Help me, Alpha

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Chapter 20


I already love her. Every part of her. Every detail of her existence means everything to me. Even the little things, like when her brows draw together when she’s thinking with her lips largely parted, or the way a bright red blush creeps onto her cheeks when she sees my shirt lift. The way she sneaks looks at me when she thinks I can’t see her. These small, normally unnoticed things, are my everything.

I can feel her now, even though she isn’t here. If she were here, I would imagine that she would see her chewing her bottom lip, and then once all the skin was removed from them, she would move onto her fingernails. She would stare off into space and her eyes would sparkle then dull with each passing thought that consumes her mind. The way her breath quickens when I get close to her. The way her palms get clammy and she quickly wipes them on her bottoms hoping that I don’t see, but I do.

I remember when we were watching Nemo, and all I did was watch her. How her expressions changed with each scene, and then the way her eyelids slowly started drooping. She snuggled up close to me and rested her tiny head on my shoulder. Her breath tickled my neck, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Every fiber of my body is yearning for her. I’m sitting here, in this meeting, pretending to listen to what one of my warriors is saying, but all I can think about is her. She consumes my every thought.

I sneakily pull out my phone and hide it under the oval table. I find one of many photos on my camera roll of Hayley. This one she is curled up into a tiny ball, her eyelids screwed tightly shut. She looks so peaceful, yet in so much pain.

The flick to the next photo. Hayley is staring out of the kitchen window whilst I make us breakfast. I remember snapping it secretly as I didn’t want to interrupt whatever she was stewing over.

She does it a lot. Thinking. Apart of me wants to know what lies in her pretty mind, but if she wanted to tell me then she would. I can’t force her, it’s not right.

We are so different, yet so similar. I just wished she would realize it too.

My daydream is interrupted when I’m mindlinked by Sam, one of my warriors currently on patrol. “Alpha! Rogues at the southern border! An estimated thirty.”

Thirty rogues? All together? I’ve heard rumors that there are rogues forming small packs, but it is more of an alliance with three or four in a group, but not thirty.

“We’re on our way. Try to hold them back,” I respond to Sam.

“Everyone, this meeting is going to be rescheduled. We have rogues breaching our borders in the south. John, I want you to gather all the pregnant females and any other members who can’t fight and lead them to the bunker. Tony, I want you and a handle full of warriors to block the infirmary to protect the members inside, just in case. And Dimitri, I want you and every other warrior to spread out across the entire pack borders, to make sure they do not sneak in another way. Go, go, go!”

Everyone stands to their feet and leaves the room to do what they were ordered to do. Meanwhile, I head towards the Rose Club to help Hayley be escorted. I don’t want her to panic and me not be anywhere near her to calm her down, that’s why I haven’t mindlinked Axton. I know he can protect her, but my selfish self needs to see her safe in the flesh. I believe in my warriors, and I know they can hold them back just while I get Hayley safe.

An odd sensation fills up my body on my journey to my baby. Somethings wrong. Hayley feels distressed. What if a rogue has already gotten to her? What if I’m too late?

I quicken my pace to a fast sprint towards the bricked building. If anyone has hurt her, they won’t live a minute longer, as they have hurt what is mine, and you don’t mess with what is mine.

I don’t bother knocking, as I storm in through the door, and am relieved to see Hayley all in one piece.

“Baby,” I exhaust with a sigh. Her eyes twinkle just in the slightest when she sees me, but they quickly fade back to normal. The distress I could that she was feeling has vanished and in its place rests warmth.

My wolf growls at the sight of her in my head. He understands that we can’t complete the mating ritual as other mates do, but one glance at Hayley and I would do anything she asked for. I worship the ground she walks on.

I feel so attached to her. I’ve heard about mate bonds before, but I never thought that they would be this strong. I feel physically in pain when she isn’t near me. Deep down, I know that’s why I came to see Hayley instead of telling Axton to which he could safely escort her to the bunkers, but I would never let my subconscious win.

I hope she feels the pull too. I want her to feel the need for me like I feel the need for her. I want her to love me.

I mindlink everyone in the room, obviously excluding Hayley as she doesn’t have access to mindlink, and fill them in on the situation at hand. They know what to do, as we have done many trial runs before, and start filing out in a panicked order.

“It’s okay, nobody panic. You’re all going to be completely safe,” I assure them, and let my wolf shine through to let them know that both of me is talking. I would die for every single one of my pack members. Any Alpha that says otherwise, is not a true Alpha.

Hayley looks about in confusion about what to do with herself. She starts to follow the other females but I gently grab her wrist and interlace out fingers, at which she stares deep into my eyes. I reach my hand up and cup her cheek. Without realizing it, she leans into my hand and flutters her eyelids closed.

I will protect you, baby.

“Don’t panic baby, but I need you to follow me. Everything is fine, so do not worry, but stay close to either me or Axton, okay?” I whisper gently down to her. Her pinning eyes shake with a bit of fear, but I give her a sign of protection but kissing the top of her head.

I’ve fallen for her eyes, but she doesn’t know that, but one day she will realize how beautiful she is, and I can not wait for that day.

With our hands still conjoined, I lead her outside, with Axton close on guard.

“I’m going to shift, and you can ride on my back to get there closer. Is that okay, baby?” I ask her, whilst glancing towards the woods to make sure no danger lurks near.

She gives me a curt nod, not fully understanding what is happening, but I think that it’s for the best. She already has a lot going on in her mind, and I do not want to overload her when I can control the situation at hand.

I start stripping quickly, to which Hayley blushes and looks to the ground. I can’t help it; this reaction makes me happy. It shows that even the slightest part of her does like me.

I shift quickly to put Hayley out of her misery. I look towards her and give her a nod of encouragement. She starts to try to climb onto of me but is too weak so Axton warily helps her, his hands not drifting from her waist. Good boy.

I give Axton a nod for him to shift and set off towards the packhouse, Axton close on my tail.

We near the packhouse and we both slow our pace. Axton shifts first and shoves on a pair of joggers that we keep in every tree on my pack for circumstances like this.

Axton lifts Hayley and places her gently on the ground. I stay in my wolf form as I am going to go help with the southern border. Hayley looks at me with eagled eyes as I cautiously walk towards her, and nudge my snout on her waist. She extends her arm to gently pat my head, then quickly retreats her hand back to her side.

Aaron comes storming through and pushes me to the back of my mind. He leaps towards her hand as he wants more praises, but he didn’t expect Hayley to jump back in fright. Easy, be gentle, I remind him.

Slowly this time, he nudges her hand. When she starts to scratch his ear, a low grumble radiates from him. His doors start stomping the floor, whilst his tail swings back and forth rapidly.

Enough, we need to go. The pack needs us, I tell him. Without hurry, Aaron pulls back and nods towards Axton for him to take her inside.

“Take care of my mate,” I plead with him. With one more look at Hayley, I set off.

The breeze whips my face as I dash towards the southern border. My surroundings are a blur and all the trees mash into one. The adrenaline coursing through my veins pushes me further to my destination.

When I arrive, I take in the sight. Some of my pack members lay on the ground in agony. Everyone is still alive as I haven’t felt any link or ties being snapped from their death.

I whizz to action and pull a rogue off one of my trainee warriors and yank a chunk of skin from their neck away, and leave them to bleed out.

I move to the next enemy.

Three rogues spot me and start to circle my body. I watch each of their movements and try to find a weak spot. The one on my left has a gash on his side. The tanned wolf to my right has what looks like a broken back foot. He tries to hide it but fails as he limps towards me. Lastly, the one which has black fur in front of me has zero injures. He is substantially larger than all the other rogues, but he doesn’t omit Alpha dominance. But he does have some sort of power. Potentially, a Beta. This should be fun.

The tanned wolf charges first, with the left one straight after him. As the tanned wolf flies towards me to knock me over, I duck, causing him to soar right by me. I quickly swing back into action as I claw at the other wolf who is charging at me. I manage to catch his eye, my claws sinking deep into it, making him blind.

I back kick the tanned wolf in his snout as he runs towards me. I fling around and jump on him, pinning his injured leg to the ground and take a chunk out of his face causing him to howl in pain. I then swing my paw across his neck, silencing him for life.

The one-eyed-blinded wolf stumbles to me. I let him come to me, just watching him. During all of this, the one with black fur is just watching. Observing. He hasn’t moved from his spot.

When the tanned wolf nears, I lunge at him, biting his already there injury which results in putting him out of his misery.

I lift my head towards the black-furred wolf, blood dripping from my canines. He bares his fangs towards me. Challenging me.

Bring it on.

I wait a few seconds before pouncing at him. We collide into one and roll a couple of times. We’re both growling and kicking at each other. He manages to land a kick to my face. I hear a bone snap at the force and suppress a whimper.

I pull my head back for momentum and flip his jaw making him look up and roll on his back. I spring to my feet and stand on top of him. With power, I bite down on his ear, and rip a chunk away, throwing it down to the ground.

I want to kill him. I badly want to kill him. For what he did to my pack, my family. But I need him for intel.

When I look back up, I notice all the other remaining rogues are either dead or have fled. All my pack members are still alive. We are still together.

I mindlink some nearby warriors to restrain the Beta rogue and take him to the cells for questioning. Before I walk away, I mutter, “If you accidentally bang his head against the walls on the way, that’s fine.”

I crouch down next to one of my pack members called Jamie who is lying down on the ground. I shift back and ask, “Where does it hurt?” He points to his back leg with his snout and mindlinks “Here, Alpha.”

“Drop the formalities, you’re in pain, they are not necessary.”

He doesn’t have the energy to respond except for a whimper.

I call for help and get him on a stretcher. I mindlink Tom and the other doctors and nurses and tell them to prepare as we have many casualties that are going to be sent in.

I help the rest of my pack members in any way that I can. Once all the injured members are on their way to the hospital, I turn to Dimitri and the rest of the warriors and say, “Fan out. Cover the entire border just to make sure that they did truly flee, and are not lurking around nearby. If any of you spot a rogue, do not chase it. Report it straight to me, immediately. Do you understand?” They all nod and in unison say, “Yes, Alpha.”

They all start to walk away but I quickly say with a proud tone, “Well done today guys. You did well.” With that, I walk off.

I shift back to Aaron and chargeback to the packhouse. I run down towards the bunkers and on the way shove a pair of loose, grey sweatpants on.

I punch in the passcode and see the rest of my pack there. I look for Hayley and sniff that she is in the far corner. I shift through the pack members to reach my girl.

When I see her, it feels like fresh air. You don’t realize it until you return. You don’t realize your breath has been stolen from you until it’s been retrieved.

I pull her into a tight hug, pushing her flush against my body. I run my nose along her neck to get her scent in the most prominent way. Her pulses quickens and her breath comes out in short pants. I hope her reaction is relief from seeing me, but with her, I will never know.

I gently lay my head on her shoulder in exhaustion.

I receive an intruding mindlink from Dimitri. “Alpha, the pack grounds are safe. Everyone can return to their chambers.”

“Thank you, Dimitri. We can have a meeting to discuss this all later, but for now, we need to recover ... and remember to take care of yourself as well,” I say sincerely.

“Yes, sir,” he mocks.

I start to remember that the rest of the pack are here and pull back. I kiss Hayley's cheek causing her to flush immediately and turn towards my awaiting members. They all have the biggest grin plastered on their faces and mine and Hayley’s little moment.

“Everyone, the pack grounds are safe. You may return back to your houses, but do not stray from borders. You all did an excellent job at staying calm, it’s good to see that the trial runs have worked. Go take care of your loved one. You’re all dismissed.”

They all turn and leave quickly to return to their mates.

I do not know why rogues are interested in mine and Hayley’s Pack, but I will not stand here and allow it. We need help. Urgently.

I turn to Axton briefly. “Axton, contact Silvermoon Pack Alpha to inform him that I will be calling him shortly,” I order. I lent some of my best warriors to Silvermoon Pack as they were in the middle of a war between Redwolf Pack, and as Midnight Rose Pack and Silvermoon Pack are allies, I did what was necessary.

I turn my attention back to my mate. I lean down and place a sweet kiss on her temple, making my breath fan against her skin. She responds to my touch as goosebumps coat her skin. I pull back, reluctantly to find a shy smile resting on her pale face.

“Come with me, baby” I whisper. I need to hold my mate...

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