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Chapter 34

Before you start, I highly recommend that you listen to 'Boom Boom' by 2WEI when reading this chapter. It will make it so dramatic and interesting. I think that song fits this scene very well.

Also, I would really appreciate it if you could all send love to @Purespiryt because their father has sadly passed away. It is such a horrible thing to have to go through so please send them and their family support and love. Thank you so much. Much love @Purespiryt and may your father rest in peace. <3


Chaos. That is the only word that can describe what is happening. Rogues storm towards my entire pack ready to tear us apart. This is my fuck-up. I had left Rose’s phone with my clothes when I shifted, so I couldn't have been warned by Luke of an incoming attack. There was no patrol as well because I asked them to join us on the run. I am a fucking twat. We were left unprotected because of me. I bet my life that there is a text from Luke warning about this very attack. The blood from my members is now on my hands. I have failed them as an Alpha; I swore to protect them, and instead, this happens.

I spin around to face the opponents but forget that Hayley is on my back. Dread flows through me as I feel her fall off and land on the hard ground. She could get seriously injured if she doesn’t go somewhere safe. Not having time to turn around and check on Hayley as a rogue jumps towards me trying to kill me, I instead mindlink Axton to go escort her to the bunker. That is the safest place for her. I have full confidence in Axton that he will not let anyone hurt Hayley. Instantly responding with, “Yes Alpha,” I at least know that Hayley will be in safe hands, but it does nothing to ease the heavy feeling that has settled in my stomach at the thought that she could get hurt. No scum is allowed to touch my mate.

Killing the pitiful rogue easily, I next mindlink Dimitri and a few warriors to help vulnerable members, such as pregnant females and pups to the bunker. Once they give me confirmation, I start to focus solely on the fight, trying to save as many members as I can.

I attack the nearest enemy not sparing any regret. I rip rogue after rogue apart using the power from Hayley and the pack to fuel my anger and energy. These rogues come onto my land, trying to hurt my members and I will not tolerate any of it.

As dead rogues lay in my past footsteps I begin to look for my next prey. Spotting a bronzed rogue merely a few feet away from me, I lunge at them, sending us both rolling. Not giving each other any time, we both rise back up, ready to attack.

Aaron smirks as we eye up our target to identify any weak spots. Everyone has them, you just have to find it. As we circle each other, I notice that this rogue seems different compared to the rest. He omits immense strength. I have never met a rogue giving off this much power before. That means only one thing.

He is the Alpha of the rogues.

He is part of the reason for all this bloodshed. He has ordered his pack to attack mine not once, but twice. I will gladly kill this disgusting rogue for everything that he and his comrades have done to my pack. I will show him that he messed with the wrong Alpha.

Charging at each other at the same time, our teeth clash together as snarls fall out of our mouths. Twisting and turning, we continue battling to show who the more dominating Alpha is between the two of us. The only way to find out is if the other one dies...


I had fallen off Jax with a heavy thud without realizing what was happening. I had thought that I was just being clumsy and lost my grip on Jax, but I knew that wasn’t true when I heard growling. Menacing evil growls. I was crouched on the floor, surrounded by my pack when I saw incoming wolves. And not just any wolves, rogues.

Staggering to my feet I began looking for Jax. My breath came out shallowed as wolves began fighting and blood was shed in gruesome ways. Parts of fur flew everywhere as wolves begun to lifelessly fall to the ground. Like a rabbit caught in headlights, I began to panic when I couldn’t find Jax. Where is he? Is he okay? What is happening?

Currently spinning around in circles, I notice a wolf heading towards me at full speed. Fearing the worst, I shut my eyes tightly ready for the pain, but when nothing happens, I peek one eye open assessing the danger. Standing in front of me is a brown wolf I have seen many times before. Axton. He isn’t trying to kill me, he is trying to save me.

Axton’s wolf nods towards the direction of the packhouse, where the bunker is, before crouching low in front of me, hinting for me to get on. Instantly, I climb on top, gripping his fur for dear life. I stand no chance against another wolf in my human form, no matter how much training that I have had in the last couple of weeks. I’m too weak.

As I’m sitting on Axton, I have gained a few inches of height which I use to look about. Blood. Pain. Mayhem. Bodies lay dead on the ground, both rogues and pack members. Have they come for me? This was my fault. People are dying because of me. Innocent people. My breath starts to fault and panic begins to fill me. As Axton sets off to safety at an alarming rate, I can feel my heart hammering against my ribcage, begging to be let out. Blood rushes to the tips of my fingers, the pulse coming in hot waves, causing everything else to throb.

With trembling eyes, I continue to scout around looking for one person in particular. After a few dragged-out seconds, I finally spot Jax who is unmistakable. His huge, denominating frame towers over every wolf here so it’s easy to spot him. He is battling with another large, tanned wolf, but the frightening problem is, I can’t tell who is winning. They are a few hundred feet away, but I can clearly see blood splattering everywhere as if I was standing right next to them. I try to keep my eyes on them, but the speed Axton is going at, they are now out of my vision. I try to shout at Axton to wait but he doesn’t listen as we continue to our destination at a fast pace. We whiz by hundreds of wolves who are fighting for their lives when I hear a scream behind me from a voice I would recognize anywhere.


Turning my torso, I search behind me hoping I am hearing things. But I’m not. A vile rogue has Lily by her foot, swinging her side to side ruthlessly. Everything seems to pause except the horrible scene in front of me. Acting impulsively, I jump off Axton, landing on my back and banging my head heavily on the ground. Dizziness clouds my vision but I shake it off, having only one thing on my mind. To save Lily.

She will not die.

Pulling myself off the ground with all the strength I have, I stagger towards Lily as fast as I can. The rogue lets go of Lily’s foot which does nothing to cease her screaming. The rogue turns his head and notices me coming. As if to taunt me, he flashes a sinful smirk, provoking me in all the wrong ways.

Lily has managed to gain some distance as the rogue was distracted by me, but not for long. The rogue pounces after Lily and successfully pins her to the floor. Saliva drips from the rogue’s mouth, landing on Lily. Her wailing continues, even louder, but no one is helping her as they are all fighting for their lives as well. Her screams seem pointless, that was until a brown wolf charges past me and straight in the direction of them. Axton. The rogue leans down even closer, inch by inch. Axton isn’t going to get there in time. The rogue crunches down on Lily’s arm ripping it off her body and throwing it far away. Her heart aching screams fill the air as she thrashes her body about in agony. He was too slow.

Axton barrels into the rogue, knocking it off Lily and they go tumbling away, fighting it out. Not paying them any attention as I know how strong Axton is, I quicken my pace, feeling my legs protest against the action, but that doesn’t matter. Lily needs me and I’m almost there.

“Lily!” I scream as I skid next to her, scanning my eyes over her mangled body. I place her head on my lap as tears cover my vision, but I quickly wipe them away as crying won’t help the situation. “Lily, it’s gonna be okay. I’m here now. I’ve got you,” I say, not only trying to convenience her but myself as well. She has gone deathly pale, and any sign of blood in her face has completely gone. Her eyes are rolling in the back of her head as she loses consciousness.

Gently brushing her hair away from her face, I give her a small shake hoping to see some sort of life. Nothing. Continuing to mutter that it will all be okay, I give her a harder shake and finally, a small grunt leaves her chapped lips. Blood pours out of her open injury as she slowly begins to bleed to death. Her entire arm has been torn off. What do I do? She can’t lose any more blood otherwise she will die. I have to stop the blood. I place her head slowly on the ground and rip off my wedding dress, not caring that I’m only in my underwear, and use it to press against her wound. The once white dress is dyed into a scarlet red shade. Tear rapidly leak out of her eyes as she filters in and out of consciousness.

Watching Lily suffering is the worst thing I have ever had to see. Gut-wrenching sorrow seeps through me but I have this over-consuming rage building inside of me that is waiting to be let out. If I don’t start managing my emotions, I will lose control.

How could they hurt an innocent child? Who was so messed up that they thought that it was acceptable to do that? They will have to be taught that they can not act like that and not face any consequences. And I will gladly teach them. And that’s when I felt her.


The anger I feel intensifies to a level I have never experienced. Fury clouds my mindset, pushing my emotions to the brink until I no longer have any control. All of a sudden, golden, brown fur starts sprouting through my pores, something I haven’t seen happen since I was a little girl. My claws spring out of my fingertips with no control. I quickly step away from Lily, not wanting to hurt her.

I don’t make it far as I fall to the ground because the bones in my legs break before they start reforming into an unnatural shape. It then spreads to my arms as they excruciatingly snap and alter. The pain feels stronger than it should do as I haven’t shifted in years let alone as an adult with now bigger bones. After over half of my bones have broken, it is now time for the most painful part, my spine. Paralysis succumbs to my body for a few seconds as my backbone reconfigures. I begin withering in different positions painfully and slowly until, after what feels like hours, I am no longer in my human form. I have fully transformed into my wolf form after over a decade, but Aurora is in full charge.

Eager to be able to move, Aurora tries to stand on her four legs, but they buckle and we go crashing back down. Not giving up, she attempts it a few more times before she successfully stands on wobbly feet. Shakely retaking her first steps she looks for her first victim despite my protests. She is not thinking clearly and revenge is the only thing on her mind. I beg for her to focus on Lily and not have disturbing thoughts, but it is no use.

An opportunity arises when we hear a yelp behind us, fueling my panic even more. Quickly spinning around, I notice Axton has killed the rogue that attached Lily but was now being swamped by two other rogues. Axton is managing with those two but when another rogue jumps on his back, knocking him off balance, it starts to become a problem.

Aurora wants blood. She wants to cause them the slightest bit of pain that she is feeling for hurting Lily. No one hurts someone she loves and lives to see another day.

She lunges towards them with intent to kill. Barging the wolf off Axton’s back, we go rolling together, our hind legs kicking each other. Getting up on all four legs, Aurora charges at the rogue, not giving it any time to catch its breath. The rogue wasn’t prepared as we managed to slash the side of its body, causing blood to leak out. However, we didn’t have time to react when the rogue swipes at us and catches our cheek leaving an open cut. She doges out the way of another attack from the rogue before doing something I was terrified of her doing. She reaches around then clamps on its neck, biting down, hard. Ruthlessly, she rips away a huge chunk of fur making the rogue die instantly. That is the first person we have ever killed.

Forcing the acid down, I turn towards Axton and observe that he has killed the other two rogues with only a few minor grazes on himself. He is a trained warrior so I guess he is used to this sort of stuff. Aurora moves us back to the rogue we just killed with the pair of us experiencing mixed emotions; Aurora is filled with pride in what she has done, but all I want to do is be sick at the repulsive sight. Taking someone’s life isn’t an easy thing to do whether they are evil or not.

I look around me and see dead wolves scattered across the pack grounds. I no longer see any wolves fighting so it looks as if all the rogues are either dead or have retreated. For the most part, it is over, but at what cost?

I spot Jax checking on injured pack members before staring at me, obviously surprised that I am now in wolf form. He must have killed the large rogue he was fighting with. Relief floods through me to see Jax alive and mostly well, but someone else I love wasn’t. Not having time to explain why Aurora has taken over, I head back over to Lily, not liking being separated from her, especially because of the condition that she is in.

Aurora stands over Lily protectively, not letting anyone come near. Even though there is no longer any danger, Aurora won’t let me regain control. She doesn’t feel that it is safe enough for both Lily and me. I try fighting her even more, but she is much more dominant than I am as she has had years to recover her strength. She pushes me further to the back of my mind until I can’t do anything but watch everything unfold. She is in a feral mindset; seeing everyone as a threat and trusting no one...


I know a lot of you hate me right now because of what I have done to Lily and I’m sorry... please don’t hate me! But Aurora’s back! That’s some good news! Right? I love you guys!!

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