The Tale of Two Princes

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The Third Quest

The sun rose and the cock crowed,

And the people met at the throne.

The king and the crowd awaited the princes,

But Lucien showed up alone.

“Father, Jacob was not in his room.

He must have fled in the night.

For he is a coward and feared the dragon;

He is too weak to fight.

And because of this, he has given up,

And the kingdom shall be mine!

There’s no more need for silly games,

For we’re just wasting time!”

“Lucien, I find this hard to believe,

But even if it’s true,

The princess must still be rescued,

And that means it’s up to you.”

So, the horns blew, and the prince rode off

Towards the dragon he would slay.

And Jacob awoke at the sound of the horns

And was frightened at his delay.

He peered through the tower window

And watched his brother through the gate.

He tugged on the door; he yelled for help;

He tried very hard to escape.

Lucien had tricked him and locked him away;

His heart was struck with pain.

His mind then thought of vengeance

And the throne he had to gain.

Jacob pulled rope off the dusty shelf;

He opened the window wide.

He tied the rope and held on tight,

Preparing for the ride.

He scaled the tower and down he went,

And the villagers pointed and gasped.

As their favorite prince, the youngest of two,

Finally arrived at last.

“Father,” said Jacob approaching the throne,

Fearless and out of breath,

“Lucien locked me away in the highest tower

And left me there for death.”

The ailing king gave a stern look,

“Then defeat him, Jacob, you must!

For the people of the kingdom adore you most,

It’s you they love and trust.”

The advisor continued for the king needed rest,

“He has gone to complete the quest.

Go now, young prince, and beat him to it,

Save the maiden in distress!”

Jacob grabbed his sword and shield

And headed to the square.

He met Emma, the girl with the vase

And approached her standing there.

“Because you helped me earlier,

Please take this.” She shyly smiled.

“This vase is full of cold water.

It will refresh you in this trial.”

Jacob smiled and bowed to her,

And he rose upon his steed.

He strapped the vase across his back

And thanked her for her deed.

Jacob rode throughout the day

Until he found the lair.

He came across a ruined gate

And knew that he was there.

He dismounted from his noble horse,

And he heard an evil sound.

His steed bucked up and tossed him,

Leaving him on the ground.

He unsheathed his sword and walked inside.

The dragon stood ahead.

Breathing fire at a ruined wall,

He feared Lucien was dead.

Jacob heard a cry for help,

“Is anybody there?

Please save me from this creature,

For I am the king’s own heir!”

Jacob heard his brother’s plea,

And though he wasn’t good,

Jacob’s heart was made of gold,

He’d do all that he could.

“Brother, it’s Jacob, I shall help!

Don’t worry, I am here!”

The dragon turned his beastly head

And saw a look of fear.

The dragon turned and rushed towards him.

He hid behind a wall.

His heart was beating in his throat.

He couldn’t think at all.

“Lucien, do something!” Jacob pleaded,

While hiding behind the wall.

But Lucien dashed out to the woods;

He wouldn’t take the fall.

So, Jacob sat in the dark corner,

Thinking this was the end.

He thought of the dying king,

And the throne he would never ascend.

He came out of the corner with a slow stride

And walked towards the dragon’s head.

He dropped his sword; he dropped his shield;

He knew that he was dead.

He outstretched his arms and removed the vase,

Slung across his back.

He sat it down in front of him

And waited for the attack.

The dragon’s head moved closer now

And sniffed him up and down.

His mouth opened and tongue stuck out

To drink the water he had found.

The dragon’s ears folded down.

He purred and was elated.

For he was not a monstrous beast;

He was just dehydrated!

Jacob slowly reached out his arm

And pet the dragon’s head.

The dragon’s eyes looked into his--

A ‘thank you’ is what they said.

Jacob searched the ruined castle,

And much to his delight,

He found the princess locked away,

Abandoned and in fright.

“Finally!” She said,

As soon as Jacob met her eyes,

“What took so long? I’ve been waiting,

I guess I am your prize.”

There was no ‘thank you,’ no kind words;

This princess had no class.

But Jacob honored the king’s quest,

And put up with her sass.

He led her down the spiral tower,

Through the ruined hall.

She screamed when she saw the dragon there

And she fainted with a fall.

Jacob picked her off the ground

Since he didn’t have his horse.

The dragon nudged him in the side,

“He’ll fly us home, yes, of course!”
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