Help me, Alpha

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Chapter 22


Her gaze is on my mouth and without knowing she leans closer, inches away from pressing her lips against mine. I hear a sharp inhale before our lips connect. A magical current surges through my body. All thoughts float out of my mind except one in particular. Hayley’s lips.

The way she shyly moves her lips against mine in such a tender way sends me over the edge. I’m caught up in waves of ecstasy and lust. Pure lust. I cup her face with both of my hands and draw her in closer. Hayley’s plump and soft lips are welcoming against my rough and dry lips.

“Jax,” she breathes out loud. As Hayley sighs, I swipe my tongue over her bottom lip, parting them open. My body feels alive, ignited even. I’ve never felt this feeling before, but I never want it to end.

My primal instincts take over and I lose all control. I’m fighting with my conscience to mark my mate, right here, right now, but I manage to win the battle, this time.

I grab her hips pulling her even closer and not leaving any space in between our hot bodies. Her hair splashes against my arms creating a tingly sensation, adding to the fire. Our mouths move in sync; acting like we know what we’re doing. Our chests are pressed against each other tightly as I snake my hand into her hair.

She places her delicate hands on my hard chest and grips my shirt. My tongue teases with hers before I slowly pull my mouth away. A soft whimper escapes her lips as if she is missing the contact of my lips on hers.

I keep my eyes closed savoring the moment and feeling immense gratitude for having Hayley as my mate. I guzzle down the fast exhale escaping from Hayley, keeping them for my selfish self. Nothing in my life has been better than this moment, but I hope there are many more memories like this yet to come.

I love Hayley, and I am never letting her go. With love, there is no correct way, or time, or place. That’s what’s special, you can make it your own way.

As I slowly peel my eyes open, a set of eyes are awaiting me. She gently places her palm on my cheek, cupping my face. I’ve never felt so vulnerable before, it’s an off settling feeling, but I think I can get used to it.

Aaron growls when our moment is interrupted by Dimitri. “Alpha, the pack are worried. They want to know what’s going on and why they're in danger. I’m doing my best to do damage control, but it’s getting out of hand.”

My vulnerable side's time is up, and I’m back to being Alpha. “Okay, Dimitri. Hold on a little longer, I’m on my way. Call a meeting for the usual attendees, i.e. the warriors, elders, etcetera, but try to make to keep it quiet, I don’t want the council hearing about this just yet until I get more information about the situation at hand.”

“Understood Alpha,” he says before I turn the link off.

“I’m sorry baby but I have to go, duty call,” I chuckle. Hayley pulls a confused face at my awful joke, which makes her look so adorable. “Don’t worry kitten. Come, let’s go meet up with Axton.”

Hayley pulls her bottom lip between her teeth, which she always does when she is thinking of saying something.

“Hayley, baby, what do you want to say?”

“Can I see Lily? I want to make sure... she fine and... play with her,” she says with a big grin and eyes sparkling. I don’t think she is this happy to see me I joke to myself.

“Of course, I’ll get Axton to see if Lily is available. You too are the perfect duo,” I say as I engulf her tiny hand into mine and help her stand up with me. I quickly mindlink Axton the plan and he instantly replies that he is on his way.

Hayley’s hair is still ruffled in a sexy way and a beautiful flush is etched across her face. What beauty.

We head downstairs slowly, hand in hand, completely washed up by the mate bond. When we reach outside Axton and Lily are already there waiting for us.

“You got here fast,” I say.

“Yeah, I and Lily were just hanging out in the playroom together,” he says as he winks down at her playfully, to which she responds with a little giggle.

“I’ll give you the run down separately later tonight, so don’t stress about not going to the meeting.” A few awkward seconds pass before I say, “Right, I’ve got to go. You’re in charge,” I tease talking to Lily, as I ruffle her curly blonde locks. I quickly make eyes with Axton to make sure he knows he is in charge, just in case.

I bend down to Hayley’s level, and mutter, “I’ll see you tonight,” and place a tender kiss on the side of her neck. She holds her breath as I pull away, and a small smirk makes its way onto my face. I give my mate one lasting look before I head back inside the packhouse to the meeting room.

As I walk in, I spot my mother heading towards me at full speed.

“Jax, baby! Is everything okay? Why were we under attack?” She asks in a worried tone.

“Don’t panic mum, everything is under control,” I say with Alpha authority.

“I know you do honey, without a doubt.” She pauses for a second before she asks what she really wants to know.

“So, how you been?” Before I can answer, she answers her own question, “In the town's gossip, I heard that you found your mate. Aww, honey that’s amazing news. I would have appreciated you coming to tell me, but I know what it’s like when you first find your mate, you tend to stay in the bedroom for at least a week,” she winks after her ramble. She sucks in a smidge of air abs then she continues saying, “When I and your father found each other, we didn’t leave the bedroom for over a month!”

Before my mother can go into too much detail of her intimate times with my father, I say, “Mum I don’t need to know about when you had...intercourse, and besides with Hayley’s it’s different. We’re doing it our own way, but even when I and Hayley do mate, I won’t be telling you.”

I can tell she is a bit confused as to why we haven’t mated, as normal couples would have mated on their first day of meeting, but I and Hayley are not normal, but that doesn’t mean that not being normal isn’t a good thing.

Instead of mentioning what questions swirls about her brain, she says, "I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” and raises her hands in mock surrender. There’s a small pause, and then, “So...when am I having grand pup?" My mother casually asks. This woman has no filter. I shake my head in a haze from her abruptness, whilst Aaron howls in agreement with my mother’s words...


I can’t believe what just happened. I had my first kiss. Well, my first consensual kiss. Someone loves me. Do I love Jax? Can I love Jax? I’ve never received the emotion of love, so is it even possible to dish out that sensational feeling. I don’t even know what it’s meant to feel like, or what I am even meant to do. I feel lost in this department. There is no book in the world to tell me the right answer, but maybe that’s okay. Maybe I’m not meant to know. Maybe we're meant to figure this one out together.

Tingles continue to ignite my body even though my mate isn’t in sight. I can’t get enough of this. Having a mate is far beyond better than what I thought it was like.

But little to my surprise, my anxiety starts to cloud my happiness and instead smothers it with darkness. It takes the happiest moment of my life and crushes it into nothing. What if he doesn’t actually love me? What if he is using me for information? No. Jax wouldn’t do that... but would his pack? They might not be so understanding of my situation and want to kill me. This would then create a divide within the pack which makes everyone vulnerable to attacks. Therefore Jax would have to choose between me or his pack. I don’t want to know what he would decide. My heart can’t take it.

One so-called enemy down, an entire pack to go.

I start to fight my anxiety with all my might and push my negative thoughts into the back of my head to stew about later on.

My mind wanders to what I and Jax did. Those lips. Those perfectly shaped, sexy lips. He seemed to know what he was going which is a good and a bad thing. But either way, the experience was magical, because it was with him. Anything to do with Jax feels magical. I would gladly be in that situation again, and again, and again.

I am pulled back to reality when I feel a tug on my jeans coming from Lily. As I peer down at the small pup, she asks, “Why is your face so red?”

I freeze, not sure of what to say, but decide to settle on, “Because... it’s hot today,” I mummer while I try to calm down my flushed face from overthinking about my sexy mate...

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