The Tale of Two Princes

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The Second Quest

The second day the trumpets blew,

And the brothers approached the stand.

“My dearest sons, today you’ll plow,

The wheat fields of our lands.

Your goal is to complete this quest,

Before the end of day.

For this is a test of strength and might.

You can do it any way.”

Lucien harnessed up the plow

Upon his shoulders broad.

He knew his strength would have him win,

For that’s where Jacob’s flawed.

As Jacob put the harness on,

He collapsed under the weight.

He knew he lacked the physical strength.

This quest would seal his fate.

The farmer he aided along the road,

Helped him to his feet.

“Prince Jacob, for your kindness,

Take my horse to plow the wheat.”

Jacob and the farmer hugged

And harnessed up the horse.

Before long Jacob was trotting along,

Plowing the fields in force.

Lucien stopped for a short break.

He grew tiresome and weak.

He watched his brother plow with ease,

Which made his hatred peak.

Jacob plowed the entire field

Before the end of day.

He planted his blue flag again.

The crowd cried out, “Hooray!”

Lucien finished half his field

Before the sun did fall.

He knew he’d have to cheat

If he wanted to be king at all.

That night there was a celebration

Throughout the palace halls.

There was music, dancing, and drinking.

It was then they received the call.

The king’s advisor made an announcement,

“The last challenge shall be brave!

For there is a frightful dragon,

A dear princess you must save!”

Lucien smashed down his ale

And stood up proud and strong.

“I will slay this dragon first!

It shall not take me long!”

The crowd ignored Prince Lucien,

And they cheered to Jacob’s name.

Jacob trembled at the thought

Of continuing the game.

Lucien hated his brother,

And for a second thought he’d win.

So, Lucien devised a dastardly plan,

To secretly get rid of him.

Lucien raised his glass to toast,

The brother he pretended to praise.

And Lucien kept him drinking

Until Jacob was in a daze.

“Old brother, I love you very much,

This dragon I do fear.

If it were not for father,

I would have you be king here.”

Lucien gave him so much ale

That Jacob soon passed out.

He picked him up and carried him,

Where none would here him shout.

He dragged Jacob to the highest tower

And locked it with a key.

Far up in the tower he thought

None would set him free.

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