Falling For Storm

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Chapter 11


The days have been a blur and tomorrow is another Saturday, I’m supposed to be resting or doing something else aside from studying, but our project is due on Monday and really, I didn’t have enough time these past few days to get a head start. So now, I need to cram for two days in order to finish painting a certain landscape that’s supposed to be meaningful or a dream destination. So far, this has been the only project that I’m excited about. I really love to paint and since I’ve been here, I never had the time to do so. It was either solve math problems, research stuff, or lots and lots of class reports. I’m not complaining or anything, it’s just that I prefer art more than studying. I’m good at both, but sometimes I’m a bit lazy to do the latter.

I’ve thought about Googling something from Greece, Rome, or Japan since those are my top three dream destinations, but I’m thinking that it won’t have a personal touch and I’m all about personal touches. Besides, I need to get out and have a change of scenery. I’ve been stuck in buildings and all sorts of rooms most of the time, so painting outdoors would be wonderful. I’ve thought about this long and hard, well within an hour actually, and the best choice would be where Storm took me on our first date. It’s his special place, it's breathtaking, and it’s very memorable because he shared it with me and that’s where I had my first kiss with the first guy I liked and the first guy I went out on a date with.

I didn’t exactly know how to get there or how to ask Storm if it’s okay for me to immortalize his secret lake through a painting that’s going to be graded, but I still and have to ask for directions and permission. I don’t want to impose or just go there without his knowledge because it means something to him, so it’s only proper to call and let him know. Also, I just really want to hear his voice again, though it’s such a clingy and cheesy thing to do because we literally hang up just about an hour or two ago.

Storm: Amara?

Me: Hey! What are you doing?

Storm: I’m on my way home from the bar and you?

Me: I’m just sitting around...

Storm: What’s wrong?

Me: Nothing’s wrong.

I giggled at his assumption that there’s something wrong and that’s the only reason why I called again.

Storm: Okay good, so what’s up?

Me: I called again because I forgot to ask you something, it’s about our project.

Storm: Uh-huh...

Me: We need to paint a certain landscape and it’s supposed to mean something or somewhere we really want to go to. I can’t fly to another country during the weekend and I don’t want to look for something in Google, so I was wondering if maybe, tomorrow, I can go to where you took me on our first date?

I waited for a second before he responded. Is he going to say no? If he does then I have to find somewhere else to go really quick!

Storm: Okay, so what time are you supposed to go there?

Me: Morning around eight-ish? I don’t know how to get there, so if it’s okay with you, can you send me the directions? But, if it’s not okay, then I’ll just look for another place.

Storm: Alright, I can do something better. Why don’t I pick you up at 7, so we can have breakfast together then I’ll accompany you?

Me: You don’t have to do that! Not that I don’t appreciate or want it, but you really don’t have to.

Storm: Why not?

Me: Because you might be busy or you might have other important things to do than to watch me wipe and dab brushes on a canvas.

He chuckled at that.

Storm: We haven’t seen each other in days and I’m also free, so.

Me: Are you sure? It’s probably going to take the whole day.

Storm: All the better! I want to spend the entire day with you even if it means that I have to watch all the wiping and dabbing of brushes.

Me: Okay! If you’re really really sure.

Storm: I'm really really sure. So listen, I’ll see you tomorrow, but right now I have to go okay? Good night, Amara!

Me: Okay. See you tomorrow and goodnight!

I kept wondering what was up with Storm these past few days after hanging up. We’d text or call each other almost every night, but in those times, he always seemed to be in a hurry and sometimes a bit distracted too. I wonder if his business and other obligations have anything to do with it. I also noticed that Dakota gets in late and leaves early which is weird because she's the kind of girl who needs a minimum of 8 hours of sleep otherwise she gets angsty. Like next level angsty. I've seen it four times already and let me tell you, she's scarier than any other woman in her PMS, so if you're smart, you need to steer clear of her way.

By 9 PM, I was dressed for bed and already lying down. I was surprised when the door to our room opened and Dakota stepped in. "Aren't you supposed to be home?" I asked. She dragged herself to her bed and flopped on her stomach. "Tomorrow...need sleep..." was the answer she managed to say. She looked so tired and beaten that I felt sorry for her. "Do you want me to get you something?" She shook her head in response and fell asleep instantly. My poor friend/roommate must really be so exhausted that she didn't even bother removing her shoes, so I stood up to do just that before pulling the covers up to her chin. Whatever she and her brother are up to, I just hope that it's nothing serious. They've been distracted and obviously don't get enough sleep, so hopefully tomorrow, Storm could tell me what's going on.

In the meantime, I'm excited to see and spend the rest of the day with him tomorrow.

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