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The Silent Witness (Published)

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Sërafinn, the goddess of the moon, sat upon her silvery throne, watching silently at all the happenings in the world below. She witnessed four great kingdoms grew from obscurity to greatness, and believed mankind had great potential, but the trivialities of these kingdoms made it impossible for them to see what the goddess saw in them. In the twilight of a dying day, while pondering on mankind’s nature, her thoughts were disturbed by something she hardly took notice of before. Finally, taking strength, she decided she would endeavour to make a difference in the lives of mankind. She came to realise she could no longer be silent. However, her decision would shatter both realms of gods and men alike.

Fantasy / Adventure
Kim Appelgryn
4.9 51 reviews
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Hi Reader!

Please note that this book has been published, but extracts are still available for you to enjoy!

The book has been published as a 2nd edition, and is noe available on Amazon.

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