I have no friends. Other kids make fun of me because I have no mummy or daddy. They both died in a rogue attack when I was a baby. No one wants to adopt me, and they leave me out of everything. Everyone hates me,” she says crying.

“I don’t… hate you. I have... no mummy or daddy... too,” I say.

“Really?” she questions. I nod my head. “Maybe… we could be friends?” she adds.

A smile spreads on my face and I nod my head enthusiastically. “Yes! I would… love that,” I say happily.

She jumps into my lap and wraps her tiny arms around my neck. I hold her close to me and sway gently side to side. “Thank you!” she says breathlessly. “My name is Lily. I’m four years old,” she continues.

“Pretty name! I’m Hayley. I am nineteen,” I respond.

“Do you want to come see my room?” she asks me.

“Okay,” and with that she grabs my hand and drags me to her room. It is on the level below mine and Jax’s bedroom, at the very end of the corridor. She flings open the door and enters excitedly. She drops my hand and skips towards her set of draws. On a small device, she clicks a button, and music starts to fill my ears in a language I am unfamiliar with.

“This song is called ‘Make It Right’ by BTS. I love them! Their South Korean, so the songs aren’t in English,” she says excitedly. My head starts bobbing to the beat and Lily starts to giggle at me. She comes and grabs my hands and we have a little to boogie to the music. Suddenly Lily stops and looks at me. “Can I plait your hair?” she asks eagerly. I nod my head and sit down at the end of her bed. She climbs behind me and sets off on her task. Music continues to play whilst Lily plaits my hair. “Your hair is so long!” she continues by saying, “You should get a haircut, so it looks like mine.”

Before I can reply, Jax walks into the room. “That sounds like a good idea, Lily, but what are you doing in the house? You were meant to be out at nine this morning. It is now half ten,” Jax says sternly.

Her head hangs low and she mutters, “I woke up to find no one in the house. Everyone left me behind and I didn’t know where to go, so I just stayed here.”

“Lily, you should have used your senses and followed where the noise was coming from…” Jax says.

Before he could continue having a go at Lily, I say, “It is… okay, Lily. It was… mistake.” I then turn to Jax and give him a pouty look. He sighs and gives in by nodding his head.

“Okay, Lily. You are off the hook this time, but next time, use your senses. Now, Lily, Hayley must come with me. You can continue playing with her later if you want to,” Jax says with a small smile.

“Yes please!” she shouts in glee.

I stand up and walk towards Jax. He takes an inhale of my scent, and his eyes flicker to black, meaning his wolf is making an appearance. After a few seconds, his eyes go back to normal. He then grabs my hand and leads me out of Lily’s bedroom. I say a quick bye to Lily.

He takes me up to a higher level which is above our bedroom and opens the only door in sight. We walk in and the scent of Jax hits me so hard, causing me to stumble backwards. It is just so strong and so alluring, it makes me instantly relax. Jax wraps his arm around my waist and leads me further into the room. I conclude that this is Jax’s office. Whilst I am looking around the room, I notice a random guy standing in the corner. He looks kind of scary yet… friendly at the same time.

“Hayley, this is Axton. He is the best fighter in the pack, and he has been appointed as your guard. Axton this is Hayley, my mate,” Jax says as he stresses the word ‘mate.’ I turn to Jax with curiosity in my eyes.

“Well, as one day you will become the Luna of this pack, it means you need a guard whenever I am not around. He will also be helping you with your speech,” Jax says. He must have noticed that I have uncertainty in eyes, so he continued saying “It’s okay. You can trust him.”

I turn to Axton and give him a small wave. He smiles kindly at me and waves back. I whisper a tiny hello, which he returns.

“Axton, you are dismissed, as I will be with Hayley for the rest of the day,” Jax says with dominance.

“Yes, Alpha. See you tomorrow, Luna,” Axton replies before bowing his head. He leaves the room and gently closes the door behind him.

I turn towards Jax and ask, “Where you… were?” Realizing it did not sound right, I try again, “Where... were you?” A small smile graces my face as the sentence came out normal.

Jax ruffles my hair and says, “I had to hold a meeting to let the pack know that I have found my Luna, but that you will need some time to adjust and complete the Luna ceremony. They understood completely, and respect what you need.” I nod whilst digesting the new information. I am going to be their Luna. I am going to have to protect a pack. Jax’s pack. The only way I would be able to do this, is if I have Jax at my side, the whole time.

Pushing those thoughts to the back of my head, I say, “Lily… my friend, but she sad… as parents died… from rogues.”

“Yes, they sadly did. A few years ago, this pack suffered a major attack from rogues. They just started surrounding our territory for no reason, and we never figured out why. There were over a hundred of them and most of my warriors were helping another pack train, so there were hardly any fighters to protect the rest of the pack. We managed to fight most of them off, but there were just so many of them, and they caused a lot of damage for us. Eighteen pack members died that day, including Lily’s parents. Both of my parents got injured, but only one...” he pauses for a second, taking a deep breath, before continuing, “Anyways, ever since then, I have made sure that the whole pack trains at least three times a week so that they can protect themselves if necessary, but I hope it doesn’t have to come to that,” Jax expresses whilst his eyes relive what happened. I give him a big hug, not liking seeing my mate look so devastated.

“This is why I hate rogues. I do not trust them… until I met you,” he whispers on my head. I look up at him, resting my chin on his chest, and smile. Jax seems to suddenly remember something as he checks the time on his watch and says, “Let’s go get some food as Tom will be here soon for your check-up, and you need to take one of your tablets,” Jax says as he pulls me closer to him, and nuzzles his nose against mine…

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