Help me, Alpha

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Chapter 33


I'm back baby! So, the plan is to update every Friday until this book is done. I have so many ideas for future books which I hope you guys will like, but I will not upload those until this book is done as I have a commitment to Hayley and Jax.

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Today's the day I get married. A huge smile finds its way on my face at the thought. I was told that it was normal to get nervous on days like these, but I have not had one tiny bit of anxiety. I am marrying the love of my life, so there is nothing to be panicked about. With Hayley, everything is easy, it's like breathing. It will be a beautiful day that I will remember.

Everything is planned for; Hayley and I decided it all last night. We want to have a night wedding outside so the Moon Goddess can watch down on and celebrate with us. We will have it when the moon is at its highest, so she can bless us and accept our bond. Once the ceremony is over, the whole pack will go for a run, and of course, Hayley will ride on me, as she is yet to be able to shift.

Hayley told me about where she would like for us to get married. Truth be told, that was the place my dad died during the rogue attack all those years ago. I used to visit that same spot and talk to him every day, but in the end, it would just bring back painful memories. At the same time, I had to step up and be Alpha, so I couldn't look weak in front of my members. The pack already looked vulnerable with the death of an Alpha, so I didn't want any packs thinking we weren't strong enough and try to claim our land. Since then, I haven't visited, but I think it will be good that Hayley and I get married there. It will be like he is with us. I didn't tell Hayley this as I didn't want her to change her mind. It's good that she is pushing me out of my comfort zone. I never thought I would be able to go back there, but once again, Hayley makes everything seem possible.

Britney, a member of my pack, who owns a clothing store helped Hayley pick her dress yesterday. I haven't seen the dress she chose, but I am definitely counting down the hours of when I can. While Hayley was doing that, I was scheduling the patrol for during the wedding. I couldn't come up with a plan where all members get to attend and the pack is protected partially at the same time, so sadly, some members will have to be on watch during the ceremony but not for the run. I wanted everyone to be part of the run because for werewolves, a run is a traditional occasion that the whole pack celebrates together.

Britany is an excellent designer as well; she has planned many celebrations before, so she and I organized things within the last twenty-four hours. I wasn't much help, but I tried my best. Britany planned most of the decorations - things such as chairs, flowers, balloons, and anything else that she could think of.

I haven't received a message from Luke, so the wedding is safe to go on. I will have Rose's phone on me the entire time, so I am aware if there is any danger. I feel proud that one of my pack members would choose to protect her pack instead of her mate. That shows her loyalty and I will forever be grateful for her courage. It must have not been easy to betray her mate, but that is the sacrifice she had to make for the safety of her Luna and pack.

I pull my suit jacket on and look down at my watch. Fifteen minutes left. Not long now...


It's nearly time. And I'm completely terrified. Almost as terrified as I was yesterday morning when I met the pack. Thankfully, Jax did all the talking while I stood there awkwardly trying not to have a full-blown panic attack. Everyone was very pleased about the announcement as all I could hear was cheers and clapping. After the meeting was over, I went over to thank a few members and finally greet my pack. It wasn't as scary as I had built up in my head.

They were all very nice and welcoming. I will have to start getting used to people bowing to me everywhere I go. Some even kept trying to touch my hand as if I was some sort of royalty. I can't help but wonder if they would respond the same way if they knew of my past. Jax said they would, but you never know who is just waiting to tear you down. Hopefully, they will never have to find out and instead believe that their Luna is just like every other Luna in the world.

Most people think that the Alpha is the most important part of the pack, but really, it is the Luna. The Luna is the only person able to calm down the Alpha, which shows immense strength and power. They can bring peace to pack members and help function everything more smoothly as every Luna has more of a nurturing personality. A pack can cope without a Luna, but it would benefit them if there was a Luna to unite everyone.

Less than ten minutes to go before I walk down the aisle. I feel like my insides are going to come up. "Don't be nervous," Axton whispers, reading my mind. "When you're walking, just focus on Jax. Nothing else."

Jax informed me on how weddings usually work, and that someone usually walks the bride or groom down the aisle. So I asked Axton to do that for me. He has always been there for me and helped me by protecting me and grow as a person. I will try my best to return the favor to him whenever I can.

I asked Lily to be my bridesmaid as she is my best friend and no one else would be right in that position. She looks adorable in her lilac dress that reaches to her ankles, paired with beige shoes. Her hair is slightly braided into a half-up, half-down that just makes me want to squish her cheeks.

I run my hands nervously down the sides of my dress, trying to release some pent-up energy. I wanted my dress to be simple but also hold elegance. It is a white, tight-fitting dress with a jewel neckline. Added on the shoulders are silver petals to match the thin belt. It goes all the way down to the floor, covering my feet, which I now find silly, as the shoes I am wearing, which are not cheap at all, can't be seen. The dress leaves a small train that would look beautiful if we had not decided to go for an outdoor wedding. The dirt will most definitely cling to my dress and ruin it completely. Great.

///If you want to see images of Hayley’s wedding dress, Lily’s dress, the bouquet and the setting of the wedding, I have attached them on the Wattpad version of this chapter!///

Everyone is already in their seats, now they are just waiting for me to walk down the aisle. Britney comes through the pack door and asks, "Ready?"

"As I'll ever be," I mutter, the nerves affecting every cell inside of me.

"Here. Take this," Britney says before she hands me a beautiful, purple bouquet that I hadn't noticed she was holding. Taking hold of the flowers, I shake my arms and legs trying release as much anxiety as I can. "It's time," Britney almost screams in excitement. "Lily, come on sweetie." Lily comes running over to me and hugs my legs. She glances up at me and says with the biggest grin on her face, "Good luck." She then turns to Britney who gives her a small basket filled with white rose petals and then leads her outside the door towards everyone else. A beautiful, soft melody fills the air and drowns out all my crazy thoughts as we head out of the packhouse.

Axton takes hold of my fingers and places them on his arm, linking us together. "I've got you," he whispers, saying exactly what I needed to hear. Music continues to play as we make our way to the archway that is formed by trees. Right behind here is my future.

I keep my eyes trained on the floor as we come into view of everyone, and I hear shuffling from people, indicating them standing. Taking deep breaths, I keep my timing with Axton as I do not want to fall flat on my face. I notice the soft, delicate petals that are littered on the ground which for me adds the perfect final touches, as Lily did it.

Axton gently pats my hand pulling my attention. Finding some confidence, I gingerly lift my head looking for only one person. There he was. In all his glory.


Dressed in a black button-up suit, paired with a royal blue tie, he looked absolutely ravishing. I couldn't notice anything but him. It was just me and him in a field. Nothing else. No one else.

Without realizing it, we had already arrived at where Jax was standing. To busy caught in a trance, Axton tenderly places my hand in Jax's. Sparks ignite my body and a sudden rush of calm fills me. I peer up to Jax's piercing grey orbs and let myself relax. A small "wow" comes from Jax as he eyes me up and down. I notice a single tear sliding down my mate's face, which I catch with my thumb. My fingers graze against his stubble, something I have become very fond of. "Don't cry," I whisper.

"Says you," he gently chuckles. Only then did I realize that I was balling my eyes out from all my muddled emotions. I quickly pat my face dry, but Jax grabs hold of my hands again. "You look beautiful." Per usual, I flush at his compliments.

As I stand directly in front of Jax, and the ceremony begins, I finally allow myself to look around. Fairy lights hang from tree branches and light the area, setting the perfect mood. The waterfall continues to flow, creating a calming surrounding for everyone. On the same rock as the other morning, the same two pigeons are sat there watching us as part of the audience. Baby pink flowers are attached to the side of the benches where people sit, watching eagerly. I hold a few member's eyes before turning back to the woman who is the officiant. Her platinum short hair flows in the wind and her hazel eyes switch between Jax and me. She must be a werewolf, otherwise, she would find things around here are very suspicious.

As the officiant addresses the responsibilities of marriage, Jax and I don't let our eyes stray from each other and allow us to savor this moment. Although there are hundreds of people here, it feels oddly private.

After a few minutes, the officiant turns to me. "We will now begin with the vows. Hayley, if you would like to go first."

Taking a deep breath, I think of what Axton said when I asked him what I should say for my vows: listen to my heart and tell Jax it all. Here goes nothing. In front of everyone. "Before meeting you, I didn't have a great life...I didn't ever think I would be gifted with a mate and I gave up believing you were out there, but I was so terribly wrong. I have been given everything I have ever wanted...and more. I would experience everything that I have been through, ten more times as long as I had you at the end... You have made me the happiest I have ever been... and I will do everything in my power to do the same for you. You have created so many good memories for me, and I look forward to creating many more with you. When I am with you everything else is moved into the background. You flood my senses. You are my life, my greatest gift, and my love. All I need in the world is you. I love you Jax," I finish, as tears stream down Jax and I's faces. I place my hand on Jax's heartbeat to help calm both me and him down. There is so much more I would love to say to Jax, but I feel that there are not enough words in the world to express them correctly.

"That was beautiful, Hayley. Thank you. Jax," the officiant says, indicating that it was Jax's turn. I take a deep breath, preparing myself for what he was going to say.

"I'm not going to be able to top that," Jax half jokes, half sobs, causing everyone to laugh. Taking a deep sigh, Jax says, "My Dad used to tell me when I was younger that when I met my mate, that would be the best moment of my life. That nothing would even come close, but he was wrong." Where is he going with this? "Because every moment I have spent with you, Hayley, has been the best. There is not one moment that tops another; every second I have spent with you is my favourite. I can't believe I'm standing here about to start a wonderful life together with my best friend, my greatest miracle, and the person I love most in this world. Never believe that I don't love you because my heart and mind consist of nothing but you. You are the thing that I think of when I get up in the morning and the last thing I think of when I go to sleep. But it doesn't end there, you always follow me into my dreams. I promise to be there to catch you if you should stumble, to listen, and to always consider your feelings on our eternal journey. I love you so much, Hayley, as long as we both shall live," Jax clearly states in a passionate tone.

Sobs rack my body as I struggle to catch my breath at Jax's promises. I know he will never break them, like how he will never break my heart, but being denied love for so long, means accepting it doesn't come easily. Jax's eyes never wandered from mine during his confession, and nothing but the truth and unshed tears swirled around them. I gently grab Jax's large hands in mine and give a small squeeze as a way to say thank you. The Moon Goddess has gifted me the perfect mate, and I could never wish for anything more.

"Thank you, Jax. That was lovely," the woman compliments as both of us start to calm down once again. "Now, time for the rings," the officiant continues. Dimitri, who is also dressed in a suit, comes over to where Jax and I are and holds out a small white pillow where two gold rings lay. We grab each other's ring before returning to where we were.

"I give this ring as a sign of my love," Jax says with nothing but the truth in his tone. He gently slips the ring on my left finger where it will stay for eternity. I repeat the process on Jax and I can't help the giggle of happiness that escapes me. Once I finish, I turn back towards the officiant.

"I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss your bride," the woman says happily.

I hear a little, "My pleasure," from Jax moments before his lips capture mine, giving me the most passionate, loving kiss he has ever given me. It is filled with nothing but raw emotion and I am caught off guard at the intensity.

As I slowly pull away, the officiant says, "It is my great honor and privilege to welcome for the very first time, Mr. and Mrs. Lauder." Cheers and claps are heard as I glance over the crowd and see nothing but smiles. Lily is jumping up and down whilst Axton cries a river but is comforted by another male, who I'm assuming is his mate. I turn back to Jax and jump in his arms, needing to feel nothing but his embrace. I have never been as happy as I am at this very moment.


She looks breathtaking.

I never thought I would ever see anything as beautiful as the sight in front of me. That dress hugs her in all the right places and makes her look like a goddess. Speechless. That's how she makes me. I am the luckiest man alive. Although it looks stunning on Hayley, I can't help the small part of me that wants to rip it off and have my way with her.

I quickly mindlink the whole pack to go start shifting behind the trees so I can have a private moment with my wife before we start our run.

My wife. How beautiful does that sound?

As everyone leaves us, I pull Hayley close by her waist and I can't stop my wandering eyes from taking in my wife. "Like what you see?" she asks, with a mischievous smile on her face, hinting towards her dress. She knows I love it the evil minx.

"I have never seen anyone nor anything as appealing as you do in this very moment, Mrs. Lauder," I whisper, before leaning down and capturing her lips again. Always so soft and alluring.

As I pull away, Hayley's eyes gaze over my body as I strip down into my boxers before reiterating what she said to me only moments ago. "Like what you see?" A blush makes its way on her face as she is caught in the act. I leave my clothes and Rose's phone in a messy pile in the middle of the field. Sparing Hayley further embarrassment, I shift into Aaron and give him control. Instantly he goes over to our mate and starts rubbing against her, putting his scent on her.

He starts sniffing her entire body to assure himself that she is ours. Aaron still finds it difficult that we haven't marked out mate and constantly feels that someone is going to take what belongs to us. I keep reassuring him that the day will come, just give it some time. Aaron respects Hayley's wishes as much as I do, so will never force himself on her.

When Aaron is satisfied that her scent is mixed with ours, he gives control back to me. I crouch down in front of Hayley as a way to say "get on." As Hayley gets comfortable on top of me, I trot over to the rest of the members in the forest where the entire pack has gathered, including the wolves that were on watch.

We make our way to the front ready to lead the pack in the run. Before we set off, I begin howling, quickly followed by the rest of the pack to thank the Moon Goddess for watching upon us. It is a sign of gratitude as she is the one who plans everything in the werewolf world, and we should be thankful to her for blessing us. After a few seconds, when the howling becomes silent, I set off with the pack close behind.

I set off at a rapid pace, jumping over logs and fallen trees to give Hayley a bit of an adrenaline rush. Her tiny hands cling to my fur but it is hard not to miss her little giggles of joy. She hasn't been able to shift in years, so has probably missed the excitement of the wind brushing against her skin. There are no words to describe the feeling of running in your wolf form, and until Hayley can do so, I will be her wolf.

I slow down to a comfortable pace for the pack to be able to run alongside us and a few barks are heard as they greet their Luna. I'm glad they haven't asked questions about why Hayley can't shift and is respecting her privacy. They know how to make their Alpha proud.

We continue our peaceful journey as the atmosphere is filled with euphoria at the new marriage, until I receive multiple screaming mindlinks, all saying the same thing. "ROGUES!"...


DUN DUN DUNNNNN!! *evil laugh* I have many terrible things planned... stay tuned to find out what they are. I'm sorry this chapter was a filler chapter but oh boy do things get juicy! I'm so excited!

I'm sorry if the wedding scene wasn't the best. I'm not married. I'm sixteen and don't know how everything is in detail, so please don't hate on me if some parts are wrong.

So many times I kept writing 'vowels' instead of 'vows' which I couldn't stop laughing at - I'm easily amused.

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