Help me, Alpha

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Chapter 15


It has been one week since my first lesson with Axton, and we have gotten a lot closer to each other. I trust him enough to not hurt me, so I am completely comfortable around him. As with my lessons, my speech has improved slightly, nothing major, but I still see it as an achievement. Axton got me some children’s books from the pack’s library, which I have found quite fun to read as they have little pictures. I can’t read all the words yet, but I’m getting there.

Lily has been hanging out with me every day. She is so sweet and innocent, I somewhat see myself in her. She is like a mini me. I met Lily’s babysitter during the week, her name is Rose. I accidentally met her when Lily ran away from her to come play with me, which I didn’t know about until Rose came bursting thew the door with rage flaring in her eyes. After she saw me, her eyes softened and she seemed quite nice, but I kept my distance from her. The way she quickly changed her appearance makes me very cautious of her.

Jax has been super busy recently but has always found time to spend some of it with me. Axton told me, Jax works seven days a week and hardly takes breaks off but he said that might change now that I have come along. I’m guessing that the pack has had a few issues lately, but I don’t blame him, he is the Alpha after all. At the end of every night, he always comes to bed with me which makes me melt into his arms and forget about everything else that is going on. I have been so independent all my life, it feels scary to rely on someone you have just met, but day by day I feel like I can trust Jax more and more and maybe even love him. He hasn’t brought up Bloodnight Pack anymore thankfully, but I still wonder how he knew it was them and not another pack.

I had my second counseling session with Basil a couple of days ago. I hardly spoke to him because I didn’t want to slip up and expose myself. If I tell him, he will tell Jax, and this happy bubble that I and him are in will burst.

Today is my first lesson in my training sessions with Jax. At the moment I and Jax are snuggled in the bed, with the duvet wrapped around us. Jax is still snoring softly behind me, whilst I stare out the window, watching two pigeons clean each other. They look like an old married couple who are madly in love. The bigger one nudges the smaller one. They both look at each other and nudge their heads together. My heartstrings pull at the adorable sight. They look off into the distance but stay directly next to each other. I wonder if I and Jax will be like that in the future, obviously not pigeons, but still, remain as close as we are now.

Jax’s breath quickens and I feel his eyelashes brush against the back of my neck. He tightens his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to him. A sigh escapes my lips without my permission. Jax nuzzles his head against my hair, which automatically makes me think he is mirroring the male pigeon.

I turn my neck towards Jax and see his half-closed eyes staring back at me. I notice a little bit of dribble hanging from his mouth and I lift my hand to wipe it away with my thumb. A giggle escapes me when he licks his mouth repeatedly. He slowly opens his eyes, but quickly shuts them and mutters, “Too bright.”

I laugh at his cuteness and gently caress his cheek. We stay like this for another twenty minutes as Jax drifts back into a light slumber, whilst I study his perfect features. Honestly, I could do this all day.

Eventually, Jax wakes up by kicking the duvet off of him and stretching his whole body, so much so, that his feet dangle off the bottom of the bed.

He turns back to me and smiles brightly. I unintentionally do the same. In his raspy voice, he says, “I have booked the whole day off today, so I can spend it all with you.” He interlocks our fingers and brushes his thumb against the front of my hand. “We can do your session early on today so that it is done and dusted and we can spend the rest doing whatever you want.” He pecks the tip of my nose says, “Come on, let’s get up.” He gets out of bed whilst I just sit there with blush spread across my face. I don’t think I will ever get used to him kissing me.

He walks over to me and pulls me towards him, his hands resting on my lower back. “You have a shower and I will go and make you breakfast, and then we can start your training. Sound good?” I nod my head and very hesitantly lift onto my tiptoes and peck his cheek. When I pull back, Jax stands there in complete shock then a beaming smile replaces it. Too embarrassed by what I just did, I escape from his hold and run into the bathroom, closing the door behind me. Although I don’t have werewolf hearing, I can still hear his booming laughter radiating from the bedroom, and I drop to my knees in humiliation. I shake my head and laugh at the situation I put myself in. Getting rid of those thoughts, I head towards the shower.


After my shower and having eaten breakfast, Jax leads me into the forest, which ends at an empty field for us to train at. Jax has brought some equipment with him. I have no idea what any of them are used for, but I'm sure I will find out soon enough. I know quite a lot of my beginning sessions are going to be extremely difficult, and that I won’t be able to do a lot, but deciding to change my life was also an extremely difficult decision, but I managed to do it, so I can survive through this as well.

“Let’s start with a brisk walk, then transfer into a light jog to get the heart going,” Jax says. I thought if Jax took his shirt off, that would get my heart going. Immediately recognizing my dirty mind, I scold myself by muttering to get my head out of the gutter.

After the run, I was panting like an old woman. I can’t catch my breath and am heaving like a cat with a hairball. I look to see how far I managed to go but become disappointed when I realize I only managed half a lap. I snap out of my negative mindset and tell myself that I just need practice.

My mindset changes multiple times throughout the entire session, which lasts for about forty minutes, as I continue to struggle with every activity, whilst Jax does it with ease and doesn’t break a sweat.

We are now on the ground stretching, which I am in desperate need of. “So, Hayley,” Jax says to grab my attention. I turn and look at him for him to continue. He scoots over to me and envelops my hand. “I was thinking that maybe you could start meeting the pack. We would obviously start slowly as to not overwhelm you and it could just be one or two pack members, to begin with. If it’s too early that’s absolutely fine, I was just wondering as the pack is very excited to meet you. What do you think?”

What I want to do is shy away and not meet anyone, but I push myself to get out of my comfort zone and do something that scares me. So I nod my head with a gentle smile and say with my head held high, “Absolutely. I would love to meet some of the pack members.” I am ready to step up and lead the pack with Jax at my side and do what I was born to do...

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