Help me, Alpha

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Chapter 4


A knock on my office door distracts me from the pile of work that is set on my desk. “Come in,” I command. My Beta Dimitri enters. “What can I help you with?”

“Morning Alpha, I just came to remind you that it’s your turn to do patrol,” he says.

“Ah thank you, Dimitri,” I reply, as I stand.

Making my way out of the packhouse, I mindlink the guards that I’m on my way. I shift into my wolf called Aaron and head towards the border of my territory.

When I reach there my warriors from the previous patrol bow their heads as a sign of submission towards their Alpha and dash back to the packhouse to see their mates.

The other guards for this patrol start to show up on time. For me, I don’t find border patrol a problem as I love to protect my pack as they are family, but I know that other members aren’t so keen to patrol, because of the distance with their mates, although they want to protect their pack.

I have come to terms that I will not find my mate. Most wolves find their mates when they are eighteen, and I am now twenty-four, and there is no mate in sight. Although I should be happy that my pack members are filled with joy, jealousy always seems to overpower the happiness. Aaron whines, longing for his mate that he will not ever get.

I push those thoughts away as I’ve already spent long nights feeling self-pity. I mindlink all the warriors on guard and say that the two hours starts now.


After thirty minutes, I notice an unknown scent. As I am an Alpha, my senses are at the most powerful that they can be, so I can smell very far away. As my territory has rouge land surrounding a quarter of it, it is quite common for unfamiliar scents to be near, however, they normally realize that they are near a pack and turn around, but this scent keeps getting stronger and stronger.

Aaron stands on guard, taking over half of my control for safety, and starts sniffing the area. He picks up on another scent. One that is so strong, so sweet, it practically makes me drool.

I have never smelt a rogue like this before. Aaron starts going crazy and whining in my head, I try to calm him down but he will not listen to me. He takes over and starts running towards the rogues.

The scent gets stronger and sweeter as I get closer. Looking in-between all the trees, something catches my eye on my left. A beautiful, yet clearly injured female running for her life from a white, shaggy rogue. As she enters my territory the rogue abruptly stops and growls in annoyance. The rogue sniffs the area and then whips its head towards my direction. The rogues then huffs and turns around, realizing if he crosses my territory for the female, then he would die.

The female who smells human but has wolf scents lingering on her runs in my direction, but I do not think she has spotted me yet.

Aaron gives me control when we see her running between trees. When she is practically in front of me, she collapses onto the ground in exhaustion, and looks up at me with those green, breathtaking, doe-eyes, and says, “Help me, Alpha,” and then faints.

Aaron is clawing at my head and chanting, “MATE!” over and over again. She is my mate. I have my Luna. This is unheard of. If you don’t meet your mate when you are eighteen, then they are most likely dead.

I stalk over to her and start sniffing her. Multiple males scents linger on her body. A growl slips out of my mouth and Aaron starts losing control as someone has touched our mate.

Before Aaron takes over, I quickly mind link Dimitri to bring the pack doctor, Tom, to where I am. He does not get to respond, as Aaron takes full control. All I can do is sit in the back of my mind, watching it all unfold.

We have only just found her, and yet we are so protective of her because of the mate bond. We feel like we have known her our whole life and that we can’t live without her. Like she is the reason we breathe and exist. I finally understand why mates act the way they do.

Aaron stands protectively over our female as Dimitri and Tom’s scents fill our nostrils. Once they come into sight, Aaron puffs our fur out more, lowers his ears, and exposes his canines as he growls menacingly, warning them to back off.

Aaron sees Dimitri and Tom as a threat to his female, and so his instinct to protect her takes over. I try to tell him that they are here to help her, but he won’t listen to me and pushes me further back into my mind.

Dimitri must realize I am not in control, as my eyes are pitch black, so he slightly pushes Tom behind him - just in case I lose it. “Alpha,” he uses that word to show that he knows he is below me. “We just want to help the female,” he says, with eyes wide. Aaron growls as Dimitri steps closer.

“Alpha, please,” Tom says, “she looks badly injured,” he continues.

I try to start taking back control and tell Aaron again that they are only going to help our mate, and not hurt her. I wouldn’t allow that. “Protect our mate,” Aaron warns, as he gives me back control.

“Always,” is my only reply.

I shake my head as the control is handed back to me. I whine to Dimitri to let him know that I am in control. I step slightly away from the female and stare at her. She looks so fragile. So damaged.

I shift back and nod towards Dimitri as a thank you for bringing Tom. “I’m not sure what happened to her. She was being chased by a rogue and then fainted when she saw me. She's my mate,” I say, as I reach down towards her, and brush her mousey brown hair, that goes down to her skinny, little hips, off her face.

“She’s your mate?” Dimitri questions.

I turn to him and say “I can’t believe it either.” I turn my focus to Tom. “Can you help my mate? I know she’s human but can you run a few tests? She doesn’t look like she is in the best condition,” I say, finishing with a growl.

“Yes, of course, Alpha,” Tom replies. Warily, he walks towards her and crouches down. His eyes observe her injures and then they flick towards me. “Do I have permission to touch your mate, Alpha?” Tom asks me. Gritting my teeth, and cursing him silently, I reluctantly allow him.

He assesses her injuries with care. He then turns to me and says, “There is quite a bit of damage. I’ll know more once I’ve run a few tests back at my lab. Would you mind carrying her to my office?”

I reply with, “Of course.”

Carefully, I pick her up and position her so her head is in line with her body, as to not cause further damage. “Follow me,” Tom says, as he heads off in the direction of his office.

Once we make it to Tom’s lab, I gently place her onto a hospital bed and wait for Tom to prepare all the equipment. Dimitri hands me a pair of shorts then stands outside the door, on guard. I tell Tom to run all the tests he can do, to make sure we know any issues that are happening within my mate. During the whole process, I sit and hold her hand, gently stroking her cheek every time she whimpers or gets scared.

“I will have the results in a few hours, Alpha,” Tom says, as he starts washing his hands. I reply with a simple nod and a thank you. Tom takes that as his cue to leave.

I mindlink Dimitri to take over the pack for a couple of hours whilst I look after my mate, and he happily obliges and leaves.

I sit there, looking at my mate, wondering what has happened to her, and wishing I could take it all away. Anyone with eyes can tell that she has been through a lot of stuff, and the thought of someone hurting my mate makes Aaron start to surface. I quickly rein him in, as I need to be here for my mate.

A couple of hours later, Tom enters. All I have done is stare at my beautiful mate, and wonder where she has been for the past six years of my life.

“Alpha,” he says to gain my attention. When I turn to him he continues, “The results aren’t good. She is extremely malnourished and dehydrated. She is lacking a lot of essential nutrients to survive. In her bloodstream, I found Monkshood, also knows as Wolfsbane which affects humans as well as wolves. Also...” he pauses, “ I found rip marks on the lining of her vagina... showing forced penetration. There were quite a few tears, which indicates multiple rapes." He takes and deep breath and continues, "Also, her body has multiple whip, stab, and burnt scars, revealing that she has been abused for quite some time. As for her open wound on her arm, it should scab, and heal quite quickly with the cream I applied earlier on. With the wound on her head, it may create memory loss but should return eventually. The female most likely fainted due to exhaustion and should wake very soon.”

Once I hear all that my poor mate has had to endure over the years, I lose it. I stand from my chair, and punch the nearest wall, hoping to relieve some anger, but it is no use. I start losing my control and Aaron is ready to attack the closest thing to me. My canines and claws extend. Growls are constantly rolling off my tongue, and my eyes flash black. Aaron is coming to the surface and he will lose it.

I look at my mate and remind myself that she is now safe and that no one is going to take her from me. Once I am mostly back in control, I turn to Tom and say, “What can we do to help her?”

Before Tom can reply, my mate’s heartbeat quickens and her eyes flutter open looking completely terrified...

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