Help me, Alpha

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Chapter 29


It is currently Thursday evening and Alpha Mason has summoned me to his office. As I walk into the packhouse, I quickly glance at my phone to see a text from Rose. ‘I love you, boo <3’ it reads. With a huge grin on my face, I knock on Alpha Mason’s office door and tuck my phone into my back pocket.

Rose has finally accepted our matebond. At first, she was a bit skeptical, but today she is a completely different person. Today was the most we have ever text, and I have found a lot more about her. We both have one thing in common - we both detest Hayley. Rose says Hayley is too weak to be a Luna. Oh, how right she is.

We haven't been able to meet up since we first found each other, as we have to be wary of being spotted by her pack members. Our first encounter wasn't exactly smooth. I tried to kiss her, but she pulled away practically straight away. I keep telling myself, maybe she was just nervous. I hope our next kiss goes better.

When I hear an ‘Enter’ I push my way through the door, and bow my head, submitting to my Alpha. “Any update on Hayley?” he asks.

“Well as you know, she was not harmed in the planned attack sadly, I did notice however that the subject was walking with the Alpha of Midnight Rose Pack. I'm not sure if they are just friends or... something more."

"Something more? What do you mean, Luke?"

"Maybe... they might be mates," I suggest.

"What! That not possible! There is no possible way that the stupid bitch found her mate! Let alone him being an Alpha!’ A few seconds pass, before he whispers, "Surly he wouldn’t want a weak, pathetic human as his Luna...This makes things a bit more complicated." Silence fills the room. Hayley always has to be so damn complicated.

“Well Alpha, as we're on the topic of mates, I would like to inform you that I have found my mate. She belongs to Midnight Rose Pack,” I say with a beaming smile.

“The pack where the weak bitch is staying at? Moon Goddess, I hate that pack, always causing trouble,” he frowns, staring at his desk deep in thought.

“Yes, sir,” I say, answering his question.

“Can we trust her?” he asks, looking back up at me. I know what he is really asking. Can we trust her enough to help us get what we want and for them not to find out. Thankfully, Rose hates Hayley nearly as much as we do. Earlier today, she sent paragraph after paragraph of all the things she hates about Hayley. Fate is finally playing into our hands.

“Yes we can trust her, Rose hates Hayley. She says Hayley gets on her nerves,” I smile at the thought of my gorgeous mate. When this situation is all sorted out, I can’t wait for us to have pups of our own. The thought of pups with Rose makes my wolf perk up.

“Perfect. Well done Luke, you finally did something right.” I secretly smile at the Alpha’s hidden compliment. The mess that I made is slowly but surely cleaning itself up.

“We can get our trusty friends to have a little more fun; let Hayley think she has got her freedom before we gladly rip it away from her. She will regret running away from me. I can already hear her screams of agony, oh the joy’s.” We both smirk at each other at the memories yet to come with our little toy.

“I will contact Alpha Thompson tomorrow to plan it out. I will give Alpha Thompson a list of people I would like targeted, but of course, I will tell them to not harm your mate." At least my precious mate will be safe. “This will be our revenge for them taking my beta. Billy just needs to hold on a little longer and then we can get him out of there,” he says, exasperated. “We can use this Rose of yours to our advantage in the future. She won’t be necessary for what I have in mind for the time being. Until we know for sure if we can trust her, be cautious, but if we can, then she definitely will come in great use.”

“Understood, Alpha.” I don't like the Alpha's distrust in my mate, but I understand that it is for the greater good.

“Get some rest Luke, we have nothing to stress about, we will have Hayley back safe and sound in no time,” he smiles. “Everything is panning out the way it should be. You’re dismissed.”

As I take my leave, I hear Alpha Mason mutter to himself, “They don’t know what’s about to hit them...”

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