Help me, Alpha

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Chapter 28


I meet Dimitri at the front of the packhouse and exchange our normal greetings. Sometimes we prefer talking about business walking around the woods, instead of my office so we’re not so couped up; we typically do this at night rather than the day, as there are fewer people around.

“What you got for me?” I ask, enjoying the brisk breeze.

“Well, when we first started tracking with just a few trackers from the pack, we would get to a certain point, a few miles south of the pack, before the trail went cold, and we couldn’t tell what direction they went. Before we had even got to that point, they had zig-zagged through the trees to hide their scent, and it worked. So, in the end, I asked a cousin of mine from another pack to come and investigate to see what he could find, as he is a damn good tracker. And him, we got another lead." I turn to Dimitri surprised. You are rarely able to track rogues; it is near impossible.

"He found a tiny blood splatter a couple of miles further east of where we had got to. We assume it was from one of the shitty rogues and then with this, we managed to track the rogues down to a small campsite tucked away in the woods, roughly 25 miles southeast from the pack," he says proudly, his wolf shining throughout awaiting praise.

"Holy shit," I whisper. I stop abruptly, absorbing all the good news. We found them. You always hope you will find them, but you never do. "That's amazing, well done Dimitri. This is why you're my Beta, you never let me down," I say. Dimitri's wolf shines through even more, and a small growl escapes his mouth as he puffs his chest out; they are clearly proud that they have impressed their Alpha.

"Going forward, I want surveillance on those rogues twenty-four-seven. I want to know about any strange movements coming from them. I don't want anyone hurt during this watch out, so if any members are spotted, and the rogues seem hostile, abort and return to the pack immediately. I'd like this started as soon as possible."

"Understood, Alpha. I'm on it."

The rogues are going to be watched, but I can't send my men out to watch the Bloodnight Pack, it wouldn't end well. Rogues don't care if other wolves who are in packs are near, because they know that they have a higher rate of death in a fight between them, as they are so detached from their wolf, they can't control themselves - this is both an advantage and a disadvantage. But if my men were to go watch Bloodnight Pack, they would most likely end up dead. They would wonder why they were watching them and see it as a sign of war. I wouldn't mind going to war with that bastard, but I do mind about the death of my warriors. I just have to hope that Alpha dickhead Mason doesn't have any tricks up his sleeves.

As we head back to the packhouse, I decide to ask Dimitri something that has been bothering me for the past few days. “Did you recognize the smell of the rogues? It seemed... familiar,” I and Aaron keep going over the smell, but we don’t know where we have smelt it from before.

“My wolf picked up on that, but I can’t put my finger on where I remember it from.”

“Hmmm, maybe it will come to me in the end.”


As Jax leaves to go do whatever it is that he has to do this late, Axton says he has a surprise for us to do. He leads me into the living room and pulls out a disc, but I can’t see the name of it. Is it a movie?

He places it into some sort of technology thing, and a few seconds later the TV flashes and the words ‘Just Dance 3’ pops up.

“This will be fun. You will like this,” Ax says with a proud smile.

“What is it?”

“It’s a dancing game. There will be people telling you what to do, so all you have to do is follow along.” Seems easy enough. “Now don’t be fooled, the dancers make it look so easy, but you will be breathing out your arse very quickly.” I laugh at his weird comment, but from the look on his face, I think he is being serious.

“Do you want to go first?” he asks.

“No, you go first. I’ll watch.”

“Oh I see, watch the expert first,” he grins. Axton scrolls through the list of songs, till he stops on a song called ‘That’s not my name’ by The Ting Tings. Ax has only just got going, and I can’t control my laughter. Watching Axton dance to this with full confidence is hilarious. I have never laughed so hard in all my life; I nearly pee myself.

After Ax’s turn and I manage to calm down, I choose ‘Toxic’ by Britney Spears and am completely embarrassed by some of the... sexual moves, but after a while, I start to get the hang of it and my confidence grows. We both end up not taking ourselves too seriously and that’s what helps us enjoy it even more.

We continue like this, switching turns where one dances, and the other one catches their breath. We choose songs like ‘It’s raining men’ and ‘Proud Mary’ and we even did a duet of ‘Hot Stuff’, which I couldn’t stop laughing at, Axton was too funny!

After my fifth song, I say, “I need to sit down!” I am exhausted. Axton was not lying, I am breathing out of my arse, however, Ax continues dancing with all of his might. His werewolf stamina definitely helps him.


I must have drifted off while Axton busted some moves, as I hear Jax and Axton’s muffled whispers near the door, before footsteps heading in my direction.

“Let’s get you to bed,” Jax says as Axton leaves the packhouse, probably going to look for his mate. I notice now that a movie is playing at a low volume, how long did I sleep for? Jax picks me up, and I cling to him like a bear. With my legs around his waist and my arms hung loosely around his neck, Jax leads us to our bedroom.

Once inside, Jax places me in our joined bathroom, in front of the mirror so we can both brush our teeth. As I rinse my mouth, Jax leaves the bathroom, to come back with one of his shirts for me to change into. With a thank you, Jax leaves me to change. He knows how comfortable I am with his scent engulfing me.

I enter the bedroom to find Jax sitting at the edge of his bed, only in his boxers, his toned chest exposed. “Come here, Sunshine,” Jax says as his arms extend, waiting for me. I wobble over to him so he can wrap his arms around my waist and rest his cheek on my stomach.

“Did everything go okay?” I ask. My only response is a hum; I guess he doesn’t want to talk about it. I close my eyes and surrender to the blissful moment.

As I start to drift off standing up, Jax gently picks me up and places me into our bed, tucking me in tightly. Jax goes over to his side and climbs in, spooning me. He pulls me closer, nestling his face into my neck. I faintly hear, “I love you,” as I drift off into a deep slumber, with my mate tightly wrapped around me.


I wake up to the sun reflecting off my face and surprisingly my mate still in bed. Normally, Jax is in his office by now, maybe he overslept. We must have shifted position in our sleep, as my head is currently resting firmly on Jax’s chest with his soft chest hair’s tickling my cheek.

I lift my face and poke Jax on his cheek to wake him. With a groan, Jax opens his eyes and peers down at me. “Go back to sleep,” he grumbles.

“You have work?” I ask confused.

“I cancelled my morning meetings so I could stay in bed with you a little longer,” he says with his eyes already shutting. I bite down on my bottom lip to hide my smile at his cuteness.

I give a quick peck on his lips before I rest my head back down and snuggle into Jax’s warmth, I notice that the two pigeons that I see every morning are huddled up together on a branch. It looks like we’re not the only ones who had a lie in.


I must gave fallen back to sleep as I wake up to find I am now alone in bed with a note on my pillow. ‘I’m sorry I had to leave you Sunshine but I had to meet with some pack members and sort some things out. Axton is already on duty, waiting outside the bedroom door. Be good. I love you - Jax.’

With a smile on my face, I stretch out my aching bones and go get ready, so Axton doesn’t have to wait any longer than he already has. I glance at the alarm clock and see that it reads 12:23. I slept in too much.

As I'm getting changed, I notice some blood on my panties. Why am I bleeding? I don't remember cutting myself down there. Maybe I should ask Jax. I've become quite reliable on him, more than I would like to admit. I choose to shove it to the back of my mind and worry about it later.

“Morning lazy bones,” Ax says as I open the door. I burst out laughing from remembering his moves from last night, and can't get the thought of him shaking his butt about. "What's so funny?"

I brush it off with a shake of the head and walk downstairs to the kitchen. I don't have to guess whether Axton is following me or not anymore, as he always is, it surprisingly had become normal to constantly have a shadow.

I skim through the cupboards, looking for something to munch on. Since leaving my birth pack, I have grown quite an appetite. I still can't eat a full meal, but I manage to eat most of what is on my plate. I am also off bland food. This means I can have things like burgers and pizzas, and basically every food I have never tried before, or can't remember what they taste like. They're all so yummy.

I decide on a cheese toasty which I have learned to make on my own thanks to the help of Axton. Once I have made one for both me and Ax, we head to the living room to fulfill our normal routine. Watching Riverdale. Axton keeps sniffing the air and looking me over, I wonder what is wrong with him.


As Rose leaves my office, Dimitri walks in and closes the door behind him. "Afternoon Alpha," he says as he sits in front of me.

"Afternoon Dimitri. Any update?" I don't have to explain what I am talking about, he already knows.

"No update, all the rogues seem normal, completely crazed, I'll keep you up to date, however, there is something else we need to talk about."


"The females are going to be in heat within the upcoming weeks." I almost forgot. "We need to come up with a plan to make sure the males don't do anything without consent."

The heat is so strong for every male wolf, it is impossible to resist, however, some wolves can, if you are a higher rank, you can control it a bit more. The smell of a female's heat is so sweet that a male simply can't leave without being satisfied, whether he has to force himself on her or not. There were many cases a couple of years ago where it was getting out of hand and men were attacking women and the females couldn't stop them. Because of this, I built an underground bunker for unmated males to stay in and even sometimes mated males. There is no way out except for using a passcode, which only myself and Dimitri know. They could throw themselves at the wall as many times as they would like, it would just throw them right back.

"Same plan as usual. Any sign of a male losing control, they go straight to the bunker until every female's heat has passed. Of course, mated couples don't go to the bunker, unless the female wants him to, we don't ask any questions if a mated she-wolf asks for this, it's not our business. We take no risks. She-wolves are vulnerable during these times, it's our job to protect them."

That explains why Samantha is so adamant about us hooking up. She wants to have someone for the season, as she is yet to find her mate. Well, I have already found mine, so the she-wolf better keep her paws to herself.

Since Hayley's wolf is dormant, she can't go into heat, but if her wolf ever comes back, I don't know whether I would be able to control myself...


I highly recommend checking the Just Dance practice that Axton was doing - 'That's not my name'. I was laughing at the thought of him dancing to this. Enjoy :)

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