Help me, Alpha

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Chapter 36


I press the call button as a yawn stretches my face. I still haven't slept, much like the rest of my pack. I am slowly feeling the effects of deprived sleep, but more pressing issues need to be dealt with.

I have spent the past few hours arranging for the joint funerals to be held at 11 AM later today and have informed the pack of it. Currently, I'm calling a friend of mine who is the only person who will be able to help me at a time like this. Mateo. He works for the werewolf council and thankfully we grew up as close friends, so I know that he will be able to help me out.

Ring. Ring. Ring. Come on, pick up. The werewolf council's headquarters are in Brazil - Rio to be exact. I glance at the clock in the bottom right corner of my computer to see it reads 5:22 AM. Rio is four hours behind England; that makes it roughly 1 AM for Mateo, which explains his delay in answering. After a few more attempts, eventually, he answers. "Jax? Why are you calling me at... 1 in the morning?" Mateo asks, with a groggy voice, suggesting that he has just woken up.

"Hello, Mateo. I apologize for calling so early in the morning and not under better circumstances, but I need your help."

"What can I do for you?" he asks seriously. I never call Mateo unless it is absolutely necessary so he must be able to tell that it is something serious.

"My pack has been attacked. Earlier this night, rogues stormed my land under the orders from Alpha Mason from Bloodnight Pack."

"That is a very serious accusation, Jax. Why do you believe Alpha Mason caused the attack?" I hear shuffling at the other end of the phone and assume he is getting out of bed and going to his office.

"Because I have the evidence to prove it. He wants Hayley, my mate. Mason is Hayley's father but he tortured her since when she was just a small child. He blames her for his mate's death and because Hayley lost her wolf, he kept her locked away because she was a human who knew about our kind. Look, it's all very complicated, but you have to trust me. Mason did attack my pack last night and a few weeks ago. He ordered the death of twenty-six members of my pack, Mateo." I say to get my point across.

The line is quiet for a few heavy seconds before Mateo says, "I am sorry to hear about the loss of your members and that your mate went through such a terrible thing. It's illegal to attack another pack so he can be charged for that, as long as you have the evidence that he orchestrated it. It is also illegal to abuse another wolf within the same pack, whether your mate lost her wolf or not, she still has Alpha blood running through her veins, so she should not have been harmed because of such a thing." There is another pause before he continues, "I have to ask you this, Jax. Did you attack first? Or in retaliation? Because if you did, I can't help you." If we had attacked Bloodnight Pack all our evidence would be insignificant as obviously, attacking another pack is against the law. That was why I was adamant about not going to war with them, because this way, they will get what they truly deserve.

"Mateo, I swear on my pack, that I didn't. None of my warriors have left my land to attack Bloodnight Pack."

"Okay. As long as you have the evidence to back what you're saying up, and you didn't attack Bloodnight Pack, then I can help you. I will take the earliest flight and be at your pack later tonight. Have all the evidence ready for when I arrive."

"Thank you, Mateo. I really appreciate your assistance."

"Don't mention it. Just doing my job," he says, brushing it off as if it's nothing important. "Goodbye, Jax."

"Goodbye, Mateo." As I put the phone down, someone starts to knock on the door. Sighing deeply, and rolling my eyes, I mutter, "Come in," after sniffing who it is.


I reluctantly left Lily less than five minutes ago to hunt for Jax. I haven't seen him in a few hours and I am starting to get worried. Something doesn't seem right and I want to know what it was.

Axton is right next to me as I use my heightened scenes to steer me in the direction of my mate. I enter the packhouse and am hit by the faint smell of Jax and someone else leading up to his office. I make my way up the stairs and am just about to open the door, but stop when I hear a high-pitched voice screech, "You know you want me, baby, just like the good old times. Hayley will never have to know. She will never have to find out."

"Samantha," so that's who the tramp is. I remember her. How could I forget? Flirting with my mate directly in front of me as if I wasn't there, as if I meant nothing. "I will never mate with you, heat or no heat. I have my mate and you're not her. You are trying to go behind my Luna's back, just to get a fuck out of me, which is something I strongly don't tolerate. If you continue to implicate us mating, Samantha, I will have no choice but to deem you a rogue. You can either leave and pretend this never happened whilst keeping your dignity, or you will be banished from Midnight Rose Pack," he says in between growls. "It's your choice."

"Please, baby," she begs in a whiny pitch that I imagine would pair with a duck pout. I can smell her sickly sweet heat from out here. I try to reign my anger in as I don't want to think negatively about some female that I have never spoken to and who is going through her heat without her choice, but she is flirting with my mate and I won't tolerate it. I understand that a person's heat can cloud their judgment but she wants what's mine, and she can't have it. I sense Jax's uncomfortableness and anger radiating through the mate bond, proving to me he doesn't want Samantha, but it does nothing to ease the burning rage that is riling up in me.

"I can give you so much more than Hayley can. I can actually make you cum," she whispers in what I assume she thinks is a sultry voice. That's it. Shows over. I turn towards Axton and mouth, "Wait here," before I barge in, throwing the door open and storm in. The sight that I witness fuels my anger to its peak. Samantha is sitting on Jax's desk - which is usually perfectly neat but is currently recked because of the she-wolf - with her legs spread and leaning forward clearly with the intent to kiss my mate. Her luscious, golden locks are perfectly curled and all she has on is a skimpy robe, revealing all her assets. Jax's arms are kept at his side, not touching the female at all, as he tightly grips his chair, his claws already out as Aaron begins to show. I can only assume he is not impressed with Samantha, and even more, riled up to see his mate upset because of her.

My dramatic entrance causes her to turn her head towards me with shock in her pupils. Threatening growls spill out of my mouth as I reach Samantha and pull her backward by her shirt, causing her to tumble to the floor. She stands back up instantly in a defensive position as now her growls emit from her lips.

I march over to Samantha so our chests are practically touching, not intimidated by her over-towering height on me, and growl, "You will submit to me." She is pushing my tiny amount of control to its limits, and if she continues, I won't be able to stop myself from attacking, which we both don't want. No one will ever come between me and my mate. He's mine. "I am your future Luna, and you will respect me." I stare down at her, challenging her. If she continues to hold my gaze, she is implying she wants to start a fight. It could go either way: she has immense experience as she is a warrior, but in my feral mindset with Aurora still angry about Lily being injured, and me furious that Jax was getting hit on, we have more emotion if there was a fight, but then again, I also have Jax to intervene if necessary.

My hormones are everywhere from my recent shift and I don't trust myself to not hurt Samantha. Aurora starts to surface, not exactly angry that her mate was being flirted on by a she-wolf, but instead to watch the commotion and as to why I am so protective of Jax. She will slowly start to understand that it is okay to trust Jax, and that's when she will become possessive of him. Like me.

Luckily for Samantha, she bows her neck to glare at the ground, probably sensing she would be fighting a losing battle against her Alpha and future Luna. I stalk over to her and lean down so my lips are near her ear. "If you ever come near my mate again to flirt or try to get into his pants, I will make you regret it. Do you understand?" I whisper, deathly quietly. She gives me a small nod but that is not good enough for me. "Use your words, Samantha," I spit.

"I understand," she squeaks, as shivers start to rack her body. I don't want to scare her, but if that's what I have to do to get her to realize she can't have Jax, then that's what I'll do.

"Good. Now leave," I say pulling away from her and standing in between her and Jax, who is still sitting in his chair, this time with a smug look on his face. She rushes out the door, slamming it behind her as I clench and unclench my fists, trying to calm my never-ending anger. I turn towards Jax with a pointed look.

"I never touched her. I told her to stop, love. You have to believe me, Hayley, I would never betray you," he rambles with pain now etched on his face. I walk over to Jax and straddle his lap. Unsurprisingly, he is still taller than me despite us sitting down and me being perched up by his thighs.

"I know, baby," I whisper as I thread my fingers through his hair creating a messy, sexy look. "I heard. She's a desperate mutt in heat...and she wants to sink her claws into what's mine. I will never allow...any female to do such a thing." I lean forward and place my forehead against his when his hands start to massage my hips. I peer up at him with lust clear in my eyes as the atmosphere around us shifts into an intense energy.

"For the record, you're so hot when you're mad," Jax whispers before his lips capture mine in a fast rhythm. All the tension that has built up inside of me over the last few hours, is all let go as soon as his mouth touches mine. His lips are my home.

This kiss is different though. It's hot and heavy, like never before. His tongue slips over my lips, asking for permission which I openly give. My fingers grip the tips of his grown-out hair before they skim over his muscular body, which is perfectly golden, all scratches that he had are fully healed, like mine. "I only want to touch you," he mummers as his lips place open-mouth kisses on every part of my body. "I only need to touch you." His hands roam my body, gripping every part he can. Goosebumps appear from his delicious touch.

"I love you," I breathe as he sucks on my neck. This must be what heaven feels like - too good to be true. Everything about me revolves around this man, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

"You've changed," he says, pulling away from me to look into my eyes. His lips are parted to help catch his breath. "I can feel that your power has got stronger. Aurora is changing your demeanor into one of an Alpha. She is proving that you're a born leader," he continues, then rubs his nose against mine in a loving action. "You're irresistible, love. Your heat has already synced with the packs as you are once again a werewolf. It's the sweetest scent I have ever smelt, my love. It's mouthwatering."

I haven't started my heat yet as I can't feel the burning sensation all over my body, however my scent has already begun changing to entice males to impregnate me. Because Jax is an Alpha, he has more control of his urges so won't lash out, but I also think he doesn't want to force me into anything, but to be completely honest, I'm ready. More than ready to mate with Jax, but there is a time and a place, and this is not it right now. I don't want to mate with Jax just because of my heat. I want it to be out of love and not when I'm thriving in pain. I will have to control my urges for just a little while longer. "We didn't have time to celebrate our marriage," I whisper, remembering all the haunted scenes that are permanently glued into my mind. I can't be selfish and wish that Jax and I had been able to have had a loving night together, as life was lost. A lot of lives. My heart is still beating and I should be grateful for that thing. I get to spend another day with my mate, whereas others aren't so lucky.

"We've got time." I tuck my head into Jax's neck and sigh deeply. This chaos can't keep going on. I have caused so many deaths even though it isn't directly my fault, they want me, which then results in it being because of me. I mean, family members don't even know the real reason why their pups have died - they think it's some rogue attack that can't be stopped, but it can. We know the real reason they are here and we had an insight - this shouldn't have happened. Guilt is eating me up and I can't take it anymore.

"They need to know," I whisper, and of course, Jax knows exactly what I'm talking about.

"I didn't want to pressure you, love. You have done amazing all this time, and I didn't want to stop that." And then Jax's lips stop moving, but his voice continues. ′Our pack won't blame you. They will love you no matter what, but you're too stubborn to listen to me.′ How did he just say that but...

The matebond.

It showed me what Jax was thinking. "You heard that?" he asks shocked, obviously hearing my thoughts now. Since my shift into Aurora only a few hours ago, I have felt this magnetical pull towards Jax. I felt it before my shift, but the intensity has increased incredibly. I didn't know the matebond could work this fast and this strong. I think in any other situation, I wouldn't be able to stay away from Jax, but given everything, my Luna side is more overbearing than the need for my mate. I am stepping up to be a Luna, a leader. I think mum would be proud of me for that.

Remembering to nod at Jax's questions, I forcefully say, "This isn't about me anymore. They have the right to know. Their pups have died and they don't even know the real reason why. That's not fair on them."

Jax sits back, thinking over everything. After a while he says, "If you are certain about this love, then you have my full support. We can talk to the pack before the funeral service later this morning, as I will be giving a speech in remembrance of the members that passed away. I know they won't blame you for anything that has happened because you never asked for this, but for your peace of mind, I will protect you no matter what if anything does happen, but it won't come to that."

"I can't ask you to choose between me and your pack."

"I wasn't asking, I was telling you," he says with a smirk on his face and then he goes back into his Alpha mode. Jax then tells me that a member of the council, that he is friends with, will be here later tonight to collect the evidence. I don't see any reason why they won't be able to charge them as we have all the proof to back us up.

This is all nearly over.

"Let's not tell the pack that Rose is mated to my old packs Gamma. She is having a hard time as it is," I whisper, which Jax agrees to. I give Jax another hug, needing to feel nothing but his embrace. I breathe deeply, hoping for his scent to calm me down, but instead, I am greeted by a floral, musky scent. "You need to go have a shower. Samantha's scent is still on you," I grumble displeased.

"Would you like to join me?" he asks with a smirk.

Despite my obvious blush and forgetting about my annoyance from the she-wolf, I whisper close in his ear, "Maybe next time." Jax shares my blush and I can't help the laugh that escapes from me at his cuteness. Goddess do I love this man, I say knowing that he will be able to hear my thoughts...
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