Falling For Storm

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Chapter 10


I woke up disoriented and it took time before I realized that I wasn’t in my dorm room. I also noticed that I had my back on someone's muscular front and apparently caged in his arms. I took my surroundings in before turning around to find Storm sleeping almost completely naked. Oh my! I’ve never in my life seen anything like this before and I think I’m about to pop a vein in my head. It’s just too much! This must be how some anime characters feel before their noses start to bleed. I really think looking this damn hot should be a crime. I am so tempted to run my hands all over his body right now, but I don’t want him to think that I’m secretly perverted. Should I though? I mean he’s completely knocked out so... maybe he won’t know.

He’s all muscle and smoothness and the worst part is staring at him does things to my lady part. It's all tingly and moist, so I squeezed my thighs together hoping that it will somehow eliminate the funny feeling. I reached out slowly, giving in to temptation, and just when my hand was about to land on his chest, he caught it and started a slow and painfully sensual smile before opening his eyes to meet mine. “What are you doing?” he asked. “Nothing,” I answered defensively. “Whatever it was you were trying to do I won’t mind.” I looked at him with my brows pinched together. Can he actually read my mind? “What do you think I was about to do?” I questioned trying to sound as innocent as I can be. “You were about to touch me,” he said smirking. He then placed my hand over his lips kissing my palm before slowly sliding it down, stopping just right above his boxer briefs. Oh my god! I can't with him right now.

“Did you enjoy that or?” he playfully asked. I pretended that I was really thinking hard before answering, “Not quite, it was just okay I guess.” I shrugged a bit feigning nonchalance, but deep down, I was all puddle and jello. He growled and was suddenly on top of me, holding my arms above my head before hungrily claiming my mouth. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and lapped at mine making my head spin with pleasure. As if that wasn't enough for him, he started grinding his hips effectively rubbing his front to mine and I whimpered helplessly. Wow! just wow! If this continues, I'd probably let him have his way with me. We were lost in body grinding and tongue-twisting when a knock broke our hot make-out sesh.

"What?!" Storm asked clearly irritated by the interruption. "Uh, remember that thing we need to do about the thing last night? We need to go in twenty," Hunter said from behind the door. "Fine! Give me a minute." Storm groaned. He gave me one last kiss before standing up to put some clothes on and I shamelessly watched his every move clearly mesmerized by his hotness. I stood up from the bed and gathered my things so I can head home, but then I remembered that I didn't drive here. "Hey, Storm, can we call a cab or something?" He stopped getting dressed and turned to face me. "You're leaving?" I don't get why he's asking because he knows very well that I don't live here plus I have classes. "Uh, yeah. I need to go to school," I replied. He sighed and closed the gap between us, lifting my chin up so that we're eye to eye. "Your class starts at 10 and it's only 6 in the morning what I have to do won't take long. Also, you need to eat breakfast. Treat this as your home. Take a shower if you want, but don't go anywhere and wait for me. I'll drive you back, okay?" I nodded in agreement and then he quickly pulled his shirt on before tugging me out of his room and into the kitchen for breakfast.

By 9:40 AM, I was already inside the classroom doing some advanced studying when a certain guy stood beside me and cleared his throat. My head snapped up to where he is and I didn't smile or say anything. I just raised my brows silently asking him what he wants. "Amara, right? I'm Eric. I know we just met, but I forgot my books and my house is too far, so I was wondering if we could share?" He asked. He wasn't exactly acting like a jerk, but something about him gives me goosebumps and they're not the pleasant kind. I wanted to say no, but the nice girl I was taught to be won. "Sure."

Eric sat really close to me the entire lecture since we're sharing my books and it made me uncomfortable at times though it didn't feel like he was doing it on purpose. He didn't actually talk much. The only time he does is when he has to ask questions or if he needs help with some of the notes. He didn't act differently at all, but I still felt uneasy the whole time. I can't explain it, but my senses and my gut tell me that I should be careful when he's around. I've never felt like that for anyone, so I think it's absolutely weird. It's like I'm judging him before I even get to know him and it makes me feel bad because I despise judgemental people and now I'm turning into one.

Before the class ended, our professor gave us a project that involves sketching or painting landscapes. He said we're allowed to gain inspiration from anywhere and everywhere including Google. The important part is, we should paint or sketch something that is either a memorable place or somewhere you want to visit. "So, which one is it going to be? Google or a personal visit?" Eric asked. I didn't want to answer him, but I also didn't want to be rude so I said, "Personal visit, though I'm not sure how to get there." He nodded in understanding and slung his bag over his shoulder. "Well if you need help..." He offered already walking away and out of the classroom.

I went about my day in school as usual. I went to all my classes, took notes, and went to the library to study some more during my free period. By 6 PM, I was ready to go back to the dorm and pass out. It was a tiring day, but I enjoyed it.

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