Belle Celestial Lustre

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What Shall You Nights is a Philosophical, Absurdist, Existential, Adventure filled through the mystery of the myth of the earth and space.

Fantasy / Poetry
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Celestial curls dances with the wind in ways far to ether. Icy-hazel burning hot mists grasp the very mortals of its myth,

Of mortals, there is no knowledge of them of Space.

Breath of grace flows through them as they cross the mortal realm land and end tread the flames to plummet towards the icy-white moon and beyond.

The stones of the sacred rivers soften and breed a flame; which warms the darkness of the abyss to sear and burn.
the thickest darkness of the strange Immaterial it burst. it flares the world, each being separated by star and soul, seeing them, each blessed a spirit in immortality.

Mortals found a strange rock, said admiring its creation, “if it be made of silver, it shall shine like unto the golden goblet of king Solomon;
If it be made of gold, it shall shine like unto the rose of Sharon, the day that thy light bloometh.

If it be of a pearl, it shall shine like unto the high-ball of a full moon when the moon doth whirl about”

Think of your world as the one end of a wall of love.
Hear it for you, felt it, as the heaven begetting heaven. Look, the universe are falling into their stars,
Lights emanating from others are being called to them.

Their eyes widened as the butterfly passed in their own gleam They have never seen such beauty to what this world has yet to show, But in all the world nothing seems to compare to the girl of truth that they saw floating above the flowers, She looked at them for just a brief second before it disappears.

My friends are not allowed to know,
Here we all hide from the future,
We make that all a bad thing.
She blew into a butterfly through the air to the girl’s final resting place, The flowers couldn’t do anything but follow her eyes as the butterfly took its final bound for its wake

I wonder what they can do with it now.

“Will you now, raise it in our world?”
For their happiness came to a halt, they were envious of the flowers
As though a hurricane was coming to destroy them
But it was like a butterfly had landed and their flick spark of life was ignited into the mortal's heart and the serenity of the flowers.

A smile suffused their sigh,
But the beauty before their eyes wasn’t their own and they were caught.
The people they walked past were never the same;
They were startled and their eyes were affixed to the belle.

The kings heard of such awe of the Belle Celestial Lustre The mortals feared what knowledge could bring to their lust for its domination.
And now the stars have extinguished all light, leaving only the Keeper of the Peace, who stands steadfast and erect Unbidden, she’s fallen from the sky to set kind of face, that was this of hers to raise her hands in triumph to think beauty as fool to her sole.

Risen from the abyss to take one precious life.
A golden mist filled the land to surround them like a fearsome embrace of its gentle light.
Rising high from the shrouded throne, spread to all the land and sky.
Flowing to the windows of the palace, forming an eternal moon of love.
Covered with a silver mist and perched on the shores of the moon to the earths curse.

The mortals never knew such of thing.
They were speechless to its existence.
Slowly, the ground below them gave way, raising a smooth, shallow valley.

The mortals never knew such of thing.
They were speechless to its existence.
But when it occurred, none could speak. Thus the mountain gave up his secret to go, And ride the lone butterfly through ages, Till the Ghost of Truth was hid,

And all knowed was.
So that never two knew to men. The people said the mountain would last forever.They would long outlive all others, and the butterfly will too. to its wings that would change the matter of the timeless universe, to its destiny, unpredictable wish from its luscious beat of wings.

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