Undisclosed Buckingham

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Everyone lives quietly, while a miracle happens among them. Buckingham is the most famous palace in the world. It is full of luxury and blogging history. At the same time, it is full of secrets and wonders. The young heroine sought an adventure, but did not expect it. She is a hunter from the family of hunters-Jones. She saw a lot of things, but still did not have to close the portals and collaborate with magicians in the royal palace. She was alone among strangers ... among nonsense that happening around her. To get inside, this impudent girl from a blogging family had to work as a simple servant. But it was worth it. New acquaintances, new history. Her fate has changed forever

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

"All fantastic stories begin with the same legend that happened many centuries ago. But my story will not be so boring ..."

In London it was cloudy, as always. As if the sun had forgotten about the existence of this point in the world. There, people were with the same faces as the weather. But still there was something that interested and kept me there. The city? History? Traditions? Well, no, I was interested in the palace of the royal family. No, don’t think that I wanted to prepare a robbery of the century, it is simply impossible that everything was so boring. To be clearer, let's start from the beginning.

In August 2017, I began to be interested in mythology: about ghosts, magicians, gods. There was an old library in our house by the lake. We often used it to find out about the creatures we hunted. There I found one book about myths and legends in different countries of the world. From the beginning I thought that at that time people had a very good imagination, but there were moments that interested me, and I took the book with me. I felt that this strange book was useful to me.

Inside me there was an unbearable melancholy, as if life had lost its meaning. I felt like everything was crumbling not only in me, but around me. Thoughts were my main enemies, I knew a lot. At times I wanted the dark and terrible side of the world, both in the past and now has remained a secret from everyone. From me too. To distract me from negative thoughts, I decided to look for new adventures. Michelle Jones is back in business!

A few weeks passed. The day was clear. Fortunately, my thoughts were clear too. My father, Joe, was on the hunt. He came across Wendigo. A strange type who is afraid of fire and silver, but is very fond of eating a human. Our cannibal is very strong and fast .Likewise, to lure food, Wendigo can speak in a human voice.And I didn’t sit back clasped. I found an article about the phenomenon of obsession in Norway. It was written that 2 days ago they found 4 corpses of teenagers in the old church. Isn’t there anything interesting right? But they had two burned and bloodied holes instead of their eyes. And I decided that I found the perfect activity for my free time. In order not to drag out time, I bought a ticket. Then I left the room and wanted to inform about my trip. My grandmother, Agatha, didn’t accept our activities with my dad, and after fumbling she frowned , and said that one day I myself would become evil ... And fine. And my mother, Sophia, also did not approve of our work, but always support us. She gave me the blade that my father gave her when he was leaving the city. The great blade of the Archangel Michael is now mine. It is silver, on it were inscriptions in language ancient Angels, which are considered an extinct language.

A day before departure, I wanted to take a walk along the old streets of my beloved city once again. I had never noticed the eyes of people. “Very busy” people walked quickly through the streets of Scotland. They were wanted that everyone would see their achievement. But their eyes were empty. As if walking not the people, but the living dead.Interestingly, do I look the same for them? The sun was shining very brightly, so my eyes started to hurt. I do not like to walk during the day, and at that time I felt like a vampire. The sun set when I got home. As I always turned on the news and decided to rest There is nothing interesting in the world. So I thought before this article. "An unknown explosion in the area of ​​Buckingham Palace. The royal family itself denies what millions have heard." Suspicious ... Or maybe this is what I need now? Time to get that strange book.

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