Help me, Alpha

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Chapter 38


My legs are going as fast as they can go. With Axton hot on my tail, I sprint to the centre of the pack, which is outside the packhouse - that’s where Jax and my father are if Jax hasn’t killed him already.

As I come round the corner, everyone comes into focus. Members have already begun gathering to watch the exchange with fearful eyes. They know what these men have done and what they are capable of - they don’t want it to be them next. Warriors have half circled Jax, shielding him from my vision, but I can clearly see my father. The monster that he truly is.

My father stands tall, almost proud, in a grey suit and shiny shoes that look spotless. His ashy hair blows in the wind as his eyes scan the area before spotting me. His eyes wash over my figure, assessing me, causing me to struggle to control my over-spilling rage. Behind Mason are roughly thirty warriors, one of which I easily recognize, Luke. His eyes are glancing around the pack grounds, probably searching for his mate; It’s a shame that Rose has got caught in the crossfire, she is innocent in all of this. The Moon Goddess made a mistake in mating her with Luke.

Following Mason’s gaze, Jax locks his wide eyes on me. “What are you doing here? I told you to stay in the hospital!” Jax shouts through the matebond.

“I chose not to listen,” I say as I make my way to stand next to him. I can feel Jax’s eyes staring at the side of my face but I keep mine focused on Mason, not backing down. I’m not like I used to be. I’m not some weak mutt he can throw about. I’m a Luna, who has her wolf back. All I need is for someone to tip me over the edge, and Aurora will go berserk.

Right on time, Axton comes running into the open area. When he reaches me, he stands on my right, gripping my arm, and starts to pull me back, but Jax stops him. Looking at both of them, I know they are mindlinking each other before Axton lets me go and now stands protectively next to me. Jax must have told him to guard me.

“Hayley, darling,” Mason fake cheers, “There you are, I’ve been worried sick. I have been looking everywhere for you.” I pause for a split second, shocked by my father’s antics. He is playing the worried father whose daughter went randomly missing, through no fault of his own, and has done everything in his power to get her back. Lies. All lies.

“Cut the darling crap,” I demand, not only shocking my father but also stopping Luke from looking for his mate and now having him watching me. The anger inside of me is screaming to be let out. “How dare you come onto my land, ordering me back…” before I can continue my rant, Mason interrupts me.

“Your land?” he asks with raised eyebrows.

“Yes, my land. I am mated with an Alpha, shocking right? You proud of me, dad?” I sarcastically ask, folding my arms. Jax moves to be standing half in front of me, either to ease his mind, or to protect me, or maybe both.

"You have become very mouthy since you've been gone, we will need to train that out of you," Mason smirks, knowing that I would undertsnad exactly what he means. He wants to beat me everyday like the old days until I become his little submissive again, well it's not gonna happen. I start to stalk towards Mason but am held back by Jax.

“Be careful, Hayley,” Jax warns, “We don’t know if they are alone, they could be working with the rogues again. I have sent Dimitri and a few members to do a perimeter run, to have a look, until then, we need to stall him. When we know it’s safe, he’s all yours,” Jax says smugly. He must have read my mind and sense that both Aurora and I would love nothing more to snap my father’s neck. Honestly, I don’t see him as my father anymore, there is no tie to him that I have. He was the one person who was meant to love me no matter what, to shield me from the evil within the world, but he didn’t protect me from himself. He is nothing but a sperm donor.

I glance around my surroundings but am not able to see any rogues as being such a far distance from the border. “They shouldn’t be much longer. No more than a few minutes,” Jax says, sensing my eagerness. Seeing both Mason’s and Luke’s repulsive faces resurfaces all the anger and hatred I feel for them. We could take them, they are outnumbered, by a lot.

Having Aurora back, being able to have solid meals, and not beating to a pulp every day has helped me gain the strength I need physically. They used to keep me so weak, barely alive. I would be so exhausted to even feel any emotion, but since I have escaped, I have been able to charge my energy and I will be able to show them how capable I am. A side of me they have never seen.

Only a few minutes before I tear them limb from limb, but before that, I want answers. “You ordered rogues to storm mine and my mate’s land to kill our members, our family, didn’t you?”

Jax continues to stand in front of me, shielding me in case anything happens. “I have no idea what you’re talking about, but I did hear rumours that you were having some rogue troubles. That’s a shame,” he smirks. Both Jax and I growl at his pathetic response knowing it is complete lies.

“You lying piece of shit!” Jax snarls. “I know what you did, Mason, including your Beta and Gamma. “You abused your daughter for something that wasn’t even her fault! You’re a pathetic excuse for an Alpha!”

“You told them?” Mason growls, shock and fear evident on his face. I’m not the same person I was when he last saw me, and he will soon realize that. “Well, that makes this a whole lot easier. Come the fuck home, now,” he says with gritted teeth. “If you don’t come willingly, Hayley, I will gladly tear that mutt up,” Mason says, nodding his head in Jax’s direction. I growl at his threat, not liking the thought of my mate getting hurt. Jax is much taller and built bigger, but Mason has more experience because of his age. Two Alpha’s fighting each other, there is never a definite answer, however, I would never allow Jax to fight Mason on his own, I would fight along with him. I will fight along with him. “So, be like the good girl that you are and do as you’re told,” Mason continues with his sickening smile.

I growl at my father, holding myself back and wishing for time to go faster. How long left? They are taking to long. Time slowly drags, as Mason continues to stare at me until Jax says,“Dimitri said the border is clear. We can end this, love, but remember, he has to attack first otherwise our evidence is insignificant.” Perfect.

I need to antagonize him, like never before. There is one thing that I know will make him lose control. I know this will not only anger him but I will also able to speak the words I have kept hidden for years. The words he forced me to keep hidden. “Do you think mum would be proud?”

“What did you just say to me?” Mason retorts, already getting agitated. Predictable. So predictable. Mason blames me so much for the death of my mother, he will hate the fact that I am even talking about her. His delusion is what is going to lead to his death.

“Mum, do you think she would be proud to call you her mate? Especially after abusing her only daughter. Her little girl?” Mason begins shaking in rage; I am very easily getting under his skin.

“You have no right to say that! You didn’t know her, instead, you took her away from me. You killed her!” he shouts, claws extending from his fingertips. Mason’s wolf has begun surfacing. “You killed my mate!”

“I was a baby! Just a baby! I had only taken my first breath, so how could I have killed her? I may not have killed my mother, but you’re right about one thing. I didn’t know her, but she has always been in here,” I point towards my heart. “And I know she would be disgusted with the person you have become. If she was still here, she would be disappointed to have a mate like you.” As soon as the last word leaves my mouth, Mason shifts into his enormous wolf and launches at me with his teeth exposed.

Jax pushes me to the side, so Mason doesn’t hit me, causing me to fall to the ground as he shifts into Aaron and jumps towards Mason. The pair go flying back as they clash with each other in the air, but both stand as quick as they went down.

Teeth bared, and crouched low, Jax makes the first move by launching at Mason, but I don’t see what happens next as I shift into Aurora. With eyes screwed tightly shut, I wish for my bones to break faster and to the best of my ability, manage the excruciating pain that comes along with it. As soon as I am on four legs, Aurora doesn’t waste a second as she jumps into action, joining her mate.

We don’t make it far though. We yelp out in pain as someone bites our right hind leg, causing blood to leak from its wound, but it doesn’t stop us. Spinning around, we pounce at the wolf who I easily recognise from their repulsive scent. The man who did so much harm, so much damage to be, year after year. The pathetic excuse of a man that I want dead. Luke.

Before I have time to attack Luke, Axton’s wolf comes barreling into him, and they both go flying. I watch them for a few seconds to make sure Axton will be okay, but it seems to be an easy fight for him. Axton is making Luke look like the weak, pitiful man that he really is. As I turn back to Jax and Mason, I notice that all of the Midnight Rose warriors are attacking the Bloodnight warriors. Wolves are being shifted into, blood is splattering everywhere and the only way to describe the scene is mayhem. Complete and total mayhem.

I switch my gaze to Jax, who is currently being pinned down by my father. One of his paws is on Jax’s neck, and his other one is pulled back before he strikes it into Jax’ side body causing a small whimper to escape him. As my father tries to repeat the same action, I jump at him, stopping him mid-action. My father lands on his back and while he squirms to get back to his feet, I turn to my mate to make sure he is okay. Jax stands up but turns so his wounded side is furthest away from Mason to protect it. It will heal in a few minutes but he has to be careful. If it becomes a bigger tear, his wolf may not be able to heal it quick enough, and he could potentially bleed out.

Jax and I stand with each other, ready for this all to be over. We give one another a quick look before we turn back to our opponent, ready to kill my father. Mason’s eyes widen at the sight of me in my wolf form, and I notice a hint of terror in them, but he quickly pushes it back down.

Aurora fuels my anger, spurring me on, as we charge first at my father, with Jax right behind us. Catching my father off guard, I land on top of him but he quickly hits me off with his back legs, knocking the wind out of me. Trying not to look affected, I stand again and leap back at him. This is my one chance.

I land on the back of my father with claws digging in, distracting him, giving Jax an open shot to scratch Mason’s face, which he takes. With a ferocious growl, Mason’s swings me off him but I land upwards and I launch back at him, noticing his eye bleeding badly. The damage done by Jax has caused blood to be leaking out of Mason’s eye. He is keeping it tightly shut, resulting in him only seeing out of one eye.

I swipe at my father, with claws long, but he doges it and in return, retaliates my action. He lands his blow sharply on my shoulder, tearing it wide open despite his half vision. With a loud hiss, I allow the adrenaline coursing through my body to distract my mind and continue fighting.

I barrel into my father, both of us going down. I take advantage of our position and shove my claws deep into his side again, and drag them down, having great pleasure doing so. Jax sees an open opportunity, and using his claws, slashes at my father’s belly, causing blood to pour out. With a heavy stumble, Mason falls back and a whimper escapes his lips. Taking advantage that Mason is on the ground, badly injured, I rush over to him, ripping at anything I can grab.

His belly.

His legs.

His face.

Anything and everything. He cries out in pain, begging me to stop, but I don’t let up, instead, I increase my strength. I welcome his yelps and whimpers, as for once, I am not on the receiving end.

Using the little energy that he has left, my father swings at me, trying to get me to stop, but Jax holds him down so I can finish him off. He broke nearly every bone in my body, allowed me to get raped, made me lose my wolf and he now wants me to stop killing him. He wants me to spare him like all the times I pleaded and begged him to, and did he? Not once. So, I will return the favour. Allow him to feel helpless, alone, wishing for death.

My pain and anger consume me as I continue to slash into my father, and I don’t stop even when I reach his organs, tearing them out as well.

“Hayley, love,” Jax whispers in a mindful tone. “He’s dead. You can stop,” he continues softly, but I don’t. I don’t stop ripping my father to shreds. Tearing fur and skin of his lifeless body as haunted memories flash through my mind. All the pain he caused, all the blame he put on me, I am finally getting my revenge.

Eventually, pulling away, I take a hearty breathe before I check on Axton but am highly satisfied when I see him sinking his teeth into Luke’s neck before he snaps it in half. A sickening crack is heard as Luke’s body falls limp and Axton slowly stands, proud of his actions. He looks over in my direction, probably to make sure I’m safe and then gives a wolfy grin when he sees that I am.

Aurora begins looking around her and is happy with the sight that she sees. Death. My father’s mangled body is spread out across the vivacious grass, much like all of his warriors. The same warriors who did nothing to help me, or stop my father from hurting me for all of those years. They brought this on themselves. Not one part of me feels sorry for them.

Aurora turns us around to find Aaron’s eyes already trained on us. We walk over to him and when we do Aaron sits his rump down. We copy his actions as our wolves continue to stare at each other, just watching closely. Aaron slowly leans forwards and tentatively begins cleaning Aurora’s fur, which is matted with our father’s blood. We sit there numbly, welcoming the comfort our mate is offering.

Cleaning, in the werewolf world, is a very intimate action. Wolves groom each other as a sign of enderment and to express their affection for one another. It is usually only done between mates and parents to their pups to also cover them in their scent.

After a few heavy minutes, and only once Aaron has pulled away from us does Aurora start to clean Aaron of any blood and dirt that is in his fur. Aaron’s eyes widen in surprise but he doesn’t move, not wanting his mate to stop. This is Aurora’s way of expressing her gratitude - Jax and Aaron protected us against the people who have caused us the most pain and helped kill them. She is slowly beginning to see that Jax and Aaron are on our side and won’t hurt us.

After some time, Aurora pulls away, signalling that we are satisfied with how he looks. Knowing this, Jax shifts back into his naked, human form and I swiftly follow his actions, but mine being more painful from lack of experience. Once I am standing on two legs, Jax wraps me tight in his arms. “Are you okay, Hayley?” he asks in a soothing voice. I bury my head in his chest and let his hammering heartbeat distract my racing mind.

“I don’t know,” I mummer. I feel numb. Numb to the core. My dad’s dead. Luke’s dead. People who allowed me to get treated as if I’m garbage, are dead. I’m free, so why do I not feel at ease?

“It’s okay, love. I’ve got you. It’s all over now...”

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