Falling For Storm

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Chapter 12


I’ve been in a foul mood and have not slept well since the night the rogues snuck in and I’ve been meeting other alphas for several days hoping to find more answers. The truth is, I lied to Amara when I told her that I have nothing to do today for three reasons. The very first one is, I need to be near my mate to keep me off the edge. Mates tend to calm each other’s nerves with a simple touch or closeness and right now, I need my calm because things have not been looking well. The second is, I wouldn’t want her to go off on her own, knowing the possibility that a rogue could show up any second. Lastly, I might get the chance to tell her about what I really am and hopefully, she’d accept that, which is a long shot, but worth a try.

As expected, my mate has been a mood changer since the moment she got in the car. She greeted me with a wide smile and leaned in for a short kiss. I would’ve preferred to make it last longer, but a lot of people were coming in and out of every which building making her a bit shy. She told me about how her days went and that she’s so excited to start painting the lake today. I took her there at night which means this is the first time she’ll see everything during the day. I’m sure she’s going to find out very soon that it’s as breathtaking in the morning as it is at night.

“What have you guys been up to?” She asked. I didn’t know how to tell her everything that’s been going on without giving away certain information that I’m pretty sure she’s not ready to find out yet, so I went with the simplest and half-truth answer. “We’ve been busy with the family business and stuff. I’ve been visiting some of our close friends to gain a new perspective.” I glanced at her sideways trying to gauge if she’s going to buy it or not. Lucky for me, she didn’t say much about it or pry too much.

We continued talking about trivial things and she kept glancing everywhere during our drive all bright-eyed and excited like a little girl who’s on her way to Disney Land. “Happy?” I asked. She nodded enthusiastically and I smiled at that. “I’m just committing the direction to memory so that I can come back just in case I don’t finish everything today.” My heart sinks at the thought. “You know you can always ask me to bring you here right?” She shrugged. “I know, but I don’t want you to drop everything you need to do, especially if they’re important just to accompany me.” I appreciate her thoughtfulness, I really do, but her coming here alone doesn’t sit well with me at all. “I’m not too busy for you, so if you need to come here, I’ll bring you here.”

I stared at Amara for the most part while she painted. I find it adorable when she’d sometimes bite her lower lip or have her tongue mildly sticking out to the side of her mouth when she’s trying to capture a certain detail that she’s having a hard time with. I’ve also learned that she doesn’t like using an easel she’d rather paint sitting or lying on her stomach just like how she studied in my room.

I was lying on my back with my hands under my head and my eyes closed when I caught the most disgusting scent there is. Fuck! My eyes snapped open and in a millisecond I was on my feet sweeping the woods for any sign of the rogue that was lingering around. “What’s wrong?” Amara asked clearly confused with my sudden action. “Amara, I need you to listen to me well and I need you to trust me and do as I say no matter what,” I warned in a low voice. “Why what’s going on?” She asked this time panicking a bit. “I can’t explain it now, but promise me you’ll do exactly what I say no matter what,” I ordered this time making sure that she understands how serious I am. She kept staring at me wide-eyed and unmoving. “Promise me!” I shouted. She flinched but nodded in understanding.

I slowly reached my hand out to Amara and she took it with shaking hands. She knows that there’s something wrong and though she’s not hysterical, I can tell how scared she is right now. “Baby, I won’t let anything happen to you. Trust me okay?” I whispered tucking her to my side. I had mind linked Dakota, Wyatt, and Hunter soon after I caught the scent letting them know what could possibly go down from here on out. I just hope that the four of them along with some back up can get here quickly because I can now smell not just one but four rogues stalking.

I can now pinpoint where they’re hiding, but I can’t be the first to make a move. There are only two options I can think of. The first is to stay and fight risking being seen in my wolf form by Amara. The second is to try to outrun them back to the car. The only problem is both options will put Amara in danger and I can’t afford that. “Whatever happens, whatever you see, stay close behind me at all times. When I move, you move. Don’t run away unless I tell you to. Pull my shirt a bit if you heard me,” I whispered to Amara’s hear in a low voice so that she’s the only one who can hear. I felt her slightly tug on my shirt and I exhaled slowly. None of the rogues are making a move yet so I decided to slowly step backward taking Amara with me to see how the intruders will react. They inched a bit closer but stopped when I stopped moving. I took two steps back making it seem like I was about to break into a sprint and three of them took the bait.

Amara screamed at the top of her lungs as soon as she saw three huge wolves heading toward us. This is it, there’s no way in hell we’re going to outrun them, so I have to shift now and do the best that I can to end this as quickly as possible. I just hope and pray to God that she doesn’t go running off as soon as I shift to my wolf form.

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