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Chapter 40


There’s something I need to do.

Kissing Hayley on the head, I turn to Dimitri. “Can I talk to you for a minute?” Hayley gives me a questioning look, to which I allow her to access my mind to see what she thinks about my idea. After a few seconds, shock is evident on her face before she breathes a sigh of relief and gives her usual breathtaking smile.

“Of course, Alpha.” I bend down and give Hayley a light kiss on the lips. Her overpowering, sweet scent fills my nostrils, and I have to hold my breath not to do anything reckless. It’s getting stronger. Hayley is so close to her heat. How the hell am I going to be able to hold myself back? She is too damn alluring. I am whipped around that little pinky of hers, and she doesn’t even know it, or maybe she does.

A cough is heard behind me, pulling me back to the present. I stand tall and try to calm my racing heart and dirty thoughts. Clearing my throat, I say, “Come with me,” and begin walking to my office with Dimitri right behind.

When we arrive, I close the door and gesture Dimitri to sit. I walk around my desk, take a seat and lean forward on my elbows, clasping my hands. “Dimitri, you have been with me from the very beginning of when I became Alpha. You have been nothing but loyal to me and the pack. You have taken care of and protected this pack with your life when I have not been fit enough. Trusting you has been an easy thing to do as you have shown tremendous strength and courage in completing your Beta duties, and therefore, I have no doubt in my mind that you are ready for the next step.” Taking a small breath, I continue, “With that being said, what I’m trying to ask is...will you be Alpha of Bloodnight Pack?”

His jaw drops, and his eyes widen in shock. Dimitri sits in his chair, frozen, unsure of what to say or do. After a few moments, he regains his composure and sits taller. “Alpha, I am honoured that you are offering me this incredible opportunity, but I can’t possibly take your position. You are the true Alpha of Bloodnight Pack as you killed Mason,” he sneers his name. “I am nowhere near as good as a man as you are. I’m not strong enough to lead a pack as you can.” He always puts himself down. He could save the world and still think he could do better.

“Stop doubting if you are good enough. You may not be able to see it, but I can. Take some time with your mate to decide it over and let me know what you both decide to do. You are a born leader, Dimitri. You are ready for this. I wouldn’t ask this of you if I didn’t think you were ready.”

I saw the panic in Hayley’s thoughts when she realised that she would be Luna of Bloodnight Pack. I can’t stand here and force her to go back to that place that has caused so many haunted memories for her. The best thing will be Dimitri becoming Alpha so Hayley can feel comfortable here, at home, because Bloodnight Pack will never be her home.

-One week later-

“I’m gonna miss having you around here. Who’s gonna tease me all the time?” Hayley says, hugging Dimitri.

Hayley has wanted me near her nearly every second of the minute, not that I’m complaining as I know she is going through a whirlwind of emotions. Thankfully, she is choosing to talk to me about it instead of keeping it inside, and that way, I can help her slowly but surely get through this, but even then, there are sometimes when I can’t help her. Every night when she thinks I have gone to sleep, she sneaks off into the bathroom and breaks down. I listen to her blame herself for everything that has happened and says she is unworthy of the life she has now. Nothing I say will make her feel better. The only thing I can do is support my mate.

Hayley then turns to Sarah, Dimitri’s mate. “It’s a shame we didn’t get to spend that much time with each other,” Hayley mutters.

“There is plenty of time for that to happen. I will make sure to visit so we can have a girly day together,” Sarah laughs.

“I would love that very much,” Hayley responds.

Dimitri knocks the wind out of me by giving me a tight hug. Dimitri has always felt like a little brother to me, and I will definitely feel the effects of not having him around.

Tears pool in both of our eyes, knowing this is where the road ends. He has to go his separate ways, but he is ready. I pull away first but promise him I will keep in contact. He is mine and Hayley’s neighbouring pack, so he isn’t that far away, but it will definitely feel like he is in another country.

Once Dimitri and Sarah say their goodbyes to everyone, they trail off into the forest, waving at all the pack members who will miss him tremendously. I pull Hayley close, smelling her hair, reassuring me that everything is okay, well, not everything. I no longer have a Beta, but I have just the perfect person for the position.

“Axton, as I am now without a Beta and no one has shown immense strength and integrity compared to you, I’m hoping you will accept becoming Midnight Rose’s Beta as long as well as Hayley’s guard. That’s, of course, if you would like the position.” I can feel Hayley smiling and nodding her head against my chest, telling Axton to become her Beta.

“I am ready, Alpha. Thank you for this incredible opportunity. I will not disappoint you or the pack,” he says with a beaming smile, but I know his words speak the truth. Cheers are heard as the whole pack rejoice at their new Beta.

~Dimitri~ (I bet you didn’t see that coming)

I sit down on my office chair for the first time since I arrived at Bloodnight Pack. It’s safe to say my arrival was not appreciated. Especially from the men with too much testosterone - they have not stopped challenging me. I have had thirteen challenges since I got here, including no other than Billy himself. He was easy to work with. He may be my Beta, but I will be trying to destroy him behind his back.

I can finally take a breath, knowing I am now officially the Alpha of Bloodnight Pack. They can now see I am strong enough to lead them and never be like their previous Alpha. I will do everything I can to turn this pack around, and one of the first things on my list is to change the pack’s name. One that won’t remind people of the terrible damage this pack has created.

I turn the computer on, but it says I need a password. Of course. I start looking around for any clues. I open up the top drawer of the desk and see a folded sticky note. ‘Avalove123’ The dumbass has his password written on a sticky note.

After logging in, I have a little look at Mason’s computer. I might as well while I’m here. After about half an hour, I stumble across a file that is called ‘Hayley’. Double-clicking on the file reveals thousands of videos which I think I know what they contain. Taking a deep breath, I open the first video and click play. A young Hayley is curled up in a tiny ball. So fragile. So vulnerable. So alone.

I open more, skipping forward a few years to see the same scene repeating itself. The only thing different is Hayley has grown a few feet, but the same lifeless expression is etched on her face. I open the last video in the file, which shows Hayley escaping from her cell and running out of view from the camera, where I can no longer see her. I almost forgot she is safe and with Jax. No one can hurt her anymore, but still, my breath hitches and I stand ready for a fight.

Taking a small breath to calm down, I slump back in my chair. Tears stream down my face as I close all the heartbreaking scenes. Not only because I can’t take it anymore, to have to watch someone who I adore suffer, but because I am invading Hayley’s privacy. I know how much this still affects her today, and it is wrong of me to watch her past unravel in front of my very eyes without her permission.

One of the things that I spotted in every video was Billy. This proves that he abused Hayley and therefore committing an illegal act. It would be inconsiderate and disrespectful to send this evidence to the council without asking Hayley first. I will ask Hayley first and only then, if she is happy for the council to see the footage of her getting abused, will I show them. These videos may be a way to end her past, but she may not want people to have to see what she went through, and who am I to decide if that happens or not?

I do some further digging and can’t believe what I find next—a handful of files prove Mason caused the rogue attack all those years ago. The same rogue attacked that caused Jax’s dad to die.

Mason killed Jax’s dad.


Why would Mason have wanted to kill Benjamin? I continue my search until I find a document at the bottom labelled ‘Territorty’. Opening the link, I scan my eyes over the words at a rapid rate. Palms sweaty and my heart banging against my ribcage, I finally find the reason after all these years.

Mason sent rogues to kill Benjamin and many Midnight Rose members to teach them a lesson, all because Mason wanted extra territory. A husband, father, Alpha, died because of a land dispute with another Alpha. I sit back in my chair, completely shocked that Mason would stoop this low all because he wanted a few more metres of land. I shouldn’t expect anything less from a disgusting pig.

Not only does this mean Billy will finally receive the justice he deserves, but Jax will finally be able to find some closure, now knowing the reason his dad died...

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