The Silent Witness (Published)

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Sërafinn, the goddess of the moon, sat upon her silvery throne, watching silently at all the happenings in the world below. The Ancient Law prohibited the gods from interacting too much with the trivialities of mankind. In the twilight of a dying day, her thoughts were suddenly interrupted when a feast was being held in one of the northern kingdoms. Looking down from her throne, she saw someone she hardly took notice of before. However, on this particular evening, she looked at his handsome features and found her heart begin to quicken. Remembering the Ancient Laws, she tried to hide these feelings for fear of what the other gods and goddesses might say. Although in her mind, she knew it was impossible to be with a human, she could not deny her heart, nor the new feelings she was experiencing. She came to realise she could no longer be silent. Her decision would shatter both realms of gods and men alike.

Fantasy / Adventure
Kim Appelgryn
4.9 48 reviews
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