Criterion Effect: Norok Chronicles - In Search of Titan's Wings

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Chapter 10

Sublocation – Runes of Shadow Castle, Valkyrie Retribution

Innerlocation - Main Dojo

The Ruins of Shadow’s Castle rarely got a break from light, even at night, and tonight was no exception; virtually every aspects of the ruins was touched by the moonlight. The only exceptions of course, were the places with coverings, like the dojo. For one reason or another, the dojo had received the least amount of damage over the last couple of aceons. It still had most of its original roof and still had three walls. On either side of the room, giant trees ruled. Like most of the plants in the ruins, the trees broke through both the floor and the ceiling. Where their roots connected it the middle of the dojo, a third three started to grow, not enormous as the other ones but still big in its own right.

The ruins might have been ancient and off limits to a lot of people but to others, it was a prime training ground. Over the years, Chaos, with the backing of the Retribution government, had modified the structure to fit his needs; holographic projectors, shifting floors, restored and state of the art underground levels, and several other modifications.

It may have been night but the dojo was far from empty. In the western part of the dojo, several figures were dueling. With a bright white light, the duel was interrupted, causing the figures to look to their right, near the center of the room. Not expecting anyone, the figures turned and ready themselves to attack. When the light faded, the figures saw a lone Elvenkai with long black hair, red skin, and a single forehead spike. Recognizing the person, the figures kneeled and bowed their heads.

“Welcome Master,” the leader of the figures greeted. “How are you doing?”

“How am I doing apprentice?” Chaos asked in anger. “I’ll tell you how I am doing.” He looked to his right at the tree at the far right side for, extending his right hand and with a simple gesture, the tree imploded.

“That bad?” the apprentice asked, standing up.

“You could say that,” a voice female voice said from behind the three figures.

The apprentice turned around and saw two figures in black armor, both with the mark of the Assassin of Tatsu on their chest armor. “Due tell assassin,” the Aeronok apprentice replied.

“The baka King tried to arrest our Master,” the female assassin answered.

“How did that go?” Shino asked, intrigued.

“It was…how can I put it, fun,” the male assassin answered. “Lots of carnage and destruction.”

“He managed to disable his old master,” the female assassin added.

The three figures looked from the twin assassin to their master. “Don’t try to get on my good side Kugiahma, it was your fault that they had paper evidence.” Chaos raised a finger to stop the assassin from talking.

“What’s the plan Master?” the apprentice asked.

“Now?” Chaos asked. “Now we continue to train and prepare you for the tournament.”

“I like the sound of that,” the Aeronok said excitedly. “What kind of training will we be conducting?”

“Until the Jin gets here, you will continue to conduct exercises with your team,” Chaos answered. “Once he shows up, we’ll start teaching you some advanced techniques.”

It was well into the morning when the Jin finally arrived. “Greeting Master. How is your apprentice doing?”

“He and his team is doing well,” the Elvenkai said, returning the Jin’s bow. “Starting tomorrow, I need you to start teaching him in some of the advanced warlock techniques.”

“What about tonight?” the Jin asked, nodding in agreement.

Chaos looked towards his apprentice then back to the Jin. “Once they take a break, I’ll take over for the rest of the night. Get some rest,” Chaos said, patting the Jin on the shoulder. “Starting tomorrow, it’s going to be a long three months.”


Sensing danger, he raised his comic shield and almost simultaneously a bombardment of ice and lightning hit it. Not bad, Chaos thought to himself as he started his next attack. He’s using a combination of elements that are most effective. While his apprentice was starting another attack, Chaos created a doppelganger, seamlessly transported to the other side of the room, reactivated his liteBlade, and attacked. As his apprentice blocked and countered, Chaos’ doppelganger rushed the Aeronok.

Having enough trouble with just one Chaos, the apprentice did a backflip off of the tree branch they were on, narrowly avoiding them. Landing on a lower branch, he looked up and saw both Elvenkais disappear and before he could react, he felt a pain on his back and found himself falling forward. Not wanting to die by falling, he tried something his master only briefly taught him; teleportation. While he did manage to teleport, he ended up on his back on the other side of the room. Rolling over in pain, he heard his master laugh.

“Not bad young one. Not good but not bad either. I’m impressed you were even able to do that,” Chaos acknowledged, teleporting from the branch he was on to his apprentice. “That’s enough for today.” Turning away, he deactivated his liteBlade, placed it next to the storage jewel on his belt, and as it got absorbed, he walked away.

Oddly, the Aeronok was relieved. Normally he liked training until the early morning but tonight for some reason, he didn’t have the energy he usually did. Oh well, he thought to himself as he got up, clipped his darkBlade to his belt, and made his way to his pack. Pulling out some food, he sat against the smallest of the three trees and began to eat. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.


Sublocation – Battle Island, Negito

Innerlocation – Northern Training Mountains

As 7 a.m. came around, everyone was up and ready to roll. Instances later, the group stood before a huge opening that led into a shallow cave with a small building at the back of it.

“Are we really going to train here Sensei?” Sunchina asked, still asleep for the most part and therefore not truly seeing what was in front of her.

Until Sunchina said that, Yoshio couldn’t believe this was where they were going to train. As soon as Sunchina asked her question, something new occupied his mind. A thought that was rare and dangerous; even though Sunchina knew a lot about a wide variety of subjects, she had no idea what the building was.

“Yep,” Kaz answered as he and Soul started to make their way to the building.

Interested in what the training room actually looked like, the three quickly followed them. Reaching the building, Yoshio noticed there were no guards, which surprised him. Before Kaz opened the door, Yoshio saw strange markings on the door similar to the ones he observed at Baldur Castle. Following their sensei in, the three saw, with the exception of the walking platform, which consisted of a living area and other essentials, a dusk colored room. The room seemed to expand with limit with the color of the room slowly changing with the time of day.

For a long moment, the kas stood there speechless. It wasn’t until Sunchina heard the door close that she finally asked her question, “So what kind of training room is this?”

“This “room” is not bound by time and space as we know it. Back in ancient days, the Shykair learned how to fuse powerful magic with technology. Believe it or not, this room is ancient. More than that, it is one of the originals.”

“Original what?” Kurara asked in curiosity.

“Solki Training Rooms,” Kaz answered.

“That would explain the markings I saw on the door,” Yoshio commented, pointing back to the door.

“Right…wait. What?” Kaz asked, not exactly sure what Yoshio was talking about.

“I saw markings on the door similar to the markings on the walls at Baldur Castle when we first got there,” the young male Elvenkai replied. “I was actually going to ask you about them later but if there place is as ancient as you say, the markings make sense then.”

“I see,” Kaz said, putting that thought to the back of his mind to review later. “I’ll have to do the research and get back to you. Now that that’s-”

“Isn’t the room Negi trained us in similar to this?” Kurara asked, looking around.

“If I remember correctly, he said it was based on this design,” Kaz answered. “With that being said, the time difference between this room and the real world is eighty to one as opposed to Negi’s ten to one.”

“So how long are we going to be in here then?” Kurara asked, watching the room slowly change to a brighter color.

“Nine thousand six hundred days in here so about one hundred and twenty days or three months in real time. We’ll be keeping track of that with the two clocks over the door,” he explained, pointing to the clocks over the door. “The clock on the left keeps track of the time outside, the clock on the right keeps track of time in here and the converter in the middle keeps track of the days. Again, left is real time, right is Solki time.”

Just so she understand everything correctly, Kurara reiterated, “So only three months will go by outside while seventeen years will go by in here? And how will it affect our looks?”

“There’s a lot of science inv-” Kaz started.

“It’s best not to think about it,” Soul interrupted and suggested, knowing where Kurara was coming from. “Trust me. It only hurts the mind.”

While the kas picked out their beds and put their packs down, Kaz walked on the now bright blue floor, summoned his liteBlade, turned around, and looked at his three kas. “Training time you three.”

Eager as always, Yoshio turned around excitedly, summoned his hybrid darkBlade, smiled, and charged his sensei.

Returning his ka’s smile, he activated his liteBlade and readied himself.


Sublocation – Fallen Wings, Divergence Wings

Innerlocation - Fallen Wings’ Castle

Governor Arjo had managed to return to Fallen Wings’ Castle without being killed or captured but couldn’t say the same about Delkai Zavek. Strolling across the courtyard, he was met by one of his many assistants at the castle. “Sir, this came for you yesterday.”

“Thank you,” Arjo acknowledged, taking the package. Opening it, he found a folded piece of paper and three passes to something. After quickly glancing over the note, he looked at the passes, which had ‘Battle Plateau’ at the top of each one. Connecting the dots, he called his assistant, “Jet.”

“Yes Sir?” Jet asked, stepping in front of his boss.

“Tell our new recruit to begin his special training and that he has three months to get ready for the Skye Tournament.”

“Yes Sir,” Jet said with a bow.

As his assistant walked off, Arjo paused for a moment, and then looked up at the semi cloudy sky. Looking at the passes once more, he continued on his way. It’s only a matter of time before Titan’s Wings is mine.

End of First Half of Criterion Effect: Norok Chronicles – In Search of Titans Wings

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