Help me, Alpha

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Chapter 8


How could this happen? How the fuck did she escape? One minute I was mourning for my lost mate and the next I was being told that my bitch of a daughter has escaped her cell and heading for the border.

By the time I got there in wolf form, she had already escaped. Multiple emotions flooded my body, one being rage. Did someone help her escape? Did they dare defy me?

Coming back to reality, I mindlink Billy and Luke and tell them to come to my office immediately. I race back to my office and shove a pair of shorts on and head over to my desk. I sit in my office chair and start logging into my computer.

When I log in, both Billy and Luke enter my office with shorts on. “What the hell happened?” Billy asks. I don’t respond. “How did the whore escape?” Luke roars. I ignore dumb and dumber and start looking at the CCTV that records the cells. Both come behind my desk to watch as well.

We fast forward to later tonight. We see her stand, then lift her mattress and grab a small object. “What is that?” Luke questions. Neither of us answers, too busy squinting our eyes at the blurry object in her hand.

We finally figure out what it is once she put the object into the lock to her cell. “It’s a keycard. How’d she get one?” Billy yells. “Check for your keycard,” I order. We all start searching ourselves for our keycards. I find mine first, then Billy, but Luke freezes. “I don’t have mine," he says shakily. “I don’t fucking have mine!” he cries.

“What?” I scream at him. His head lowers in fear and his wolf forces him to submit. “You left your shitty keycard in the cell?” I shout at him as I grab his neck and shove him against the nearest wall. “It must have been when I was fucking her,” he says trying to justify it. A growl ripples out of me. “This is all your fault!” I howl and give him a bash against the wall then throw him to the floor.

“What are we going to do? If she tells anyone what we did, we will all die. This pack won’t exist anymore!” Billy says panicking. He continues to ramble but I can’t hear as my thoughts are running wild. After five minutes of these two idiots bickering with each other, I come up with a plan.

“Listen. What’s done is done. Luke, as this is your mistake, you will make it right. You and a few warriors daily will follow her scent and bring her back. As long as it’s not in front of anyone, do whatever you want to her. Make sure no one sees you looking for her; we don’t need anyone getting suspicious. If she’s already dead by a rogue, clean it up and burn her. Get rid of any trace of her scent. If she has gone to another pack, watch her. Find out her weaknesses, and strike when the opportunity arises. We either want her dead or back in her cell. If you don’t bring her back Luke, I will not stop for a split second and I will kill you. Do you understand?” I say deathly clam. Luke whimpers, lowers his head, and says, “Yes Alpha." My response is, “Good."

“I will hold a meeting tomorrow for the whole pack and tell them that the situation is under control and not to worry,” I take a breath, and continue, “You’re both dismissed." They both bow their head and walk out.

I lay back in my chair and glance at the photo of my dead mate which rests on my desk. I start shedding a few tears; missing my mate who left me nineteen years ago today. Not a day goes by where I don’t miss her and cry that she left me. She left me all alone. Hayley is a direct replica of Ava and it scares me how similar they look. When I look at Hayley, anger just takes over my body as it just reminds me that Ava left me.

My thoughts float to Hayley escaping. Fear flows through me as I come to terms with the fact that if Hayley isn’t caught, we’re all going to die...

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