Help me, Alpha

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Chapter 32


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As Axton, Lily, and I start walking back to the packhouse I spot the same two pigeons I see every morning outside my bedroom window staring down at me from what looks like an oak tree. I give them a small smile and continue my pace until I notice that they are flying branch to branch as if they are following me.

Why would they be following me? It must just be a coincidence. I know werewolves are not exactly normal to humans, but this type of behavior is not normal to werewolves. The strangest part of all of this is that I didn’t feel scared. I feel at peace.

They continue following me until we make it to the front of the packhouse, then suddenly, they fly off in between two massive trees that are marginally shaped like a doorway. They weren’t following me, they were leading me somewhere.

I grab hold of Axton’s arm, who is still holding Lily’s hand, and pull him with me, so we follow in the same direction as the two birds. “Hayley, what are you doing?” he asks with a tone of curiosity. Too caught up in my thoughts, instead of telling him, I show him. I weave myself through the branches with my friends in tow, until I come to a small clearing littered with various types of flowers, ranging from bright yellow sunflowers to delicate pastel tulips. I continue gazing about my surrounding in awe when I spot a small waterfall behind a bunch of mossy rocks gently flowing at a calming rate. On top of one of those rocks, sat the same two pigeons tilting their heads against each other. This is what they wanted to show me. But what for?

Was this their home? No, they have a nest on the tree outside my window. So why did they want me here? What was their reason for showing me this? “Wow. This place is beautiful,” I hear Axton whisper. “I almost forget this existed.” I turn to Axton with the intent of why this area is not more popular. “This used to be where all the pack events used to be because it was so relaxing, it would help any tension, but when the pack expanded I guess it got forgotten about. It didn’t help that everything has grown over, so there is no easy access.” He was right. It was hidden.

I continue my stroll, brushing my fingertips against the flower’s heads. I take a deep breath in and just freeze. Freeze everything. Frozen in serenity. Nothing was around me except for the cool breeze and gentle chirps echoing through the forest. I imagined it was just me in this enchanted field, completely free of everything. Just me, surviving one day more at a time. No one else.

But that’s not the case anymore. I’m not alone. I have Jax. Axton. Lily. Dimitri. I have a pack to lead. There isn’t just me to think about, there are hundreds of other people who will rely on me to help them. They have been waiting all their life for their new leader, and it’s about time I start living up to their expectations. It’s a strange thing really, but when I’m helping other people, I forget about my troubles, and that seems to help. My mind is distracted from the demons that haunt me at night. Maybe if I focused more on my pack, that will in turn heal me. Jax has been keeping things from me. I know this because since Aurora has been returning, I have been able to see inside Jax’s mind. Not much, but enough to know what is going on. And that my father is behind it all. Whenever Jax is around, I have been trying not to think of all of this as I don’t want Jax to know until I come up with a plan. Jax is in a difficult situation because of me. Having to hide things from his pack because I don’t want them to know about my past. Not anymore.

It is my job to help them, yet here I am putting them in danger because of selfish reasons. Just because I am scared. There is not enough time to be scared though, I need to face it once and for all. That means we need to inform the council to help stop this. If not, lives will be lost and their blood will be on my hands. Jax has respected my wishes of not saying anything to the council because I don’t want a repeat of anything, but I could be saving tens if not more lives. If that means I have to put my life in danger again, so be it. As that is was a real Luna would do. It’s not a choice of if I’m ready to be Luna anymore, it is whether I have to protect my pack and stand up for what is right. Although my choice has gone, this is the right thing that I must do.

What helps though is that I now know Jax would never allow anything to happen to me, and with that, I can fully believe that I can help stop murders happening and also not have to go through anything like I have the past nineteen years again. I need to create a plan with Jax to tell my pack and the council of the threat that is emerging before something terrible happens.

It’s ironic really. I’m now calling the pack, ‘my’ pack. Only a few weeks ago did I think I was going to die and here I am, to be the soon-to-be Luna. I used to call this pack Jax’s pack, but I now have a connection to this place. Although I haven’t made much effort, it was still a lot of effort for me, given my circumstances. It may be small, but it is progress. That is better than nothing. With Jax’s kind words about how I can be a true Luna earlier this morning, I know I will be able to do it. Maybe not a first. Maybe not for another couple of months. But eventually, I will be able to do everything a Luna should. Oh, how things change quickly. “You should get married here,” Axton says, pulling me out of my internal discussion. How does he know about that? I still hadn’t had the chance to tell either of them since we found Lily in the state that she was.

“Your ring,” he points to my left hand, “I noticed it the moment I met up with you, I wasn’t going to say anything as I was waiting for you to tell me, but I couldn’t wait any longer, and yes I know about human traditions. I was a hopeless romantic growing up.” he chuckles. Sensing my surprise that he saw something that hasn't even been on my finger for that long, he continues, “It’s my job to notice everything that regards you, Hayley. And also that rock on your finger is super shiny. And when the sun hit it, it reflected straight into my eyes, nearly blinding me half to death, so it was hard not to miss. I guess congratulations are in order.” Giggling at Axton being Axton I head back other to where little and large are. “When do you guys plan on getting married?”

“Sunday. We have it as soon as possible,” I explain.

Thinking about what Axton first said, maybe he is right. Jax and I should get married here. Maybe that’s why the pigeons lead me this way. Because it is the perfect place. I will have to talk to Jax about it, see what he thinks and whether he would like it or not. It could also have been because I needed an awakening. A place to think quietly about the things I need to do.

“Come on, let’s head back,” I say. Once again, hand in hand, the three of us head back to the packhouse, finally ready to play some Just Dance.


We played Just Dance and even a couple of rounds of UNO until it was time for Lily to go to bed. She was drained. Although I’m not surprised, she has had a very busy day. Especially with those mean pups who I have not forgotten about. They will be taught a very firm lesson.

The first step to being a Luna is protecting her pack. I may not be ready to lead, but I will protect. No one ever protected me when growing up, so I know how horrible it feels, and I would never want anyone else to have to go through that.

I’m currently on my way to Jax’s office with Axton. I’ve spent all day going over want I want to say. Nothing is going to stop me now. Not even my fears.

I gently knock on the door. “Come in, Sunshine.” With a smile at his nickname, I open the door for both of us and walk towards my mate. I bend down to give a tender kiss on his lips before rubbing my cheek against his; a sign of appreciation.

When I pull away, I turn to Axton. “Would you mind a few minutes, please?” I need to do this privately firstly. And also, as Jax still has to work for another few hours, I know after my talk with him I will have to go back with Axton.

“Of course. Alpha. Hayley,” he bows. He closes the door behind him as I turn back to Jax. Inhaling deeply, I start pacing back and forth as the nerves eat away at me.

“What’s wrong, baby?” He stands immediately, striding over to me and holding my hands in a firm grip to stop them from shaking.

“I want to talk to you about something.” Reeling over everything in my mind, I try to decide where I should start.

“Okay. I’m all ears.” His hands caress my arms, soothing my tight muscles. Inhale. Exhale. I’ve got this.

“I know something bad is happening. Since my wolf has been coming back...I’ve had glimpses into your mind. You think there is a war coming,” take a deep breath, “because of my...father.” Shock and panic etch across Jax’s face. He didn’t know that I knew. Defeat etches across his face. He knows he can’t escape this one.

“I didn’t want to scare you. You have been through enough already. I was just trying to help,” he says in defense.

Placing my hand on his cheek, I say, “I know. But the thing is... I’m not scared anymore. I have you, so I feel safe.” With that being said, I completely open my mind so Jax can read it. I have been able to control shutting it down with more practice, but times like now are when it is particularly helpful.

I let him see that I want him to tell his pack about my past. Let them know who is trying to hurt them. To protect them. And to do so, he has to tell the council. About me. About the attacks. About everything. And why it has to be done. To save families. To save lives. This has to be done.

Jax seems taken aback but my thoughts. He doesn’t say anything for a while, just staring into my eyes, until he finally speaks. “Are you sure about this? I don’t want you to feel pressured into doing this. If not, it’s okay. We can figure out another way,” he says, unsure of himself.

A small smile tugs on my lips at how even now Jax still wants to protect me. “I’m as sure as the fact that I love you,” I say, proving how serious I am. He walks over the window that overlooks the entire pack grounds, stewing everything over. I stand still, like a fool, waiting for him to finally talk.

After a few minutes of Jax clenching and unclenching his fists, he finally turns around and rambles, “If I have your full permission, we can come up with a plan. We will need to tell the council...but they will want proof. I have no hard evidence that links Mason and his pack to the attack. We need to find a way to put the two together. Evidence that shows Mason is working with rogues.”

“Can we get proof?” I ask.

Jax returns to thinking deeply before he remembers. “I’m meant to have a meeting with Dimitri soon about if the surveillance team has found anything. I sent a team to watch the rogues after we found their campsite, to see if we could catch anything suspicious. I also have a team watching Bloodnight Pack. And then there’s...Rose.”

Rose? What has he been doing with Rose? I saw nothing about Rose when I could see in his mind. “No! Nothing like that. Nothing is going on between me and Rose. I will explain everything soon. But with all of this, we should be able to find concrete evidence that can certainly convict Bloodnight Pack, because otherwise, at the moment, it’s just accusations.”

“What do we do now?”

“We create a plan. I’ll mindlink Dimitri, Axton, and Rose to come here now, to start discussing everything.” Just then, his eyes glaze over - doing exactly what he said he would do. When his eyes return to normal, they fill with pride and adoration. “You are so brave, Hayley. You will make a brilliant Luna.” He leans down slowly, savoring the moment, before connecting our lips. It’s a slow kiss but is filled with passion and love. He pulls away moments later. I gasp for air at the sudden raw emotion. His thumb brushes over my lip as his eyes study my features. “I’m so lucky to have a mate as good as you, Hayley. I love you.”

“I love you too.” Not long after, there is a heavy knock on the door.

“Are you sure about this?” he asks one last time. The only response he needs from me is a nod before he walks over and opens the door, inviting the members in.

Dimitri, Axton, and Rose bow to their Alpha and then turn to me, doing the same. Acknowledging me as their Luna. My face grows red at their respect and I turn my head to Jax for support. He nods his head with a smirk on his lips as if to say ‘get used to it’. I divert my gaze to the floor hoping to find more help from that than my mate.

“Thank you all for coming on such short notice, but there is something urgent that needs to be addressed.” Jax gestures towards the large, corner sofa in his office. “Please. Sit.” All three sit down. Rose furthest away, closest to the door, Axton in the middle, and Dimitri closest to Jax’s desk, who has a folder resting on his lap. A sudden heat works through my body as I think about all the make-out sessions Jax and I have shared on that sofa. Too many to count.

Jax’s smirk grows, reading my thoughts before he cups my hand and leads me to his chair behind his desk. He sits down first and places me on his lap, wrapping his arms tightly around me.

“I’m going to get straight to the point. We can all feel something evil approaching. Our wolves can sense it. That is because of a neighboring pack. Bloodnight Pack to be exact; they have been working with rogues. The Alpha of Bloodnight Pack is Hayley’s father. He is the one that caused the attack on us not that long ago and they all will return until they get what they want,” Jax says, pulling me even closer to him, so there is no gap between us as if to reassure both himself and his wolf that I’m still here.

“Why did they attack us? What do they want?” Axton asks confused.

“Me,” I whisper in a small voice.

“What!” Axton bellows, standing up while his eyes flicker to a dark shade of brown, almost black, as his wolf starts to arrive.

“Calm your wolf down, Axton. Now!” Jax says in his Alpha command, causing any wolf to submit to his wishes. “I’m just as angry as you are about this all, but you losing control of your wolf won’t help this situation. They want Hayley because... of the disgusting things they did to her year after year. They know it’s illegal to hurt another wolf who is in the same pack, so they want to get Hayley before she says anything, but they are too late. The Moon Goddess allowed the matebond to show me what happened to Hayley, but they don’t know this, so that’s why they’re still trying instead of running with their tales between their legs.”

“Why though? Why would they even hurt Hayley in the first place?” Dimitri pipes in.

“My mummy died giving birth to me. They blame me and...because my wolf left...making me human,” I say looking down, gripping Jax closer to me for protection, scared of their reaction. Just in case.

“That’s ridiculous!” Axton shouts again. “You had no control of that! I’m sorry your mother died Hayley, but that is not your fault. It’s no one’s fault! Instead, they blame it on an innocent child! Absurd! And, it doesn’t matter if you are human, you have Alpha blood in you, so it’s not as if you aren’t a part of our species!” Axton says, completely furious. Agreement fills the air as Jax, Dimitri, and even Rose nod to what Axton said. They don’t blame me. No one blames me except that disgusting pack. Finally. People see my side. I didn’t want my mother to die. I didn’t want my wolf to go either. I didn’t have a choice. Tears prick my eyes as I finally see, it was never my fault. Any of it. I’m completely innocent, as Axton said. I just got blamed for it as no one could except that it was an act of the Moon Goddess. The Moon Goddess did this for a reason - to show how my father was a terrible Alpha. It was all part of her plan. We were all just pawns in her game, but that is how the werewolf world was. That’s how it had to be.

Jax’s arms tighten around me, holding me close to let me know he stands with me. “Exactly, so we need to hold them accountable for their actions by going to the council. However, the council will want proof otherwise there is nothing they can do. We need to find proof that shows what Mason and his pack have done. Our other option is to go to war with them, but so many lives would be lost, so I think the safest option is to go to the council and let them do their rightful job. Our part is to provide the proof.”

The room goes silent as we each think of a way to show that my old pack is to blame for the attack and the near-deaths of so many pack members.

“What about the rogue we caught? Has he finally said anything?” Jax asks, as he suddenly has a brain wave.

“He killed himself last night. I’m not surprised really, he was never going to betray the rogues. It was either snitch on the rogues meaning we would let him go and then he would end up dead by them for his betrayal or he keeps his mouth shut and has to be tortured till the day he dies because of his crimes. He was dead either way.”

“Fuck,” Jax curses under his breath. “That doesn’t help us.”

“No, but this might,” Dimitri perks up, “I was told this morning by the surveillance team at the rogue’s campsite that they saw Alpha Mason talking to one of the rogues, who we believe is in charge of all the rogues in the early morning. He already know him, which fits with what you said. They were smiling and shaking hands. Our team got a few photos of their exchange.” He opens the folder on his lap and pulls out multiple pictures. “Here.” He walks over to Jax and me and places them in Jax’s stretched-out hand.

There he was. My father. The man who has ruined my life, and now wants me dead. Pain used to feel me at the sight of him, but now all I feel is anger. I want him to pay for what he did to me. A growl escapes my lips at the disgusting sight in front of me. Aurora. My wolf pushes me to the back of my mind, taking charge.

Jax tilts my chin towards him as he reads my eyes. He knows Aurora is in control. “Hello, mate.” Jax closes his eyes for a second before opening them, only now his wolf, Aaron is there. This is the first time they have had an interaction with each other. Purrs fill the room from the both of us. Aaron is calming Aurora. I let her enjoy her moment with her mate. She deserves it. Eventually, when she realizes there is no immediate danger, she retreats to my mind, giving me complete control again. A few seconds later, Jax does the same.

“I’m sorry, I don’t kno...” I start before being interrupted.

“Don’t apologize. It’s good she is coming out. Aaron already loves her as he loves you,” he says with his infamous smile. Blush, for the thousandth time today fills my face. “I love when you blush,” he whispers in my ear as his fingers hold my chin firmly in place. A cough is heard, reminding me that there are other people in the room. Jax reluctantly draws his fingers away, and instead settles them on my lap, gripping my thigh. His touch ignites so many things inside of me.

“Right, where were we?” Jax asks. “Oh yes. This could really help us. It proves that Mason is working with the rogues... the only problem is that it doesn’t link to anything. The council will say it’s insignificant.”

“What about the attack only a few weeks ago? We know they did that and we have the CCTV to prove it. Can’t we link the photo to that?” Rose asks. She has a point. We could clearly show that the same wolves attacked our pack under the orders of my father.

“We can’t link the two. As Dimitri said, the photo was taken today, so it doesn’t show Mason orchestrated that attack from weeks ago. Nothing links that attack to these photos. The only possible way to link the photos is if we have another attack from the same rogues in the photo and CCTV. Which gets me to my next point.” Jax gently pats my thigh as if to warn me for the following information.

A sharp inhale is heard from across the room, bracing themself, before Jax says, “Luke is Rose’s mate.”


That’s what I felt. That monster had a mate. And she was sitting more than a few meters in front of me. Claws started to sprout from my fingertips as I was losing control. Aurora was taking over again. All I could think about was all the pain I have had to endure from Luke and I could finally make him suffer... by hurting Rose.

“Calm. Down.” Jax says in his Alpha command. Jax has never used that tone on me before. I know why he did it, but why would he protect her. I immediately calm down, submitting to my Alpha, however, Aurora continues to growl in my mind, not giving up as easily. She doesn’t see him as her rightful Alpha yet. Our last Alpha broke me completely, so much so Aurora became dormant, so she doesn’t trust Jax as much as I do. She will need to spend more time with him to realize he is nothing like our father.

“Rose is Luke’s mate, but she doesn’t love him. She is on our side. She knows what he did to you, and has been helping me trick Luke into thinking that she is on their side,” Jax says with intent to calm me down, but all it does is scare me even more. How does she know what he did to me? Did Jax tell her? When he said he wouldn’t tell anyone? He promised me. What has she been doing with Jax? If she has been helping Jax, that means she knew everything before coming here. Why did he never tell me? Dread fills through me. I start to get up to put some space between me and my mate, but Jax holds me in place, not letting me leave.

Jax, reading my thoughts, manages to answer all of my rushing questions. “The Moon Goddess made the matebond show Rose what the truth is. That Luke is a piece of shit by showing her the things that he did to you. Just like how the Moon Goddess showed me everything. I never told her anything. I kept my promise. It was only until Rose came to my office a few days ago asking to talk to me did she explain.” Jax diverts his gaze to Rose, telling her to continue what happened.

Rose shifts uncomfortably in her seat, diverting her eyes everywhere but mine. “I met...Luke at the border a few weeks ago, before the attack. Everything was fine at first, but he said we couldn’t be together straight away, that he needed time. I found it odd, but agreed because...well he is my mate, I didn’t think he would do anything bad. I didn’t want to seem needy so I agreed. I left shortly after, but not before he told me that I couldn’t tell anyone. Again, I didn’t know what else to do, so I agreed. At the time, I didn’t want him to leave me, I had just found my mate and was over the moon, so I did whatever he asked for,” she says defeated.

“I didn’t hear from him until I got a text from a random number saying to ‘Be careful’. The next thing I knew, there was an attack on the pack. So, whoever had text me knew what was going to happen. I didn’t know it was from Luke until when I got out of the bunker, my wolf was getting excited, meaning he was nearby. I could sense it. So I ended up searching for him and found him at the very edge of the border again. That’s when it hit me. I saw...I saw all the horrible things he had done to you. I had to watch him torment a child and I couldn’t do anything to stop him. It showed me that he knew of the attack. I managed to hide that I saw everything and ran away as soon as I could because I didn’t want him to find out that I knew just in case he would hurt me,” she sobs, tears streaming down her cheeks. “I want to formally apologize for everything that Luke has done to you. I am sorry I am mated to him, but I want you to know that once this is all over, I will reject him. I will never be mated to a pig that has done those shameful crimes,” Rose spews.

Rose stands abruptly, before walking closer to me, and then gets on her knees, neck bent completely, eyes on the ground. Total submission. She was submitting to me to show that she saw me as her Luna, and her loyalty remained to me, not her mate. I stand and walk over to her. Kneeling in front of her, I wrap my arms around her, giving her the hug I knew she needed. She wraps her arms around me, as we both cry at the memories from the same monster. This was destroying her. To know her mate caused so much damage was eating her alive. She has to know it’s not her fault.

“It’s okay, Rose. I don’t blame you. It’s not your fault,” I say softly. This only makes her cry harder, but I think she can now feel comfort in the fact that she did nothing wrong.

When we both finally calmed down, Rose rubs her cheek against mine as a sign of affection and gratitude. I stand first and go back over to where I belong. On Jax’s lap. Rose takes her seat on the sofa, composing herself. Axton reaches over to Rose and squeezes her hand to show his support. I smile at his generous manners.

“When Rose told me all of this, I assumed that the unknown number was in fact Luke because if not, that’s bad timing. It’s strange that Rose gets a text from an unknown number and then her mate pops up who she hasn’t spoken to in days. It didn't sit right with me, so I gambled with it. Luckily it paid off, and the unknown number is Luke. Since then, I have been pretending to be Rose when texting him in order to trick him. He isn’t the smartest of pups that’s for sure. He started telling me everything nearly straight away. As he warned Rose before the attack I am almost positive that he will warn her again, meaning will we know when the next attack will be. This way we can be prepared and when they strike again, which they will, we can use that as proof for the council,” Jax says.

“So we don’t have to worry about an unknown attack?” Axton asks for confirmation.

“No. I have Rose’s phone on me at all times, so I will know straight away when the attack is planned for. Luke wouldn’t want harm to come to his mate, so he will tell her in advance to protect her. And to plan an attack takes days if not weeks, so as these photos were from this morning, then we have time before their next attempt,” Jax explains.

"So you guys can still get married on Sunday?" Axton asks with a hint of excitement. Jax turns to me with surprise.

"He found out," I say in defense. Dimitri and Rose offer us their congratulations with a smile on both of their faces.

Jax thinks it over before saying, "Unless I receive a message from Luke, I don't see why we can't get married on Sunday. The next couple of days will be when females' heat is bearable for them not to get hurt by others, after that we have to sort restrictions out. So, it's the best possible time, given the circumstances." Jax glances down at me with a ghost of a smile before placing his lips on the top of my head.

"The last thing before you go, I will be holding a pack meeting tomorrow morning to announce mine and Hayley's engagement. I have decided not to inform them about the threat as I believe it will do more harm than good. Everything is under control, so I do not want to worry the pack. I, however, will have a separate meeting with the warriors to warn them about the potential threat so they know to be cautious. Let's keep this as private as possible, please," Jax says. A chorus of 'yes Alpha' is heard

"Right, if I have covered everything, I want to thank you all for coming and for your help. You're dismissed," Jax finishes. All three stand and bow their heads. Rose still has tear stains on her cheeks, showing her pain. I pray the Moon Goddess gives Rose a second mate, as she deserves anyone better than Luke. He is the lowest of the low. Everyone files out of the room, the door closing softly behind them.

As soon as the door was shut, I couldn't help myself. My lips found his in an instant, hungry for attention. My fingers thread through his hair, tugging on the ends, causing a growl to escape from his swollen lips.

His hands are everywhere. Firmly on the back of my neck, grasping my waist before they settle on my butt, gripping hard. Butterflies flutter in my stomach, and all I want is him. His lips litter soft kisses down my neck, along my collarbone, before sucking on my jaw. Amongst our heavy breathing, I hear myself moaning Jax's name. His lips find mine again before he whispers, "Say my name again, Hayley." Without any control, I follow his orders.

"Jax," I breathe. Clutching his shoulders, I pull him closer to me so our chests are touching. Too caught up in a haze, I hadn't noticed that I was now straddling my mate. Our tongues fought against each other, trying to dominate the kiss. Of course, Jax won; I never stood a chance against his strength. Running out of air, I reluctantly pull away.

Jax rests his forehead against mine for a few seconds as both of us catch our breath. A smile forms on my face at the overwhelming happiness that bubbles inside of me. He moves closer to me, his breath tickling my ear. “Very soon, my love, you will become Mrs. Lauder...”


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