Help me, Alpha

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Chapter 24


My leaders and I have been sat deciding on what the next move was. As I’m the only one with inside information from Hayley about what most likely happened, the others have been bickering whether it was an act of war or a complete coincidence.

“Did the malice in their eyes seem like a coincidence? Did the roughly thirty rogues joining together seem like it wasn’t premeditated? Of course it was an act of war! They didn’t pass into my territory to plant some pretty flowers, they trespassed to murder our loved one. Our family. And I will not sit back and allow them to think we will stand for this,” I shout as I look each member in their eyes.

“I believe I know who the fuckers are and what they are after, but I am going to withhold that information until I am sure of what to do next,” this causes Dimitri to grunt in disapproval. I can understand where he is coming from, but I made a promise to Hayley, and I intend to keep it.

“The plan is simple. I will call Alpha Dayne of Silvermoon Pack to inform him that we need our members to return as we now have a war of our own, and we need everyone we can get, just in case they strike again. Dimitri, I want a team of trackers to try to catch any leads we can get from them, but as they were rogues, I don’t think we will be able to catch much, but it’s worth a shot.” I pause. “I know you are not happy about me withholding information from you all, but I promise I know what I am doing and everything is under control... You’re all dismissed.”

As everyone starts filing out, I quickly mindlink Dimitri and say, “Would you mind checking on all the pregnant females and get them checked out with the doctor just to make sure everything is fine.”

“Of course, Alpha,” he responds.

I start calling Dayne and after the third ring, he answers. “Jax, how can I help?”

“Sadly I don’t come bearing good news.”

I explain the situation, leaving out the information I found out from Hayley, and say that I need my members to return.

“Absolutely. I will inform them immediately and send them out tonight. They should be back in your territory within two to three nights. I will also send some of my more trained warriors just in case.”

“Thank you, Dayne. I appreciate it.”

“It’s what Alpha’s do.” There then is a sharp inhale through the phone before he continues, “Do you know why you are being suddenly attacked. I mean there has to be something they are after.”

“I have an idea, but what they want, I am not willing to let go, so I’ll have to face the consequences instead.”

“I see. Well, if there is anything I can do, I am only a phone call away.”

“Thank you, Dayne. Take care.”

“Take care, Jax.”

After I hang up, I realize I have all this bunched up energy that is screaming to be released. From stressing about what I found out about Hayley to worrying about what to do in this new sudden war, I just need at least five minutes to be with myself. Everything is gonna be the same in the next five minutes, so I can go for a quick run with Aaron to mentally prepare for anything and everything.

I leap out of the packhouse and shift immediately letting Aaron free. I held him in too long. I tried to keep him at bay after seeing everything that happened, to Hayley as to not scare her any more than she has been, but it wasn’t easy.

Aaron is antsy and I try to fight him to stay in control which I just about succeed in. I need to know why the rogues are helping with Bloodnight Pack and where they disappeared to. I need to figure out what to do. The next couple of nights will be filled with planning.

My mind shifts back to what Dimitri said. About how he and some warriors followed some wolves back to Bloodnight Pack. That makes sense now. They were under our noses the entire time. This then follows to Hayley having a nightmare but then lying that Bloodnight Pack was the people who had hurt her. Why did she lie? Did she not trust me? No, she must do, otherwise, the matebond wouldn’t have allowed me to see her past. She is still traumatized by what has happened to her, and she was probably cautious that I would treat her the same way as her old pack did, but I would never lay a hand on her like the way those scums did.

Maybe to make Hayley feel more comfortable with everything, I could introduce her to my mum. We could have a family dinner. One like that is hosted by my mum every Sunday at her house, which the whole family attends to, including Ella, which just so happens to be today. As Hayley has already met Ella, it might be okay for her to go. I will check what Hayley thinks, and go from there, but now is to decide on how to get revenge for my mate...


A couple of hours later, I and Hayley are dawdling up towards my mum’s front door. After I had finished my run, I went to find Hayley in the living room watching Phineas and Ferb with Lily resting her legs over Hayley’s lap. I asked Hayley if she would like to come to dinner with me and my family, and surprisingly Hayley was very excited. I sieved through Hyaley’s open thoughts to find the reason for this. Turns out, Hayley is looking forward to meeting a somewhat mother figure to feel that sought of parental emotion.

I give Hayley’s hand a gentle squeeze and ask, “Ready?” Hayley nods her head before I knock on the door, to be greeted by a warm smile by my mother.

“Hello sweetie! I’ve been so excited to meet you,” my mother says. She then reaches her arms out to Hayley, which she rushes into the welcoming hug. My mum goes to pull away, but Hayley holds her grip, not wanting to let go. My mum quickly hides her surprise and gives another squeeze and mutters, “Oh, how sweet.”

When they pull apart, I joke, “What about me? You not excited to see my face?”

“Honey, I’ve seen your face nearly every day for twenty-four years, I’ve seen it enough. We get it, you’re handsome, but I want to look at this gorgeous female.”

Hayley blushes deeply, before being ushered inside, and away from the cold. Hayley’s in one of my hoodies, but as she doesn’t have a wolf, she doesn’t have the typical werewolf body heat like the rest of us, so I want to make sure she is properly wrapped up warm.

Ella is sitting with her mate Noah on the sofa and kindly greets Hayley. Haley stands awkwardly not knowing where to sit, so I guide her to the armchair, where I plonk down, and she sits on my lap. Hayley’s little hands grip my shirt and she starts playing with the fabric. I plant a kiss on her temple, just because I want to.

Small talk passes by the time as my mum cooks our dinner. Hayley speaks now and then, but for the majority of the time, she snuggles up closer to me, probably seeking comfort.

Hayley keeps her eyes on my mum when she isn’t in the kitchen, completely mesmerized. My heart hurts knowing she never had a motherly hug or even felt parental love. The good thing is, my mum loves Hayley and will shower her with love, just like she does with everyone else.

From the kitchen, we hear, “Dinner’s ready.”

We all stalk to the dining room, with dribble hanging out of our mouths. I sit on Hayley’s right, with my mum on her left. A mouthwatering roast dinner is staring at me daring me to eat it, which I will gladly devour. I start to dig in before feeling a slap to the back of my head by the hands of my mother. I hear a small giggle from my left.

“Jax-Roy-Lauder since when do you have no manners! Your mate is sat right next to you, and you’re eating like a wild animal. Have some self-control,” my mum stands and jokingly shouts at me.

Hayley has her face in her hands, trying not to laugh at me being told off by my mother. Despite me being the Alpha, the real person who runs things around here, is my mum.

I set my knife and fork back down onto my plate and mutter an apology.

“Oh, moon goddess. Anyways,” my mum says giving me a pointed look, “A toast. To Hayley and Jax.” We raise our glass of champagne, but water for Hayley, and repeat, “To Hayley and Jax.” But I lean into Hayley’s ear and whisper, “To us,” which forms goosebumps on her smooth skin, making me smirk .

My mum sits back down and begins the new topic. “So... everyone, when am I getting grand-pups? I’m forty-eight and I’m not getting any younger,” my mum questions again.

Oh no, not again. Chuckling to myself, I continue to scoff down my food and give Hayley’s hand a slight squeeze, too embarrassed to answer this question again, especially in front of Hayley...

-Two days later-


I and Jax are hand in hand outside the packhouse, waiting for the members to return. Jax explained to me why they are returning and why they had left in the first place. It’s scary to think there is a war happening outside of this now called home. Jax also mentioned that it was a good idea that I attend as I’m the Luna to this pack, which caused a mix of emotions. One being gratitude, that Jax thinks I’m strong enough to lead, and the other being fear. Could I lead a pack, most likely not. I’m still fighting my struggles.

I’m pulled by my thoughts when over twenty wolves sprint towards us. I try not to be intimidated, but the pace they are coming at me is frightening. I hide slightly behind Jax just in case of attack but relax when they all shift back. Clearly, they shift back with no clothes on, meaning they are naked. Completely naked.

Jax growls and grunts, “Cover yourself up!” To which the males cover their privates with their hands, and the females follow suit. “The members from Silvermoon Pack, welcome. Dimitri will show you to your rooms and we will host a small feast so everyone can settle in comfortably. And to the members returning, welcome back. I would like to express my gratitude for helping our ally. It means a great deal to me. Go and get some well-deserved rest. You’re all dismissed.”

Everyone starts walking past us and I keep my gaze diverted to the ground, not looking any male in the eye, but instead lock my eyes on a female who is coming straight towards Jax. Unlike the rest she doesn’t cover herself up, rather, she flaunts her tanned body confidently.

“Hey Jax baby, did you miss me?” She asks seductively. She then leans forward and kisses his cheek, lingering there longer than she needs to. As she kisses him she presses her chest against his with an unnecessary force. I hear a sharp inhale and a small whisper of, “You smell tasty as ever.”

“Hi Samantha, welcome back,” he replies with a tight voice. He then releases my hand to places both of his hands on her shoulders to gently push her away.

The so-called Samantha then turns her gaze to me and looks me up and down. “And you are?”

I take a second to respond, too shocked by her attitude. “The Luna.”

“Well, I never heard such a thing, otherwise I would have had to be there for the Luna ceremony, so pipe down, you little pup.”

“That’s enough Samantha,” Jax says in my defense.

I am overwhelmed by a sudden strong surge of violence. I feel myself losing control and wild growls escape from my lips.

"I think you should leave Samantha," Jax says with authority.

"Okay, baby. I'll come by your room later." And with that, she strides into the packhouse, not before she gives a cheeky wink at Jax and then gives me another once over.

How dare she flirt with him in front of her. I’m his mate, not this muffin head. Was it not obvious enough I was his mate? Was I not good enough? Or was it usual for him to be seen with multiple females? Was I just another one of those? How could this happen to me? Especially after I open up to him.

As the distance between me and her grows, I start to gain some control and am now filled with despair.

"I can explain," I hear, but the rest is muffled as the only sound I can hear is my heartfelt sobs...

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