Help me, Alpha

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Chapter 23


-Five days before the attack at Midnight Rose Pack-

Currently, my entire team is gathered around the wooden table that takes up the whole space in the room. Everyone is murmuring amongst themselves, not seeming to understand the seriousness of the situation.

"What do we have?" I bark.

The cowards lower their heads as the room falls silent. "Well?" I question impatiently.

"S-sir, when we were on p-patrol, we saw the subject starting to train. She seems to be getting stronger, but still no sign of her w-wolf, so still not strong enough for u-us." Liam, one of my watcher's stutters.

"Okay. Anything else?"

It's been nearly two weeks, and we are nowhere no close to catching her without being caught. This isn't good enough.

"W-w-well, we saw the subject hanging around with what we believe to be the main guard in Midnight Rose Pack. We t-think his name may be Axton, gathered from the data of who has been the m-main guard for the past few generations, and all of them have the same last name, Jones. We l-looked into this, and the newest member to reach m-maturity in the Jone's family is a male called Axton. So we are a-assuming he is following in the same footsteps as them." he has a sharp inhale before continuing, "A-also, the subject has been getting extremely close to a young pup. We d-do not know the name of her, but w-we believe the s-subject has become very f-fond of her."

I take a few seconds to soak up the information. It isn't much, but we can make this work.

"Right, everyone continues in their position. Liam, I want a full report of this female pup by Monday. I want more details about her. Where she lives, her parents, what time she eats, how many times she sees the bitch, even when she has to pee. Every...single...detail. Understand?" I ask with authority.

In unison, I hear, "Yes, Sir."

"Good. Now get out of here, you're dismissed."

Everyone practically sprints out the door, as I am left with my thoughts. This isn't good enough. She needs to pay for what she has done. I start racking my mind about the possible ideas of what I can do, given the circumstances of having to be careful to not be seen or suspected by the council.

I come up with an idea, and decide to take action immediately. I stalk out of the packhouse and head East. I inform my useless Beta, Billy, that I am leaving the pack grounds, but will return soon. I cut the mindlink before he can respond, as I don't want to deal with his questions, the nosey brat.

I weave my way through the forest until I end up at the destination I desire. Pairs of eyes scan me over warily but I don't submit as I am the Alpha, I will not bow down to a bunch of rogues. I continue on my journey until I finally find what I am looking for. The Alpha of the rogues.

"Alpha Thompson, we meet again," I say with fake enthusiasm.

"Alpha Mason, to what do we owe the pleasure?" He asks as he brown orbs try to intimidate me by staring me down, but only works slightly.

"May we speak in private?"

"Of course, follow me," and with that, he leads me to the biggest tent in the territory.

I take a seat and Alpha Thompson hands me a shot of Vodka, which I gladly take. His long jet black hair hits the bottom of his back as he swivels round to grab his own shot. Only wearing grey sweatpants, Thompson seems warm given the weather outside, but that would be down to the werewolf genes. What does surprise me, however, is the lack of shoes. I know that rogues want to have freedom, I just didn't understand exactly how free they wanted to be. But desperate times call for desperate measures, so I will keep my judgment to myself.

"So..." I explain the entire sticky situation that Bloodnight Pack is in and that we need their help.

"I see. That bitch has definitely put you through your paces. We could possibly help. What's your price?"

" Well if you create some chaos at Midnight Rose Pack, then i will make sure that you have a few females for each of your men as a gift, but if you manage to successfully catch her and deliver her back to me, I will reward you with not only the females but also some of Bloodnight Pack's territory to expand your group."

"That does sound tempting," he says as he taps his finger on his chin. "I believe we may be able to help you... let me grab my guy who trains all my mine to discuss this further. I won't be long." And with that, he leaves the tent, mud sticking to his bare feet.

You can't escape this one. Soak in all your joy now, because it won't last much longer. Oh Hayley, you better be ready. I'm coming for you...


I'm stalking around Midnight Rose Pack's border, keeping my eyes on Hayley who is currently walking with Alpha Jax. Where is he taking her? I continue watching, expecting them to walk to the dungeons, but he takes her towards... the packhouse. WHAT? Why would he do that?

Did she tell him? He couldn't know, otherwise, he would have killed her. What is Alpha Jax up to? What if... what if they are mates. Oh no. This is not good. This is very not good.

I start to head back quickly to inform Alpha Mason, but my judgment is blurred by the most alluring, sweetest scent I've ever smelt. My feet carry my body without my own knowledge and I am lead further into Midnight Rose Pack.

As the scent gets more potent, drools start to form in my mouth and some leaks down my chin. My wolf starts to come to the surface as we near and my heartbeats faster as if I had just ran a marathon.

I come to an abrupt stop when a female with the longest, silkiest brown hair turns around and our eyes meet.

Those striking blue orbs bore into mine as realization smothers both of us. I neer closer to the female, and tentatively raise my hand to cup her soft cheek.

This is what I have been waiting for my whole life.

“What’s your name, mate?” My wolf purrs.


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