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Chapter 12


Hayley has just finished her check-up and we are now heading upstairs to my office, so that I can do some work and Hayley can watch TV. I set it up for her this morning, before the pack meeting. This way, if she falls asleep and has a nightmare, I will be near to stop it. Although, last night she did not have a nightmare, maybe it was because I was in the room or because of the mate bond, but either way, I am glad she did not have one. I will have to keep an eye on it.

I start working through the stack of paperwork on my desk and give a glance towards Hayley. Her eyes are already closed, resting peacefully, while quiet breaths escape her lips. I soundlessly stand and reach for the blanket that is on the back of the sofa. I gently wrap it around Hayley’s frame, and she snuggles into it. With a smile on my face, I head back to work, praying that time goes by quickly.


After three hours, I have completed everything that needs to be done for today. I look at Hayley to see that she is still lying down, but her eyes are open, staring blankly in front of her. I walk over and crouch down in front of her. Her eyes flicker to me and she smiles. “Hi,” she whispers.

“Hi, baby. How did you sleep?” I ask.

“Good,” she replies, blushing at the nickname.

I notice that she did not have a nightmare, which means, that being around when she is sleeping must be helping her to stay calm.

Remembering what Lily said, I ask, “Do you want to get your haircut? My sister is a hairdresser, so she can do it for you,” I say. She seems a bit hesitant, so I add “I will be with you the entire time. Nothing bad will happen to you. We can trust her,” and with that she nods her head eagerly. “Okay, I will call her to the packhouse now,” I mention before I mindlink, Ella. “Let’s go downstairs and set up for your makeover,” I utter before grabbing her hand and leading her to the living room.

I set Hayley on the sofa whilst I grab a chair from the dining room for her to sit on, whilst she is getting her haircut. I place it behind the sofa, and just as I am about to go sit down next to Hayley, the doorbell rings. I walk over to the door and open it to see Ella with her kit and a beaming smile stretched across her face.

“Hey big bro!” she screams, then suddenly hits me around the head.

“Ouch! What was that for?” I yell.

“That’s what you get for not telling me that you found your mate! I hate to find out through a pack meeting! I am your sister! You're meant to tell me first!” she shouts.

I look down at her and say, “I’ve been busy. I haven’t had time to come and gossip with you.”

“Hey!” she shrieks. I then open the door further for her to enter.

I look towards where Hayley is now standing, and she seems hesitant to coming closer to Ella, however, it does not last long, as Ella drops her kit and runs towards Hayley, engulfing her in a bone-crushing hug. Hayley stands there awkwardly with her hands beside her looking at me for help.

“Alright, Ella. That’s enough. You can let her go now,” I say. Ella pulls back, looks at me, and rolls her eyes. She then turns her attention back to Hayley.

“I have been dying to meet you! When I heard rumors that Jax had found his mate, I went crazy! I can’t believe it’s true! Aww, you poor thing, having to have Jax as a mate! I can’t wait to talk about Jax behind his back!” Ella rambles.

Hayley glances at me, not knowing what to do. I shrug my shoulders and mentally wish her good luck. She looks back at Ella and whispers, “Hello…”

“Aww, don’t be shy! I won’t hurt you!” Ella replies.

“No, Ella. Hayley has problems with her speech, so she does not talk much,” I interrupt.

“Oh… well, that’s okay. She can just listen then!” Ella responds.

I roll my eyes at my childish sister and walk over to Hayley. I wrap my arm around her waist, and she snuggles closer to me.

“You guys look so cute together!” Ella screams.

“Can you just cut Hayley’s hair and go?” I ask, slightly bored.

“Hey! I will stay as long as I like! I’m doing this for free!" she pauses, then continues, "although, I have another appointment after this, so I will have to leave, but not because you told me too!” she responds, like a five-year-old.

“Just get on with it,” I say. She sticks her tongue out at me then starts doing her job.


An hour later, and the transformation is done. Hayley’s once dead, dry, long hair is now cropped to sit on her collarbone, with a fringe resting on her forehead. She looks stunning. Her hair now looks healthy, thick, and fuller. Hayley decided not to have her hair straightened as she did not want any heat close to her. I guess it must be a trigger for her.

Hayley looks at herself and she gasps. She starts touching it then a massive smile graces her face. She mutters, “I… love it. Thank you.” That smile is quickly becoming one of my favorite things in the world.

“Ah, thank god! What a relief! You look beautiful, Hayley,” Ella says. Hayley blushes and looks down.

“Alright, Ella. It’s time for you to go,” I say, whilst gently nudging her to the door. She tries to protest, but I manage to get her out of the door. “Thanks, little sis,” I say.

“Bye, Hay-” she does not get to finish her sentence, as I slam the door on her face.

I walk over to Hayley and wrap my arms around her. I rest my chin on her head and sigh in content. Life could not get any better than this.


Hours go by, and we have watched three Disney movies – Aladdin, Tangled and Bolt. I am about to ask Hayley if she wants to have dinner, but when I look at her, she is sound asleep. She looks so vulnerable and so delicate like this, it breaks my heart.

I stand up and turn off the TV. I carefully pick Hayley up and take her upstairs to our bedroom. Gently, I place her on the bed and tuck her in. I crouch down in front of her and stroke her cheek. I whisper to her, ‘How did I get so lucky?’

After five minutes, I mindlink Dimitri to meet me in my office as soon as he can. I straighten up and head for the door. With one more glance at Hayley, I leave the room and walk to my office.

I get there before Dimitri and take a seat behind my desk. After a few minutes, Dimitri knocks and enters. He takes a seat directly in front of me.

“Evening, Alpha,” he says.

“Evening. We have fifteen minutes before I must get back to my mate... So how did the investigation go?” I ask.

“Well… something happened. You see, I and some of the warriors went to where you told us to go, and when we were searching about, we came across other wolves, grouped. When they spotted us, they darted away. We chased them, but I was the only one to keep up. On a side note, we need to work on the warrior’s stamina so that they can chase their enemies better. Anyway, I followed them into another pack’s territory – Bloodnight Pack. I find it weird that they were looking in the same place as where Hayley was. Do you think they were looking for her?” he says, now out of breath.

“It’s a possibility. Look into it. Watch from the border, but do not be too suspicious as if we are wrong, we could have a war on our hands, and we do not need that right now. Meanwhile, I will ask Hayley about it,” I reply, deep in thought.

We continue to talk for another ten minutes, talking about pack training. I stand and Dimitri follows my lead. “Thank you, Dimitri,” I say with gratitude.

“It fine. She is also my Luna, so I want to make anyone who hurt her suffer as well,” he replies.

I give a small smile and say, “Goodnight, Dimitri.”

“Goodnight, Alpha,” he replies and walks away, probably back to his mate, Sarah.

I lock my office and walk back to my bedroom. Quietly and carefully I open the door and close it behind me. I look over at Hayley to find her sat up and looking at me.

“Did you have another nightmare?” I ask, concern laced in my voice.

“No… felt you…leave…so…I woke,” she stutters.

“Oh, sorry baby,” I say walking over to the bed and sitting down, using my arm for support.

“Where…you go?” she asks. I was going to wait to ask her about Bloodnight Pack, but seeing as she is awake now, I might as well ask her about it.

“Hayley, baby, I sent Dimitri and some warriors to the place where I found you, to try and sniff out who hurt you, as your memory is not back yet. Well… whilst they were in rogue territory, they came across some other wolves that were not rogues. Dimitri followed them to Bloodnight Pack,” I take a deep breath and say, “Baby…did someone in Bloodnight Pack hurt you?”…

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