Help me, Alpha

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Chapter 14


Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! They fucking saw us! Why were they even there? We were following that bitches scent, and when it started to get stronger, we came across some other wolves. They smelled like they were from Midnight Rose Pack, but I could be mistaken. If Hayley went into their territory, she will either die there or spill what we did to her. This is bad.

What am I going to tell Alpha Mason? I could lie and say that we have a lead and that we will investigate further tomorrow, but he would eventually find out that I lied, or one of the warriors would snitch on me, to stay in the Alpha’s good books. I can’t have Alpha Mason not trusting me, especially now.

That bitch causes so many problems, it pisses me off. Ava was my closest friend to me, and when she died because of Hayley, it felt like my whole world fell apart. Ava was the closest thing I had to a mate. I still haven’t found him or her yet, and every day I long for them. Although I’m past the limit of finding your mate, I still have faith. There are myths that only the worthy can find their mate after they turn eighteen and that their lifespan triples as they both bring peace and harmony into the world, which helps the existence of werewolves. I have no idea if this is true or not, but I pray to the moon goddess that it is.

Ava always said that my mate will be the luckiest wolf in the world to have me. I always wished that Ava was my mate, as we were so similar. Alpha was always busy, so I and her were always spending time together. Sometimes, I believed that Ava thought the same thing as me. There were times when it was just me and Ava, and things got a bit heated and we got carried away, but Alpha Mason never found out. He would have found out if we mated, but we never went that far.

Shaking those past thoughts away, I and the warriors head into the packhouse. I tell the warriors that I will speak to the Alpha about our trip so that they can go see their mates. They scatter off in their own direction, while I head to the Alpha’s office.

I hear a, “Come in,” after I knock on the office door. I bow my head down when I enter, already feeling the anxiety settle in the pit of my stomach. When I raise my head and look at Alpha Mason, he is focusing on some files, not even paying attention to me. Rolling my eyes, I say, “Alpha, I have some news about the investigation you requested.” He doesn’t look at me, just hums for me to continue.

“Well, you see... when we were following that sluts scent, we came across some other wolves who I think are from Midnight Rose Pack, but I’m not entirely sure. Anyways, they started chasing us and one of them followed us to your border.” This makes him freeze at what he is doing.

He slowly lifts his head to look at me, with murder in his eyes. “They saw you?” he asks whilst his eyes flash gold, indicating that his wolf is at the surface. I nod my head and the anxiety starts coating my fingers, causing them to shake like a leaf.

“You had one fucking job!” he yells as he roughly stands, knocking his chair over in the process. Within a split second, he is in front of me, grabbing my neck and lifting me in the air. My eyes start watering, and I’m not sure if they are tears or because he is cutting my breathing supply off.

“All you had to do was look for her and you managed to fuck that up as well!” he screams as spit flies out of his mouth, landing on my face. “You need to pull your shit together now or else it won’t end well for you. Do you understand?” I weakly nod my head, already seeing black dots cloud my vision. He drops me to the ground and I land with a thump. Automatically, I start coughing and tears start sliding down my face. He stands over me, rolls his eyes, and says, “You’re a failure.” He then walks back over to his desk, lifts his chair back to where it was, and sits down as if nothing happened. I take this as my cue to leave, and start heading for the door.

“Luke,” this catches my attention and I turn my head towards him. “The plan still stands. Nothing has changed. For all we know, they thought you were a bunch of no good rogues, hunting for some food. If you notice or hear about any suspicious activity around the border, you report to me immediately. Understand?”

I turn my whole body towards him and stutter, “Yes, Alpha.”

He starts writing something on the file in front of him, and after a few seconds, he orders, “Leave.” I rush out of the door, heading to my bedroom to have a shower, needing to wash the piss that has run down my legs...

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