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Chapter 26


I’m sitting in Jax’s office, watching my mate do his Alpha duties. I’m specifically watching how his arms flex whenever he moves to write down something, and how his frown deepens whenever he is reading something. I’m extremely lucky to have a mate like

Yesterday night, after the whole Samantha incident, I and Jax had another dinner with Jax’s mum as she wanted to try out a new recipe and see what we thought of it. I for one loved it and managed to eat over half of the meal, which is an achievement.

We then went back home and snuggled in bed, binge-watching movies till we drifted off. Jax was shirtless, which meant I got to cuddle up to his warmth. After years of living in nothing but what felt like a fridge, I tend to want to feel toasty nowadays.

“I like it when you watch me, baby, it’s cute,” my mate says with a smirk, catching me in the act. He always knows what I am doing, without even looking at me.

I quickly drop my gaze, and a blush covers my face. People say when you start to grow feelings for your mate, you have butterflies in your belly, so why then do I feel like I have fat pigeons flapping about instead? Whenever I am around him, I get so nervous, and this overflowing giddy feeling, but in a good way.

Knowing that he loves me makes me feel special. I have never felt this way before. It’s comforting to think that he knows my past, and yet still decided he wants me to be his mate and his Luna.

I haven’t told Jax this yet, but I feel like I am starting to fall for him. Why wouldn’t I? He knows everything I went through yet is still here with me. He doesn’t think I’m some broken, monstrous human. But what if... what if he is waiting to hurt me, catch me when I least expect it, or even send me back to my dad. No, Hayley, don’t think like that. Jax would never do that to me...would he?


He loves you. Stop with these absurd thoughts. Don’t be silly and go with the flow. The pained face he gave me when he saw glimpses of my past will forever be etched in my memory. It was heartbreaking to see. I didn’t want Jax to hear about my past, let alone see it as I didn’t want to get hurt again, and yet him knowing has brought us closer.

Jax continues his work whilst I continue to ogle him. Not long after, Jax looks up at me and says, “I’m taking you out on a date if you will allow me.” Our first date was incredible, I have no doubt this one will be the same. Dancing with Jax in the field is still one of my favourite memories of us.

“Where are we going?” I ask.

“It’s a surprise baby,” he says with a flirty wink.

Jax begins to put away his work stuff when a knock at the door distracts him. “Come in,” Jax says with voice full of authority.

Dimitri peers in and says, “Sorry to disturb you Alpha, but I thought you would like to see this straight away,” He pauses before continuing. “The council sent a letter regarding finding your mate.”

“They catch on fast. What do they want to know about Hayley?” Jax asks. I sit and wonder how they found out so quickly. I didn’t realize it was so important to know about me being the soon-to-be Luna.

“Well... they w-want to k-know w-w-when...”

“Just spit it out, Dimitri.”

“They want to know when you will have pups. They are very...persistent in their letter. Especially as you are six years late in finding your mate, they want them as soon as possible so they know the pack is stable and has an heir. I am sorry to have to talk about your... intimacy Alpha, especially in front of your mate,”

“Right. Thanks, Dimitri, I will handle this. First my mum now the council,” he sighs. Jax glances towards me and sees the panic in my eyes, and reassures me, Don’t worry about them, baby, we will go at the pace we are comfortable with. I can deal with them, so don’t panic. Nothing has changed.” He walks over to me with confidence and rests a comforting hand on my knee, reassuring me.

Jax’s eyes glaze over, mindlinking someone, and when I look towards Dimitri, his eyes are glazed over as well. I sit back in my seat, allowing them to their private discussion, but get slightly cautious. What are they talking about? Me? The council? My dad? No, Jax promised he wouldn’t tell anyone. Maybe it’s just pack related. Yeah, that’s it. Pack related.

After a few more moments, both their eyes return to normal and act as if nothing happened. Suspicious much?

“You may leave Dimitri. And also, I am taking the afternoon off, would you mind being in charge until I come back, but of course mindlink me if necessary.”

“Of course, Alpha,” he says as he bows his head at us both and walks out the door. When Dimitri leaves, I bite my fingernails, gearing myself up to ask the question that I’m itching to ask.

“What were you and Dimitri... talking about?”

“Oh, just something that we have to do later, nothing to worry about baby,” he says innocently.

Didn’t seem like nothing to me. But if I needed to know anything, I trust Jax that he would tell me. Jax continues to tidy his desk up when another knock at the door echos the room.

Jax breathes in deeply, smelling the person, before saying, “Enter.” The door slowly pries open, and a head pops through. Rose.

“Hello Rose, come in. How can I help you today?” he asks in full Alpha mode.

When Rose fully walks into the room, her eyes glance at me, and panic flashes through them before it disappears just as quickly as it came.

"I was wondering if I could talk to you about something."

"Of course, anything," he says, expecting her to continue.

Rose hesitates before saying, "Could we perhaps do it privately?" I look over at Jax and notice a frown on his face. I can tell he isn't pleased that Rose won't talk about the matter in front of me, as he sees me as his Luna, despite not having the Luna ceremony, so technically I am not the official Luna of Midnight Rose Pack. But for an Alpha, it is important that his pack members trust his Luna, as it makes the pack stronger.

"Sure. Come back to my office same time tomorrow to discuss this issue of yours."

"Thank you, Alpha." She bows her head towards Jax and surprisingly, she turns to me and does the same. Why is she now acting nice to me? Is it because Jax is in the room? When she raises her head, she looks at me for a few more seconds with a sympathetic gaze, before leaving and closing the door quietly behind her.

Jax must have noticed our brief encounter, as he asks, "What was that about, honey?"

"I don't know... she scares me a little. She was asking questions...about my past. It seemed weird."

"I'm assuming you haven't told Rose about what happened in Bloodnight Pack." To which I answer with a shake of the head.

"Hmm. How odd. I'll have a little look into it, maybe she will talk about it with me tomorrow when I see her. I'll inform Axton to let him know she isn't allowed near you, but if anything else happens, make sure to tell me straight away honey, so I can help you."

"Thank you." At least I won't have to worry about her scaring me anymore.

"I'll just go change and I'll be right back," he tells me after he finally finishes packing everything up. He leans down and gives a sweet kiss on my lips before sauntering out the door.


As I walk up to mine and Hayley's bedroom, I immediately know something is off. Using my senses, I figure out who is nearby and roll my eyes in irritation. I barge into my room to see Samantha lying across my bed. The bed I share with my mate.

"What are you doing here Samantha," I growl, my wolf furious at the she-wolf.

"I came to see you, baby," she says. I guess her tone was meant to sound sexy, but to me, it sounds like fingernails scraping across a chalkboard.

"Leave, Samantha."

"Oh come on baby, let's have some fun," she says and walks closer and rests her hands on my chest.

I give a menacing growl and grip her wrists tightly, pulling them back. "I am your Alpha, and you will obey me. I do not want anything to do with you. I have found my Luna, and it is not you. So leave. You are not welcome here."

Without giving her the time to even think, I shove her out of my room and slam the door on her face. Only my mate gets to touch me.

For once, I am happy Hayley doesn't have werewolf senses, otherwise, Hayley would have known Samantha had been in our bedroom and it would have broken her. We have come so far together, we don't need any setbacks, especially something like Samantha...

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