Help me, Alpha

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Chapter 3


I don’t stop running even after I cross the borderline. In the distance behind me, I hear a howl, which was most likely letting my father know that I have escaped. Whilst I was running in Bloodnight Pack, I must have dropped Luke’s keycard, as it is no longer in my hands.

This was not good. They are going to be after me. You see, abusing a fellow pack member, human or not, is against pack laws. If any wolf is found out that they abused or tortured another wolf in their pack, the punishment is death.

I know that they are going to hunt me down because if I tell anyone about what they did to me, the whole pack will die from the punishment given by the council of werewolves, but if I tell anyone, they will most definitely kill me themselves.

I push those nasty thoughts to the back of my head and just keep running. After a short amount of distance, I collapse to the ground, panting like a dog.

I try and fight to stay awake but I am exhausted. My body isn’t used to having to move so much. I’m used to a tiny cell, not all this free space.

My eyes close on their own, even though I am internally screaming at myself to stay awake... but I can’t.


I wake to the sound of birds chirping. I try to open my eyes, but the sun beaming at me prevents me from doing so. I keep one eye closed while I scout with the other. Taking in my surroundings, I notice that I am lying in the middle of a forest with trees enclosing me. I open my other eye whilst I wobbly get up. Feeling light-headed, I lose my balance and I bash into a near tree and scrap my head and arms - cutting them both open, with blood oozing out of them.

It takes me a few minutes to come back to my senses, but the burning pain coming from my open wounds continues. You would think I could handle this pain, especially since I have endured loads of torment; my scars are evidence of this. I apply pressure to my head wound, as I noticed in my cell that it saved some of the pain for the future.

I start walking the opposite way I came, whilst holding my injured arm. I start to realize that I am in rogues territory instead of another pack, as there are no buildings or guards in the area. This is bad. This means I am in danger. Rogues are ruthless and will kill no matter what. They don’t care about anyone other than themselves. They are crazy.

My speed quickens as my thoughts go wild. When I was younger, before I was locked away, I used to read all about the surrounding territories to my now previous pack and read about wolf laws as I had Alpha blood inside of me. I thought I should know this stuff to try and impress my dad. If I remember correctly, there is a small amount of rogue territory, but on either side of it, there is other packs land. The books I read used to say that rogues are deranged and psycho, but I have never seen one in person, so I am not sure if it is true or not. Once a person becomes a rogue, people say that they lose their humanity.

My mind wanders to my mum. I can never tell anyone what happened. They will know I was born a monster and if they know I am capable of killing my mother, then they know I am capable of killing anyone. They will lock me up and torture me all over again, for years on end.

My thoughts are cut short as a white wolf, coated in mud, making its fur matted, comes out from behind a tree, on my right. I freeze in complete and utter fear. It’s a rouge. It is going to kill me. The wolf crouches and pulls its mouth back exposing its canines. Turns out, rogues are as insane as the books said they were.

Normal people would scream, but because I have been beaten into submission I just turn and sprint to my left. I run as fast as I possibly can.

It didn’t take long for the rogue to catch up to me.

I don’t know where I am going, but I just have to keep running. I have just escaped from my hell hole. I am not about to die from a rogue on my first day of being free.

I push myself using all the anger I have steaming from my dad to make me run faster, even if it bursts my lungs. Behind me, I can hear teeth snapping together, which only feds my adrenaline more. ‘Just keep going! Don’t look back!’ I chant in my head repeatedly.

The rogue was gaining on me.

The snapping gets closer to me with each step I take and it doesn’t stop until it grabs my oversized (meant to be white) T-shirt, which belongs to Luke, and pulls me back. I land upright with a thud and a set of teeth staring down at me. Drool drops onto my face, but I don’t have time to wipe it away as the rogue grabs my shirt and starts shaking me like a rag doll. Grass sticks to my hair, by using the dirt as a sort of glue. Tears stream down my sunken face in panic.

I start thrashing around and I manage to hit the rogue in the snout with my foot. Although shoeless, the kick manages to distract him long enough whilst I clumsily stagger myself to my feet and sprint off again. My breathing comes out in short pants, and I feel my lungs ready to burst.

I head away from the rogue, hoping to somehow outrun the psycho. Whilst I am running, I don’t realize that I have entered another pack’s territory. It was only until a massive, jet black wolf that radiated power, came into my line of vision and I collapse from relief and exhaustion.

“Help me, Alpha,” I mutter, and then everything blackens...

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