The Silent Witness (Published)

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Thank you for reading this story! It’s not the end. Much more is to come and you can get it now on Amazon & Barnes & Noble.

- What happens to Sërafinn? What decision makes both Evertheen and Barathørn fall into chaos?

- Alkan has fled, but is it the last we see of him?

- Morgan’s life changes, but her decisions only worsen her situation. Will she finally learn life’s lessons?

- Vězra’s outlook on humans may not be so dismissive as you think.

- Will Hatmin conquer the North?

- Shafis’ spies uncover something far more sinister, but she is in the East? What is coming for her family in the West?

- Will an alliance finally be formed?

- What were the prophecies given to the kings and princes by the all-knowing Thenin, and what will their outcome be? Run away from destiny or embrace them?

This novel has gone on to become 70 chapters in total. There is so much more and I hope that you will enjoy every moment of this book just as much as I loved writing it!

Yours in Ink!

Kim Appelgryn

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