The Tale of Two Princes

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The Final Battle

Back at the castle time stood still,

The king looked towards the west.

He hoped with each dying moment,

That Jacob had done his best.

The crowd started pacing anxiously,

In hopes of the princes return.

When Lucien ran in through the gate,

Their stomachs all did turn.

“Father, the dragon got hold of Jacob,

And the princess, too, you see.

I couldn’t save either of them,

But the throne belongs to me!”

The crowd sobbed and cried

For the loss of the gentle prince.

The one they wished would rule,

But now they all grew tense.

“Murderer! Traitor! Evil man!”

They shouted, and they yelled.

For it was Prince Jacob’s sudden death

On Lucien’s account they held.

The king rose up with swelling tears,

“Lucien, you have failed.

Being king is about love and peace.

I’m afraid that ship has sailed.”

Lucien pulled his sword in hand

And aimed at the king’s chest.

“Father, I hate to come to this,

But it’s only for the best.”

The crowd screamed and guards approached;

They dared not move in near.

For Lucien could easily smite the king,

And his motives were quite clear.

Just then a gust of wind did come,

And a shadow crossed the sky.

The dragon landed in the square

With hunger in his eyes.

He gave a mighty roar,

And the people ran and screamed.

Lucien turned around and saw

What he never thought he’d dreamed.

Jacob rode the deadly beast,

The princess on his waist.

The dragon inched towards Lucien;

It was fear that he could taste.

Lucien jabbed out his sword,

“Stay back you evil being!

Jacob help your brother out!

I did things I didn’t mean!”

Jacob dismounted easily,

And stood at the dragon’s side.

“I’m afraid, dear brother Lucien,

That there’s nowhere you can hide.”

Lucien tossed the king aside,

And dropped his sharpened blade.

“Then, I am sorry, Jacob,

For it seems our fates are made.”

He placed his hands behind his head,

Surrendering to the law.

Then pulled a knife from behind his back,

It was his fatal flaw.

Jacob yelled and ducked away,

As Lucien threw the knife.

The dragon pounced and opened wide,

And took Prince Lucien’s life.

The watching crowd and gatherers

Stood stunned at the sight.

They were so relieved

That Prince Jacob had won the fight.

After much deliberation

And a couple days to pass.

There was a celebration,

To honor the future king at last.

“Jacob, you are wise and true,”

The king said with a smile.

“And your heart of gold has proven

That kindness is worth-while.”

Jacob bowed and hugged the king,

“I love you,” his father said.

“And as the future king,

It is the princess you shall wed.”

The rescued princess from the tower

Came strolling to his side.

She softly wrapped her hand in his.

His distaste he could not hide.

“Father, she is very beautiful,

But she is not the one for me.

She is very rude and arrogant

For being royalty.”

The crowd gasped and were in shock

At the rejection from the prince.

But he looked into the crowd and found

A match that made more sense.

His eyes met with a beautiful woman,

Emma, the girl with the vase.

He gently gave a loving smile;

There was glowing on her face.

Emma joined Jacob at the throne

And held her close at hand.

“Father, this is the woman I love,

The fairest in all the land.”

The king admired Emma’s beauty

And gently kissed her cheek.

“I understand, my wonderful son,

It’s love that you did seek.”

Although Jacob was short and thin,

His confidence had grown.

For having a heart as good as gold

Is how Jacob had won the throne.

He dipped his love and kissed her lips.

The crowd gave cheer and praise.

For the youngest son of the dying king,

Would rule for the rest of his days.

And so it became known through the land,

As the Tale of Two Princes was told.

And that power, love, and your dreams and goals

Are achieved from a heart made of gold.
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